A Half Decade on the K-Train

As I mentioned in our popular Kratom Guide, insight on and a source of super high-quality Kratom is potentially the #1 thing I can offer you.

It may do more for your life than any legitimate male enhancement device. More for your life than every single page of dating/sex advice on this website. And More for your life than any sort of diet or lifestyle change.

Kratom will be absolutely life-changing for many.
(there are so many positive experiences in the forum that I can't make a clickable list)

For others, it will simply be a wonderful, more healthful alternative to alcohol that makes them highly productive and relaxed, as Uncle Victor Pride describes.

If you aren't familiar with our Kratom discussions, particularly the terminology such as "burning" and "aroma", have a look at Rooster's post on "Kratom Lingo" if you get confused.

Kratom is not something that you smoke and it is a not a drug.

Don't get that impression.

As you read through this, keep in mind - this only applies to DAILY Kratom burning, dubbed - "The Kratom Lifestyle".

If you aren't using it everyday, much of this discussion won't apply to you. 

This discussion is long.

I'm going to try and tell you absolutely everything that I've learned from following the Kratom Lifestyle for 5+ years.

I wasted an entire year of my life burning incorrectly (trial and error, I guess) and a lot of money. I almost gave up on it, believe it or not.

I'm glad I didn't because it's been a homerun for me.

Kratom Cartoon

Background and Experience

Over the past 5+ years, I have used an all-natural herbal compound called "Kratom" just about every single day, several times a day.

Only starting in late 2009 did I realize that rotating Kratom strains (using a different one every 24 hours) would usually allow Kratom to continue to work its magic.

Prior to then, however, I didn't really know the difference between the strains and I would use the same one for weeks on end. Eventually, tolerance/dependency would hit and I would just be in a "zoned out" state everyday that I'd try to fight with caffeine and other compounds.

This is typical if you use low-quality Kratom or don't rotate strains to keep your receptors ~fresh.

From 2009 to present day, it's a significant part of my life and a big part of my success.


Accomplishments Over the Past 5+ Years

In our Kratom Guide, I make a pretty bold statement -

Kratom Bold Statement

I stand by this.

Without explaining everything that's gone down in the past 5+ years, to give some context, here are some of my more significant achievements, which have been accelerated by the "influence" of Kratom -

There's been other less important stuff (per my current priorities) that a "Kratom Lifestyle" has helped with. Including - creativity, making (and appreciating) new friends who are simply acquaintances, mild pain relief and appetite suppression.

These days, I primarily use it for productivity, a sense of well-being and motivation. In that order.

Anytime I thank Kratom for its "influence" in helping me achieve my goals, people tell me that I could have had identical success without it and it by no means was "the reason" for the accomplishments.

I agree.

But -

Kratom made it easier and significantly more fun.

The bad days become decent.

The good days become great.

The great days...

Are spectacular. 

That is what the past 5+ years have been like.

The best 5 years of my life.

It's not beneficial for everyone and everything (it can even be counterproductive for some things) however.

I've have my bad days that stayed bad, but overall - it has been absolutely fantastic for my main priorities and goals.


I Have Less Anxiety, Most of the Time

Once I learned (discovered) how to rotate strains correctly, to this very day - I have less overall anxiety living a Kratom Lifestyle than I otherwise would.

This is true for all types of anxiety: general, social, approach, sexual, etc.

This is one of the primary people use Kratom.

It absolutely works if you know what you are doing.

I Have More Anxiety, Some of the Time

Although I have less anxiety overall, there will be moments (often specific times of the day) when I will have more anxiety than if I wasn't using Kratom.

It's ironic.

I have less anxiety because of Kratom.

But I also have more anxiety (at times) because of Kratom.

Taking too much of a fast strain, even a high-quality fast strain, can do it. 

Sometimes a certain strain just won't be hitting that day and I'll get a kick of irritability or anxiety.
(this is way less common if you are rotating several strains)

90% of the time, there is no distinct "crash" after Kratom wears off in 2 to 5 hours.

Once in a while, there is though.

More often, based on numerous factors (hydration, time of day, activity at hand, caffeine, social environment, overall mood/stress levels, etc.) there's sometimes a Kratom "itch".

This itch is closer to "irritating" than typical anxiety.

But again, this is only about 10% of the time.  

Overall, Kratom keeps my daily anxiety significantly lower than without.

But sometimes I'll have anxiety from Kratom (or lack of Kratom).
(I'm not naturally prone to anxiety)


My Mornings Will Suck and Then Become Amazing

The most obvious 'Kratom anxiety' that nearly all daily burners can relate to is the initial - MORNING ANXIETY.

If you are following a Kratom Lifestyle, even if rotating correctly, you will wake up in a mild withdrawal/cold sweat quite often. For me, it's not much different than having "the chills" when I have a cold.

It's not a comfortable feeling, but it's far from a crippling withdrawal that hardcore drugs can produce. 

The intensity of the 'morning anxiety' will vary considerably from person-to-person based on their tolerance/dependency. If you rotate 6+ strains, the intensity will be considerably lower than if you were using the exact same strain for 6 weeks straight. 
(I wasted a good year of my life using a single strain for several weeks at a time. It made me a zombie a lot of the time.)

Once I introduce a new strain (that I haven't used in several months/ever), I find there's no morning anxiety.

Taking a slower strain prior to bedtime can prevent morning anxiety too.
(I don't do this, I have no trouble sleeping and not using Kratom for 8-14 hours is never a bad thing)

Other compounds such as Phenibut or Valium that have a long half-life and an afterglow/hangover will limit or prevent morning anxiety.
(you should not be taking either of those compounds on a regular basis)

I've come to accept the morning initial anxiety/withdrawal and do nothing to prevent it.

Going an extended period without Kratom (even if it's just 8-10 hours) helps your tolerance and I don't think you should use Kratom before bed unless you have to. 

Regardless of the intensity of the initial morning anxiety, I'll always feel completely normal (and slowly fantastic) in about 20 minutes.

The first "burn" of the day is almost always the best one. It is certainly the most dramatic state change.

If you want an incredible start to your day, try this hidden gem with your morning burn. You will absolutely love it.

Having Morning Sex/69 Is Fantastic

Having an orgasm in the morning is ridiculously fantastic. 

Most of us committed to a Kratom Lifestyle will wake up and just want to get our morning burn, especially if you don't feel great.

If you can hold off on that - sex (or just having an orgasm) is fantastic.

If you have high testosterone levels, you will often wake up with insane raging hard-ons.

Your body will be trying to get you to give it a natural endorphin blast.

If you don't feel too yucky and have a partner on-hand, the sex will be ridiculously intense. It won't last too long (heightened sensitivity) and it might be really messy.

If you do feel crappy, laying on your back in the 69 position and getting taken care of is a nice way to get a natural opiate/endorphin blast before you give yourself a herbal blast.  

I am not against guys (or girls) masturbating if they are a daily Kratom burner.

I suggest you get off everyday. 

It's an easy way to get a natural endorphin blast and you don't want your body to get used to living on Kratom endorphins.
(exercise is obviously great too)

There's a lot of talk about "never masturbate" and "never look at porn". That is good advice if you are addicted but does not apply to most guys and certainly not daily burners who will be too content/lowered sex drive to look at pornography.


Kratom Doesn't Seem to Work as Well For Chicks

Inside and outside of the bedroom, in my experience, girls don't respond quite as well to Kratom.

It's easy for girls to overdo it too.

You should only give them a small amount (2-3 grams) if they want to try it.

I've had 3 or 4 girls puke on me so I stopped recommending it.

Still, there's thousands of girls that follow a Kratom Lifestyle, often for it's ability to kill depression, anxiety and appetite.
(there's a fair amount of girls on the bigger Kratom forums)

These alternatives are WAY BETTER if she wants a sex enhancer.
(scroll to the bottom) 

I'm More Happy, Most of the Time

As with anxiety (I have less anxiety, most of the time), I also have a sense of well-being/better mood more than if I weren't using Kratom.

I'm rarely ever in a bad mood.

While it's theoretically "not good" to be reliant on a compound or substance to regulate my mood, the advantage of having a safe alternative to immediately put me in a good mood is priceless.

While critics will call this "artificial" or "cheating", that's fine with me.

I'm usually in too good of a mood to care or debate anyway.

In my mid-20's I battled some mild depression and various slumps. 

Kratom would have been a tremendous help. That's for sure.

I don't suggest the Kratom Lifestyle (daily use) for students however. It does affect memory retention and isn't going to be good for studying. For busy work, it should be helpful though.

I'm Less Happy, Some of the Time 

As with anxiety also (I have more anxiety, some of the time), there will be certain times when I'm less happy because I'm following the Kratom Lifestyle.

Obviously, these times represent a minority.

The most obvious time is in the morning.

Sometimes, there's a random crash from a strain.

Another time that comes to mind is when I burn too much Kratom.

It makes me spaced out.

The actual "spaced out" state isn't that bad, but it's quite disappointing if I expected to be in a great mood.

Overall though, the sense of well-being from the Kratom Lifestyle is totally worth it.


Happy Days Are the Majority, But There's Lousy Days Too

As I mentioned, following a Kratom Lifestyle, I have less anxiety and greater sense of well-being than without. 

Most of my days are splendid.

Every once in a while (and sometimes, but rarely - for 3 or 4 days straight), the Kratom just doesn't work and the day is forgettable or sucks.

While sometimes I think to myself, "I wouldn't be feeling this way if I wasn't following this lifestyle", I also remind myself that - bad days are just part of life.

Kratom Lifestyle or no Kratom Lifestyle, you will have bad days.

Such is life.

When the bad days outnumber the good ones, then that is certainly cause for concern.

My usual ratio of good days to bad days is about 12:1.
(I'm just guessing here; rotating at least 6 strains) 

Sometimes, I'll go 45 days without a bad Kratom day.

But sometimes, I'll have 3 or 4 lousy days in a row.

As your 'Kratom IQ' increases, the fewer lousy days you'll have.

It can still happen even if you rotate 6+ strains though.

I'm More Productive, Most of the Time

The primary reason I use Kratom, especially these days, is to make myself more productive.

On most days, I'm more productive than I would be otherwise.

In fact, I can even stay up over 24 hours and be as productive (and content) in the later hours than beginning.

Earlier this year, I would pull these 24 hour days about 2 or 3 days a week.

It really took a toll on my natural state, physical energy, libido and skin.

I've stopped doing this and try not to take Kratom after I've been awake for 16-18 hours.

My usual routine consists of 16-18 waking hours and sleeping for 8-9 hours.

Other than the numerous typos, Kratom has been INCREDIBLY valuable for building Good Looking Loser (and my other online projects). I can't say that enough.

Not just for productivity but it makes me sympathize for my audience.

I think about the reader on the other end. Many are quietly suffering and counting on someone or something to help them catchup in life. I try my best to provide that help.

I'm Less Productive, Some of the Time

The Kratom Lifestyle, on average, makes me significantly more productive because I'm happy to be working on whatever I'm up to.

As with anxiety and well-being, however, there will be some days where the Kratom isn't kicking and it will be a throwaway day.

I have a hard time doing work when I'm in a bad mood. I usually just take a nap and try again later that day.

Again, it's not a huge deal for me now since I make my own schedule/workload.

But it was definitely something that I had to keep in mind when I was a personal trainer and had to show up at certain places at certain times. I made sure I was using a fresh strain when I trained or met with my big money clients. 

Misool Resort

Relationships with Mom and Dad Are Significantly Better

Relationships (phone and in-person) with my parents are much better.

I love my parents.

But sometimes I can't stand my parents.

My parents can be the most negative people in the world.

I know I'm going to be in a bad mood for the rest of the day if I answer their phone call.

I can't stand their negativity or hearing about whatever they "learned" from Fox News or which politician screwed them over. 

Kratom makes this tolerable and I even start laughing at them because I don't give a shit about whatever they are talking about.

This isn't to suggest that I don't have a good relationship with my parents or that they weren't good parents. I have a good relationship and I love them. I just can't stand their negativity and how much TV they watch.

Negativity is toxic and Kratom is my vaccine. 

If you can't stand being around your parents or siblings, Kratom will make family outings tolerable and even fun.

My parents are always happy to hear from me because I'm a happy person.

A Kratom Lifestyle Can Be Inconvenient
(Daily and Travel Issues) 

Unfortunately, the Kratom Lifestyle can be an inconvenience.

There's the issue of 'timing' your burns to fit your schedule.

There's the travel issue and having to carry it with you. 

I'll usually carry a bottle of Vitamin Water with me whenever I go.

If I'm going somewhere for over 6 hours, I'll take whichever Kratom I'm using with me, usually pre-mixed (Kratom + Sugar-Free Sweetener) and ready to go. 

I work at home so this issue doesn't affect me too often.

Air travel is a pain, even though you can take the powder on the plane (or in your luggage) with no issues.
(I once traveled with over 15 kilos of Kratom in my carry-on and had no issues; you can always label it as "greens formula")  

If you have the patience and desire, buying a home capsule kit and capping your Kratom can make life easier.

Keep in mind, however, '00' capsules are 700mg.

You'll need to use about 10 to 15 of them (6-9 grams) to get the usual effect.

As big of an inconvenience as travel can be, it's something that many of us are totally willing to accept. 


I Have to Remind Myself Not to Be Too Nice To People (Happy Mode)

This one might surprise you.

Chris still has nice guy issues?

I thought he picked up all these girls...?

But when you legitimately enjoy your life, have the time/money to do whatever you want and have 12+ types of Kratom on hand - you are literally happy just about ALL THE TIME.

A high-quality problem obviously.

If you have been successfully following the Kratom Lifestyle for 4-5 months, you might be familiar with this "too nice sometimes" issue too.

I call this "Happy Mode".

Obviously it's different than "being a Nice Guy" (nice guys aren't actually happy people and they do things in order to get something in return) but there's some crossover behaviors/tendencies.

Whether it's a business decision, a friend who is trying to get me to do something I don't want to do or a random someone who is trying to take advantage of me, I sometimes have to pinch myself to put "happy mode" on pause and think critically/pessimistically. Even if it means messing up my own happy mood.

It's not hard to do this; I'm long past any real Mr. Nice Guy/Validation issues, but being in "happy mode" isn't the best state for every situation.

My advice is to simply ask yourself -

Is this person trying to take advantage of me?

If the answer is "yes" or "maybe"

My advice is to tell yourself - 

This person is trying to take advantage of me because he thinks he can.

That is usually more than enough to snap out of "Happy Mode".

I'm an extremely giving person and I love to spread the love.

But if I feel someone is using that against me - they are basically dead to me.

It's always been that way.

Interestingly enough, my "Happy Mode" issues have only been with business people, friends and random people.

Not girls that I'm interested in. 

So that's good.

I Rarely Care What Anyone Thinks

Yeah, yeah, yeah - another blogger claiming he "doesn't give a fuck" what people think and goes on-and-on about it.
(I'm not going to do that)

In my case, I've really come along way with this (general maturity), beat my validation issues, attained financial security, accomplished a lot that I'm proud of and daily Kratom is icing on the cake. 

It's rare that little things (or people in general) get under my skin.

Someday, I'll write a blog post on "How to Not Give a Fuck".

A big part of it is simply learning to enjoy your life, always working on and accomplishing significant things that you are proud of and realizing that the person 'hating' on you - doesn't really enjoy their own life.

Basically - you won't have the mindset, time or energy to "give a fuck".

Way back in 2008, I had a really bad night and several girls were rude to me.

I left the bar early and came home.

I decided to make a "Gratitude List" to try and make myself feel better.

Among other things, it read -

No Matter How Bad The World Treats Me, I'll Always Have...

#3 Kratom

It holds true to this very day.

Maybe it's fake or artificial. Maybe it's hiding or running. Maybe it's smart and resourceful.

Call it whatever you like...

But it's undeniable -

You won't sweat the small stuff/people if you are successfully living the Kratom lifestyle. 


The Kratom Lifestyle Has a Positive and Negative Effect on My Sex Life

Even with high-testosterone levels (doctor-supervised HRT), Kratom has a negative effect on my sex drive.

In my case, I can still get turned on, sometimes very quickly - but my libido is not as strong as it would be without Kratom. It's far from dead however.

This is typical of long-term use of anything that affects opiate receptors but is certainly less than more "hardcore" compounds.

My general advice - just go through the motions in the bedroom, you'll get a boner. Cialis will obviously solve any ED issues.

At the same time, there's been a really helpful positive effect - Kratom makes me last longer in bed.

Often - a lot longer.

In my experience, the lowered sensitivity from Kratom is absolutely perfect for me.

It's not like a stimulant that will prevent me from getting hard. And It's not like similar compounds (Tramadol, or SSRIs) that totally prevents me from getting off.

Although not always necessary, Cialis and the lowered sensitivity combines for amazing performance in the bedroom.

It's really made me [seem] excellent in bed.

If you want to use Cialis every day, you can ask your doctor about Cialis for Daily Use (2.5 mg Cialis).
(FDA-approved, for what it's worth)

As a side note - Kratom has very little effect on my male enhancement efforts.

The lowered libido is a negative but nothing I can't work past or completely negate with Cialis. I've gone from ~6.0 to ~7.0 over the past 4 or 5 years, a long way from the modest 5.25" I started at in ~2001.

Kratom Lifestyle Makes Hitting the Gym More Difficult

If you aren't a daily burner, Kratom (especially fast strains) can make you an animal in the gym.

If you are following the Lifestyle, however, Kratom can slowly decrease your motivation to hit the gym.

This is why I do not recommend a full Kratom Lifestyle to guys who are competitive athletes or bodybuilders that cannot miss/half-ass workouts once in a while.

I simply take a pre-workout supplement and fast(er) strain to hit the gym.

Planning for a shorter workout (30 minutes) helps too.

Often, I'll end up staying for 60-90 minutes, but I'd rather plan for a shorter workout and exceed it, rather than leave early on a longer workout.

Gym motivation never used to be a problem for me with the Kratom Lifestyle and it won't be for a lot of guys.

I'm simply less committed to training these days because I have other priorities I care about a lot more. 

It's still a good idea to workout for the natural endorphin release. If nothing else.

On days you don't feel like going, just try to go for 20 minutes and you'll probably stay longer.

Also, have a look at our series on "34 Orthodox and Unorthdox Ways to Get Motivation to Hit the Gym".

Kratom tree

The Kratom Lifestyle Offers Significant Appetite Suppression 

Kratom is the world's best natural herbal appetite suppressant. 

If only crap such as Garcinia Cambogia worked as well.

The appetite suppression has been very beneficial, especially since I'm just not in the gym all that much these days.

Following a low-carbohydrate diet is the other big helper.

Kratom makes it easy to get and stay ripped. But it's harder if you are trying to put on some weight.

I don't recommend using Kratom if you are just looking for an appetite suppressant. It's just a welcome side effect for those following the Kratom Lifestyle. 

I Have a Clean Bill of Health

I'm not going to try to make the case that the numerous antioxidants in Kratom prevent common colds and keep me from getting sick in the Winter like some Kratom communities assert.

But I am POSITIVE it has had either a slightly positive or no effect on my overall health.

I burn Kratom 5-6 times a day, about 6 to 8 grams each time.

Here is my blood work from my annual physical in January 2014.

The numbers are basically identical to every other physical in the past 5-6 years.

bloodwork-2014-jpgFor this test, I was supplementing T3/Cytomel @ 12.5mcg every other day -


Testosterone wasn't checked at this physical but is usually 790-1090 ng/dl.
(I supplement testosterone enanthate @ 250mg/ml every 7 days; HCG @ 250ius every 3 days)

kratom plants

Picking Up Girls During the Day Is Way More Fun

Kratom has always made "Daygame" a blast.

It helps to be in a great mood and spread the enthusiasm to girls - many of which are happy to engage because most live pretty mundane lives.

When I first started going out solely to hit on girls by myself (which I suggest you do for a little, beat AA, get 1-2 fuckbuddies and transition to making it part of your lifestyle), I was somewhat nervous but even moreso - I felt like a fucking loser.

Here I am, Mr. Law School Dropout, wearing a bandana, wandering around Santa Monica Beach at 11:00am on an overcast Tuesday morning, by myself, while my other friends were getting ahead in life.  

I felt like a total fucking loser when I started going out alone.

Kratom made me forget "what I should be doing" with my life and if leaving Law School/not having a job was something I should be ashamed of.

It made me focus on the day and run with the positive feelings.

Win or lose, positive reactions or not, phone numbers or none - I was going to have a decent day.

After all, I got to wander around a beautiful beach and wear a bandana, while most of my friends were trapped in cubicles.

Kratom makes the day beautiful and is perfect for socializing, which might feel a bit weird during the day.

For me - pretty much any strain is great for the daytime.

I prefer the faster ones but the slower ones can produce a euphoric "aroma" that is also wonderful to spread the love if I don't overdo it.

Picking Up Girls At Night Requires Some Kratom Experimentation 

Kratom at night, however, can be more tricky.

I can get overwhelmed in high traffic areas, especially in super busy environments where the music (bass) is loud.

It's not an anxious feeling.

It's more of a "slow" or tired/indifferent feeling.

In lower traffic areas, such as a bar on a weekday, street or an outside patio area during the night, Kratom can be awesome.

I usually hang out near the patio/less busy zones so I can easily talk to girls and hopefully take them out of the place as soon as possible.

I prefer to take a small amount of fast Kratom (2-3 grams) or none at all, along with 2500-3000mg of Phenibut.

You will have to play around with different amounts and strains until you find what works for you.

If fast strains give you anxiety at night, you can "cut" the anxiety by adding a slower/moderate strain.
(for example - 4grams of Maeng Da + 2grams of Bali) 

Combinations with alcohol can be hit or miss for me, it will vary from person-to-person, from strain-to-strain. Moderation is key.
(I am not recommending that you combine it with alcohol; I am only speaking about my experience in a country where both alcohol and Kratom are not restricted)


I Haven't Needed Any Breaks or Washout Periods

Ever since I started rotating 5+ strains I haven't needed any breaks or washout periods.

Every 6-8 months or so, I'll use Stem & Vein for a few days, but it isn't completely necessary.  

A couple times a year, there will be some unintentional washout periods where I don't burn any Kratom for 3 or 4 days.

If I catch a cold and spend the day in bed, I purposely won't burn any Kratom.

When the cold runs its course, my tolerance will be significantly lowered too.

My advice is to rotate 6+ strains, using a different strain each day. Throwing in a new one every so often can be great, since it will tickle slightly different receptors and give the others a break.

Correctly following a Kratom Lifestyle can be costly. It's not for everyone.

I Don't Desire to Use Hardcore Drugs

While anyone with a history of substance abuse should be discouraged from picking up any new habits, thousands of former opiate addicts have used Kratom to stay clean.

In many peoples' experience - it can be a lifesaver.

In my experience - I haven't had any craving for opiates or other hardcore drugs.

I'll only indulge on special occasions (partying), which is less and less often these days.

I Have to Avoid Being a "Kratom Couch Potato"

While Kratom certainly makes me more productive, it can just as easily make me a couch potato if I mess up my burning schedule, don't plan out my days or get too wrapped up in time wasters (surfing the web, social media, inefficient texting, etc.).

Kratom, especially when not rotated correctly, has turned plenty of people into couch potatoes.

That is my biggest fear when recommending it to you guys.

You may become too content. 

We are a super active community and most of our goals require us to leave the house.

I found that the key is simply - LEAVING THE HOUSE with a specific plan/agenda.

I never had too much trouble with this but it's definitely worth mentioning.

couch potato

I Feel "Normal" Just As Often As I Feel An "Aroma"

One of the bigger misconceptions about the Kratom Lifestyle is that you will be feeling an "aroma" (see the Kratom Lingo post for an explanation) the entire day.

It's not the case.

After the aroma wears off, I'll feel completely normal for a good 2 or 3 hours before I feel any need to "reload".

Most people that follow the Kratom Lifestyle would probably agree.

On average, my aromas last for 1.5 to 3 hours and then I'll burn again 2 or 3 hours after that. 

People often ask if burning Kratom will render our Approach Anxiety Program ineffective.

The answer is - NO.

Burning will not prevent you from beating approach anxiety because you will be doing the drills just as often in a 'normal' or 'semi-normal' state as under a full aroma.

I would still have approach anxiety if Kratom negated exposure therapy. 

Extracts Are Simply NOT Worth It

I've known this for a while and told you about it too.

It's not a bad thing to repeat it.

Kratom Extracts will slaughter your tolerance and will make it impossible for you to experience regular (plain-leaf) Kratom anymore. 

Enhanced blends aren't any better.

Extracts are bad news and will ultimately be one of the primary reasons if Kratom gets restricted in the United States. Irresponsible companies put powerful extracts in bottles labelled "GeT FuCkEd Up" or "GrEEn DrEaMz" and sell them to irresponsible kids.

My Normal Pain Tolerance Is Slightly Lower 

While following a Kratom Lifestyle, my body doesn't produce pain relieving natural endorphins as readily. 

It's not a big deal, just something I noticed.

It's nothing that Kratom can't mask - if need be.

I've also gotten surgery a few times while living the Kratom Lifestyle.

While Kratom provided some mild/moderate pain relief, my opiate tolerance prevented the prescription pain killers I was given from being quite as effective. 

It's not a significant problem, but I would speak to your doctor and see if he advises you to discontinue Kratom at least 2 weeks prior to major surgery.

kratom leaves drying

People Notice When I'm Not Burning Kratom, Instead of When I Am

I'm often asked -

Do people know when you're burning Kratom?

Can they see a difference in your personality? 

The answer is the reverse - people will see a difference when I'm not burning Kratom.

I'm in such a good mood normally, that they'll ask "What's wrong?" if I'm not as chipper or if I'm uncharacteristically quiet/normal.

It's actually a bit annoying when everyone expects you to be their sunshine.

High-quality problem though. 

It's Easy For People To Understand Your Kratom Lifestyle

In my experience, everyone (that I'm close to) is supportive of my Kratom Lifestyle.

Not that it matters.

I'm 32 and can do whatever I want.

But it's still nice that people understand and are willing to excuse the handful of bad days because I'm usually so happy, supportive and enthusiastic.

It helps if your 'significant other/primary fuckbuddy' is aware and understanding of your potential moodiness.

Girls don't give a shit and won't regard it as "drugs". Most will want to try some.

I Opt For Stevia and Not Sucralose or Aspartame
(and encourage you to do so too)

For the record, I don't think artificial sweeteners are as dangerous as many natural food enthusiasts claim.

I've read the clinical studies that weren't sponsored by corporations. 

Still, I make a conscious attempt to use natural Stevia-based sweeteners instead of Sucralose (Splenda) or Aspartame-based artificial sweeteners.

If you are burning 5 or 6 times a day, you probably don't want to be slugging down an artificial sweetener each time.

Especially if you drink 800 liters of diet soda a day, like I used to.

This is one I use most often, it is made with Stevia -


You can get them at Walmart or online if you can't find them locally.

Also - make sure you are drinking at least a half-gallon of water a day if you are following the Kratom Lifestyle. Coffee, tea, diet soda and your Stevia sweetened drinks don't count.

Professional Teeth Whitening is Inevitable

The Kratom plant (Mitragyna Speciosa) is a close relative to the coffee plant, did you know that?

Just like coffee, tea and wine enthusiasts - you'll probably need to get your teeth whitened at some point.

My suggestion is to check your local Groupon offers and find a nearby dentist that offers professional whitening.

You can get the job done (including a FULL cleaning and x-ray) for $75-90, which would otherwise cost over $500.

Since most dentist offices will only honor 1 Groupon (it's usually for new patients), next year - just find another dentist that is offering the same thing and use his Groupon.

My dentist lets me use the Groupon over-and-over since I refer so many people to him, yours might too.

Also, take a look at Good Looking Loser's Guide to Teeth Whitening - I'll give you a cheap, quick, effective way to keep your teeth white and/or whiten them without much effort.

Teeth WhiteningPour Conclure

Although Kratom isn't fully responsible for my success over the past 5 years, it's been more than just a helper.

There are positives and negatives of a daily Kratom Lifestyle, but for my goals over the past half-decade (meeting women and online business), the positives have massively outweighed the negatives.

I don't suggest you commit to the lifestyle without spending several months figuring out what works for you and what doesn't.

I don't recommend it if you can't afford it either.

It's not the biggest decision you'll ever make in your life; you can always stop if you want, but it's still a significant decision.

As I've mentioned many times before -

Not all Kratom is created equal and I HIGHLY suggest that you sample high-quality, clean Kratom before you pass judgment on how good Kratom is/isn't for you. 

Our recommendation is Happy Hippo.

Victor Pride speaks glowing about it too and you can see the other reviews in our Kratom forum.

I own the company and I have hand-selected each variety. I started Happy Hippo specifically to give guys in our community access to clean, fresh, high-end Kratom that they can count on.

If you respond well to Kratom, you will really like the vast majority of the Hippo strains.

If you have questions, comments or feedback - I cordially invite you to participate in our Kratom Forum.