Podcast 1 - 2014

Finally got decent audio hooked up.

Later this year, if Apple approves, we'll be on iTunes.

(it's long - download it and listen to it away from your computer)

You can download our 2 hour long chat for your iPod here-


Topics - Table of Contents

0:00 Introduction

01:30 Scotty's Training (UPDATED 2014 AGENDA)

04:00 Why Scotty got laid more when he STARTED (1st-2nd year) than now.

05:45 Above-average fundamentals + Obsession/Momentum = Get Laid a lot quickly

08:40 The "Golden Era"

10:30 Going out and hanging out a with a cool guy and seeing him WIN and LOSE is really helpful

14:15 No matter how much you read this website, watch videos - you may not be comfortable with the idea of hitting on girls until you do it (or see someone cool do it).

16:30 Eye Contact with Scotty

25:00 Good Looking Loser attitude - BY ANY MEANS NECESSARY

26:45 Kratom and Performance enhancement

39:45 Scotty doesn't ever approach girls in groups?! Why not?

43:30 Chris and Scotty differ slightly on the importance of a "gameplan" & "Sexual Intent"

49:15 On "sexual vibe"

54:40 If you can LOOK GOOD and SAY HI (basic guy game) - you can get plenty

55:15 What is the ONE THING a beginner should focus on?

56:40 Scotty Scumbag is also a Gentleman

58:30 Scotty's "Fuck the World..." attitude that got him started - results and got him in trouble.

1:02:40 Stages in your life: "It's pathetic that your life revolves around girls!" Not true.
It perfectly NORMAL and HEALTHY to be in your 20-30s and want to dedicate several years to getting pussy and partying.

1:06:40 Insecurity is a great motivator

1:13:00 Scotty living at his parent's house

1:17:00 Small victories should be appreciated

1:19:00 Beating fear of rejection: It'll always be there but gets easier and you don't care anymore

1:25:40 After you fuck that FIRST GIRL (from approach) - you'll okay on your own

1:31:30 If Scotty hits up 70-100 girls and doesn't get laid, will he get down on himself?

1:38:30 What do we wish we heard when we started in 2006-2007?

01:46:00 You can be insecure and get laid. Just LOOK GOOD and TALK TO GIRLS.