Podcast 3 - 2014

Bi-Weekly Podcast with Scotty, we talked about a lot of stuff.

Including -

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Table of Contents

0:00 Happy Hippo Kava (major anti-anxiety supplement with no dependence, no addiction, no tolerance)
1:00 New GLL and GLL-GetALife
2:30 Scotty's approach mentality that tells EVERYONE to have (talk to chicks like you've known them for years) and how to slowly integrate into your life.
11:10 If you run out of stuff to say, say - "Hey I ran out of stuff to say, I'm going to leave now, what's a number I can text you at" (half-serious, will probably work if she's available).
11:45 Direction of an interaction and game plan.
14:40 Our thoughts on approach and interaction "angles" - does it matter?
19:20 What to do If a girl smiles at you but you let her walk past you.
22:40 How to "GET EYE-CONTACT"
23:10 Most important thing = HOW YOU LOOK (obviously)
24:30 Edgy styles draw more attention from sexually available girls.
25:30 Why most of Scotty's interactions go really well - even when he is being really aggressive.
26:20 Teeth-whitening can make a HUGE difference and something you should do in 2014.
28:25 Smile with your mouth OPEN (show good teeth)
29:30 Million Dollar Smile - Cam Newton and BoyToy

36:55 LINE OF SIGHT (straight on), Look at faces not at the ground - Eye Contact Discussion
45:45 What we know that you might not know...

46:50 Some bodybuilders have super confident body language in the gym but they don't outside the gym.
48:40 Insecurity is your bestest friend.
50:00 Why insecure losers in LA get laid more than 98% of guys even though they do nothing but party and use cocaine.
54:20 Improve yourself vs. Accept yourself
57:10 STAGES IN YOUR LIFE. ALL IN (20's = Want Pussy = Completely Normal), Don't be on the fence about your goals
1:01:55 "Why 2 year olds rub their own shit on the wall"
1:07:00 Girls need to be "comfortable" to sleep with you - Not True
1:29:00 Killer Instinct that normal guys have, weak but it works if the girls like them.
1:38:40 "The Window" and why anything but being aggressive is stupid (if you want to GET LAID)
1:46:50 Impact of status, money, prestige on Getting Laid vs. Relationships
1:51:00 Another reason guys who do nothing but party and sleep get laid - they see nothing wrong with that lifestyle
1:52:00 Self-Esteem vs. Confidence
1:55:10 Why you shouldn't make anything if you see a fat, ugly guy with a hot girl
1:58:20 Celebrities comparisons need to stop
1:59:50 Why you don't need to look your VERY BEST to pick up girls (gym example)
2:04:10 An uglier guy has already slept with the girl you are sweating.