Phil The Viking's

Hands-Free, Semi-Automatic

Penis Enhancement Routine

(w/Good Looking Loser)

2 Inches, 1 Year

This penis enhancement routine combines the Bathmate Hydropump and the Sizegenetics Penis Extender.

It is meant for "intermediate" levels, specifically guys that have used BOTH devices TOGETHER for over 6 weeks.

If you are a newbie, check out these combo routines-

Phil's Bathmate Adventure began on September 8th, 2012. He added Sizegenetics on October 22nd, 2012.

VikingBy September of this year, Phil will likely be at or possibly EXCEEDING gains of TWO INCHES.

To put that in perspective, I have done PE on and off (most off) for nearly a decade and that is basically what I've achieved in length. Back when I started, however, their weren't sick devices like the Bathmate and Sizegenetics. I truly believe this is the ultimate combo if you dedicate yourself and invest your time. Perhaps the most remarkable thing is- Phil has done this nearly HANDS-FREE. Not too much manual stretching and not too much jelqing. Just the devices, for the most part.

Notable also, Phil has achieved these gains while working at his music studio where he has to bend down and pick up heavy boxes of records and studio equipment. He has also been taking the fat burner "Lipodrene" on a daily basis. Supplements like these can significantly restrict blood flow to the penis, he'd probably have 2" by now if it weren't for that.

But it's all been worth it-

To be fair, Phil has also lost 70+ lbs, which can also significantly impact penis length appearance (less fat pad = more cock).

Either way, his results are incredible and he is a nominee for "Loser of the Year 2013," a title that is much deserved, should he win. He might be one of those rare guys that gets gains up to THREE INCHES when it is all said an done.

I feel confident in recommending his "Hands-Free Semi-Automatic PE Routine" to you guys who have used both devices for AT LEAST 6 weeks.

The Routine

This routine is meant just for weekdays (Monday-Friday), you can do it more - but I'm just going by what I've done.

If you do combine it with manual exercise for the duration of the work week, I encourage you to take the weekends off.

I think resting on weekends was key, after all- when you REST, you GROW.

This is how it goes, it's easy-

I have found it's quite beneficial to pump with the Bathmate before Sizegenetics because it keeps it tight and the stretch is noticeably stronger. This is what you should be doing anyway- Sizegenetics keeps your penis from "turtling" and encourages blood flow to the length of your penis (even though toward the end of sessions it might feel otherwise).

Since doing this routine, I have actually seen the most gains and significant improvement in both girth and length. Especially in flaccid hang.

This routine might sound simple- it is. Lets "Keep Perspective on Male Enhancement" and remind ourselves that THIS IS NOT BRAIN SURGERY. At the end of the day (and hopefully throughout the day) is it SIMPLY PULLING ON YOUR DICK.

(provided that you do so safely and allow adequate time for rest).



Sizegenetics Tips

Here are some tips to make your Sizegenetics and Bathmate sessions as efficient and productive as possible-

Bathmate Tips

Thanks for whoever reads this and finds it useful!

If you have any questions, hit me up on the forum!