The Very Best of Good Looking Loser 2015

2015 was a truly awesome year for me, nearly everything exceeded expectations.
(Scotty is still sober and doing well)

Life is beyond excellent and I owe each and everyone of you guys a monster THANK YOU.

Still, I didn't get up as much Good Looking Loser and Lifestyle by Good Looking Loser content in 2015 as I wanted. Some people think that the lack of weekly material is evidence that I'm on 'cruise control', that I've run out of 'ideas' or that I've just stopped caring as much.

All 3 are very much the complete opposite.

I'm absolutely slammed with behind-the-scenes work, I have too many ideas and I care more than ever to get out quality content to make up for the lack of quantity.

Now, more than ever, one of my favorite sayings holds true - 

Success is about doing an adequate job in an inadequate amount of time.

When you have multiple businesses, "only work on one thing and one thing only" doesn't really exist and there's going to be some level of multitasking. Unfortunately.

I've got to find a more happy median though - I haven't even been working out and it definitely shows.

Still, a lot of the 2015 posts were quite long and quite good.

Let's discuss what stood out in 2015.

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The Very Best of Good Looking Loser 2015

"How to Not Give a Fuck What People Think (A Different Perspective on Not Caring Anymore)"

Per comments, shares and overall engagement, this was the most popular post of the year.

I almost didn't write it.

I can't stand the generic "Don't care what people think!" advice, usually written by a person who has no idea what emotionally healthy indifference is.

But frankly, I had little to add.

Until I thought about it.

Hitting on 2000+ girls and sleeping with 100+ of them has a way of making you socially indifferent.

In the meantime, the idea is to DO WHAT YOU WANT, regardless of how sensitive you may or may not be.

Check it out.

"7 Habits of Highly Effective Losers (Player's Edition)"

Guys that sleep with 25+ pretty girls a year all do these things.

These are literally things you can DO and not just think about if you are looking to sleep with a new girl every 2 weeks.

You might as well start today.

"Your Mental Problems Are Everyone Else's Normal (You Aren't a Big Mess - You Just Care More)"

Self-improvement encourages perfection and insecurity.

Self-help enthusiasts, especially those around Good Looking Loser, don't actually have more problems than the average person - they just care more and take 'winning at life' a lot more seriously.

The problem is - a lot of guys think they have all these issues and spend time "working on themselves" rather than actually working on their real goals. Many chase an imaginary "jedi-master" psychological state and keep putting off their real life.

Now is the time to work. It doesn't matter if you are anxious, depressed or inexperienced.

If I can finally get you to believe that you don't have significantly more issues than the average person, you can finally start putting the time and emotional energy to accomplishing bigger things than ideals such as "conquering yourself".

This was really a turning point for me in ~2008.

All my problems were in my head.

Literally all of them.

If you get nothing else out of Good Looking Loser in 2015 - but finally realize that you don't have to "master thyself" to be successful, 2016 will be your year.

"The Truth About Hot Girls - Hollywood Loves Your Inferiority Complex (Part 2)"

This was the most shared discussion from 2015.

Hot girls are an illusion.
(it's the eyeliner that makes them scary!) 

Everyone knows this but not that many guys actually believe it when they leave their house.

Tolerance to beauty (Sense of Entitlement) is what separates above-average guys who nail hot girls from the above-average guys that just sleep with cute girls.

If you could talk to the hotties just like you'd talk to a 400 lb. girl, you'd have no trouble getting ass.

"The Most Liberating Thing You Can Hear If You Are Scared to Talk to Girls (Audio Rant)"

If I could hear any one statement back in my 20's from someone I looked up to, it would be -

(It Doesn't Really Matter) 

Sometimes when you talk to a random girl - you will have instant chemistry.

Sometimes when you talk to a random girl - it will be awkward and seemingly get worse.

Chemistry is 50% you and 50% her.

If she likes you -

"2 Socially Acceptable Ways to Ask a Chick to Sleep With You"

Months before "Netflix and Chill" went mainstream, I was talking about this.

"Normal" guys that Get Laid a lot have been doing this for 50 years.

If you aren't into the 'physical screening' and want 2 socially acceptable ways to setup a date that ends in your bedroom - use these two methods.

"Remembering Those Lonely Saturday Nights When I Was Alone in My Apartment (Comfortable Depression)"

Life is great these days. 

But life is very different these days.

I was going nowhere fast as a 6th year no-life bodybuilder college senior who spent my Saturday nights on the Internet researching how to grow my muscles even bigger.

It's amazing what you can actually accomplish when you use your "downtime" to be productive and not to "research".

enemy poster

"The Comfortable Life of the Undersexed Male - Why People Don't Do Much With Their Lives"

Millennials (and frankly everyone reading this) have it pretty easy.

Entertainment and "productive distractions" are at your fingertips.

And That's the reason that very few guys will ever Get Laid, Get Rich, or make much an impact in the world.

"5 Non-Mainstream Tools to Give Girls Ridiculous Orgasms"

An old school Good Looking Loser post with sex audios to show you the effects of some of these 'tools'.

You won't find this on eHow.

You want repeat customers and reliable fuckbuddies?

Try some of these. 

"How to Be More Aggressive With Women (Developing Killer Instinct) w/ Videos"

After your appearance is above-average and you can hold an average conversation with a person with a vagina, 'Killer Instinct' is the only thing that matters.

This is masculine "game" and leadership. 

"Getting Laid - How It Should Actually Fit Into Your 20's"

You don't need to dedicate 5 years to partying and fucking girls.

But I do suggest you devote 1 or 2 years to it.

Your physical, emotional and financial health will be a lot better once you actually know you can Get Laid.

Besides, it will be the most fun and exhilarating period of your life when you can sleep with 1 or 2 girls a week for a year or three.

One of the reasons I'm successful today is because I know I can Get Laid.

One of the reasons I wasn't in my early 20's is because I didn't know if I could Get Laid.

Everyone has different goals, but eventually 99% of guys want to have a relationship with a high-quality girl. You absolutely need to know you can Get Laid (and don't need her for sex) if you want a relationship on your terms. All the guys I know that get bullied by their "significant other" simply can't Get Laid without a girlfriend or wife.

No guy that can Get Laid (has options) puts up with a lot of bullshit from the opposite sex.

"How to Pick Up Girls Efficiently (If You Don't Have the Time/Desire To Meet A Lot of Girls)"

"Pick up" is dead.

At least the version of it where you go out alone for 4 to 6 hours and hit on all the random girls you see.

Guys still want to Get Laid though.

This blueprint is a doable way to sleep with a new girl every 10 or 20 days - which is far more than most guys get. 

smash others

"How to Get Laid In College If You Aren't Part of the Establishment"

This discussion and podcast turned into some of the very best content ever.

Alex is a kid at a major Division I university where the fraternity and party scene dominate.  

As an outsider, while mainly taking a full-load of classes, he slept with over 30 college girls in 8 months.

He has legendary status in our community and he's earned every bit of it.  

The establishment hates him!

"How Much Losing Face Fat Can Help Your Sex Appeal (w/ 40 Pictures)"

Unless you have had full abdominal muscles (6-8% BF), you probably have no idea how 'good looking' you can be.

Chances are, even if you aren't every girl's dream guy, you can be still be above-average if you lose the fat off your face.

"Above-average" is all it takes to pass the majority of girl's "looks threshold".

Besides, most girls have already fucked a guy uglier than you.

Stop looking for insignificant "game" tactics and lose the fucking fat off your face so you appeal to most girls. 

If I can Get Laid at 23% bodyfat with a 38.5" waist, you sure as hell can at 8% bodyfat.

"28 Things I Really Wish I Did or Didn't Do In My 20's (and What Might Have Been)"

While my late 20's were spectacular, my early and mid 20's were mainly spent in the gym and left much to be desired. 

Read about what I wish I had done so you don't miss out.

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The Very Best of Lifestyle by Good Looking Loser 2015

"10 Reasons Why Your Version of Danger & Play and Bold & Determined Sucks (Why Many New Bloggers Won't Be Successful)"

While some people were "offended", even more people took this to heart.

The 1st and 2nd year young blogs are EXPONENTIALLY better than they were in January.

I'm 100% serious, a lot of people are really on the right track and will have good communities by this time next year.

"What a Grammy Award Winning A-List Celebrity Told Me About Myself That Made Me Want to Cry"

If you are going to do this "online thing" (infopreneuring) or any creative project, it is critical that you find use your own voice.

chinese poster lg- Check Out Free Mobile App on iTunes and Android -

"How to Make YouTube Webcam Videos That People Will Actually Watch (and Make Money)"

YouTube is both overrated and underrated.

While entertaining, prank, pick up and funny videos get the most views, intimate webcam videos are key to really establishing an emotional connection with your fans.

Advertising (per view) aside, 10,000 people that feel they really know you are far more valuable than 100,000 people that only count on you for "LOL'z".

It also gives everyone a chance to SEE YOU on a regular basis, and it's free.

"My Advice For Guys With Low Self-Esteem"

Sometimes it takes me 3 weeks to write a good post, but sometimes it only takes just 3 hours to really hit it.

This was the latter.

"Bad self-esteem" and insecurity isn't a death sentence. In fact, it doesn't even matter that much if you are willing to work hard.

"17 Reasons Good Looking Loser Is Successful Online and How You Can Be Too (Even If You Aren't a Great Writer)"

This discussion is about why this community is successful, even though I'm not an A+ writer. 

It includes many doable, realistic, intangible ways to make an impact.  

We also show some financial information from 2012 and 2013, Good Looking Loser's first and second full years.

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related -

Pour Conclure 

It's been quite a year, I hope your year has been as good as mine.

We'll get to 'How to Be Successful in 2016' in a discussion later this week.

Comments are open, let me know what discussions and content you liked best from 2015 and what you'd like to see more of.

Thank you for reading and thank you for a great year.