As most of you guys know, the GoodLookingLoser YouTube was terminated without any warning last Monday morning.

The channel was in good standing and there was no notification or explanation given.

I've hired attorney that specializes in Intellectual Property and Copyright to work with my current attorney to track down any person(s) responsible.

We will pressing charges and seeking full compensation as well as further damages.
(assuming the channel was intentionally sabotaged)

As you might understand - I have full intention of bringing charges to the fullest extent of the law anyone tries to harm my business, no matter where in the world they are.

We just received a promising lead and we will probably be resolving this matter sooner than later. Youtube (Google) has been cooperative even though, per policy, the original YouTube remains suspended until we settle it legally.

So long as I'm not totally advised otherwise - I'll be letting you guys know how this turns out, who was responsible, what laws were violated and what the what their punishment is going to be.

This, like everything else, is a learning experience - I plan to let you guys know just how it goes down. One day, you may face the same thing.

If you have any information to give us, please PM me or Mark in the forum.

Any tips or information that leads to the eventual prosecution of a guilty party - will be rewarded up to $5000.

As for now, I encourage you to sign up for our new YouTube channel, all the videos will be restored in this we.
(I'm keeping the more 'hardcore' stuff off the channel, that will be made available on this website)

Please subscribe-