Levels of Learning:
How Learning Happens

I'm not a psychologist, I'm just trashy weirdo that has fucked lots of pretty pretty women in the past 4 years. I have a pretty good understanding of how guys learn this "fuck lots of girls"/player lifestyle stuff. This is the learning process that everyone goes through. Hopefully they see the process through at least until they are banging 2-3 quality girls and have the confidence to bring 2-3 more in if need-be. Hopefully they make their body, lifestyle and fashion among the top 10% of guys along the way.

So let me tell you about how your mind and body work. Let me also explain the levels of learning maybe it will help you stay on track or confirm how well you are doing.

There is something I call "concept encounters," it's when you 'encounter' an idea that you find good or insightful.

The first time to hear or see a good idea you may agree with it and you might even take action on it.

But the good idea doesn't become internalized or part of your persona until you've hear or see the idea several more times and take action on it and experience it several more times.

Each time you hear or see an idea after you've gotten more experience from taking action, you learn and understand it on a deeper and deeper level.

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Here's an example of this-

You might come to GoodLookingLoser.com hear about "screening" and think to yourself "damn, that makes sense."

The next day to GoodLookingLoser.com and read about how banging chicks is strictly a numbers game, only a certain percentage of girls that actually sexually available and you should screen them. You may think to yourself "oh I get it now."

Later that day, you might think back on some experiences when you got a girl without barely doing anything and another experience where you were making a girl laugh but the interaction went nowhere. You may think to yourself "oh damn, the first girl was sexually available and the second one wasn't and that wasn't my fault."

Later that week, you might walk up to 10 girls with the exact same material, body language, physical advances and take 3 numbers, have 2 pointless conversations and have 5 girls get lost. You might think to yourself "damn! this is a numbers game, I did nothing different or wrong."

The next day you might return to GoodLookingLoser.com and read about how physically touching girls determines if they are sexually available and think "oh that's why those girls ran off, I didn't do anything wrong."

A month later, you might touch a girl and see that she reacts positively so you make small talk and take her out of the place 40 minutes later. You realize, "The girl was DTF, I found out by touching her on approach, I probably could have left with her in 20 minutes."

Each time you encounter the concept of 'screening' you have a deeper understanding of it and internalize it further. When you encounter a concept in different context, it makes more sense to you and it slowly becomes a part of your persona. The more you encounter these contexts on a daily basis, the faster you learn.

I have several different discussions on "screening" but unfortunately reading words can't quite fully teach or internalize what it really means. You have to try to do it. You have to encounter the concept in real life to fully understand it and internalize it. You usually have to encounter the concept over and over.

Furthermore, in the end, you'll have a slightly different version of "screening" than Scotty or I. It means something a bit different to everyone. I simply give you a blueprint and a way to explore it, you got fill in the details.

Remember- you probably won't be really screening chicks at first. You'll just be spitting out some form of outcome dependent direct game or a hybrid of Mr. Direct Funny Man. But that's okay. Remember, you are reprogramming your brain that might have 20+ years of submissive social habits. Each time you try or encounter concept, you improve.

This learning process and "concept encounters" isn't limited to screening- it applies to EVERYTHING.

It's important to understand how to learn this stuff so you can identify your psychological changes (progress).

Slowly, you will internalize it. It will be something you are, not just something you do.