How to Use Kratom

(Good Looking Loser's Guide to Kratom - Part II)

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In this section, we'll cover how to use Kratom and give some dosing advice for beginners and getting looking to increase their Kratom IQ. 

As like the previous section and rest of guide, this discussion is not medical advice, a substitute thereof, and is purely for convenience purposes and subject to our Medical Disclaimer.

In order to best understand this section, you should be familiar with Kratom lingo.

How to Use Kratom For Maximum Effectiveness

Kratom is an interesting compound.

More is not always better.

At a lower dose (2-5 grams) it's stimulating.

At a higher dose (6-10 grams) it's sedating.

Smile There's a point in-between that we call the "sweet spot", where the effects are most pronounced.

Dosing over that amount may result in a "dull" or lethargic feeling which is far from the motivation that most strains immediately produce. Kratom is quite safe, so there's no risk of any sort of fatal "overdose" that other compounds can cause.

At worst, if you are new to Kratom (or if you irresponsibly consume a ridiculous amount) you can end up dizzy, tired or wanting to puke it up.

Don't let that scare you. Alcohol and just about every compound is the EXACT SAME.

Dosing below your "sweet spot" is certainly not harmful, the effects will just be less pronounced. This is sometimes a good thing if you just want a little "pick-me-up" and you aren't trying to go further with it.

We'll give you guidelines in a second but discovering your sweet spot requires trial and error. It's a fun experiment, so long as you start small and add slowly.

It's also notable that the amount that hits the sweet spot with one strain, might not hit the sweet spot with other strains. It sucks that I can't just tell you - "always use 5 grams and you are good to go!" but that's the reality of it.

The type of strain, the quality of your Kratom, if you are on an empty stomach, how much you've had in the past 3-6 hours, how much water you've had that day, etc. are all factors.

Again, you'll have to find out what works for you. That's half the fun though.

Very Basic Beginner's Advice

In general - you will want to use Kratom on a fairly empty stomach.

Since this is not always practical, you'll have to determine how much an empty stomach dose is and how much a half/full stomach dose is.

If you've never tried Kratom; if you are trying out a new strain and if you haven't burned more than 15 times total, follow this advice-

  1. Use 3 or 4 grams, preferably on an empty stomach.
    (you should feel something in 20 minutes if you have a quality source)
  2. See how you feel after 30-45 minutes.
  3. If you aren't quite where you want to be, use 1 or 2 more grams.
    (if you feel nothing by now you aren't using our recommended vendor)
  4. See how you feel after 15-30 minutes.
  5. If you still wish to take it up a notch use .5 to 2 more grams.
  6. Once you feel good, let it ride for a good 3 or 4+ hours. Don't "chase" it. Just feel it out.
  7. After 5-6 hours has passed, repeat the process.

As a newbie you'll probably need 3 to 5 grams total.

If you've eaten food recently - it might be closer to 6 grams.

If you are below 155lbs, 2 to 4 grams is probably where you should begin.

Females (that are not overweight) fall into the 1.5 to 2.5 gram range.

Lego People

Quality Kratom hits at 3 or 4 grams, even for me.
(right now, as I'm writing this- I feel incredible, might I add...)

So as long as you are rotating strains correctly to avoid tolerance (more on that below), you won't have to exceed this amount, ever.

The key is to start with a good baseline amount and work your way up over periods of 30 minutes.
(it's the same sort of approach I recommend for Phenibut, which is similar because it has a 'sweet spot' as well)

Some people use too little and don't build on it - and give up on Kratom.

Some people use too much at once and end up feeling crappy - and give up on Kratom.

Don't be that guy!

Take a few grams and keep re-evaluating how you feel after 30 minutes.

Basics of a Kratom Lifestyle
(Safely Using Kratom Daily)

We have coined the term "Kratom Lifestyle".

Basically it means -

You use Kratom everyday, multiple times a day.

Rooster, myself, and Scotty have been doing this for a long time now.

Here's more information on that (update July 6 2015) -


With just about EVERY other mood-altering compound - habitual use is a lousy idea.

It can lead to tolerance, dependence and addiction.

Kratom tolerance and dependency can be reasonable avoided and controlled.

I've used the same or less amount for the past 3 years (5-6 grams per serving) and I get the exact same effect just about every time.

In terms of dependence and addiction, at worst - if you used Kratom every day (and rotated strains correctly), several times a day and stopped cold-turkey, you'd feel like you had a cold. You'd probably want to sleep a lot and you'd have some moderate anxiety that would go away in a few days. If I ever catch a real cold, I'll actually stop taking Kratom and sleep off the cold and any Kratom "withdrawal".

This is assuming you DO NOT use Kratom extracts such as Ultra Enhanced Indo that is a highly concentrated form of Mitragyna. Extracts feel good for a little while, but they skyrocket your tolerance and you can't usually just hop back on the regular leaf.


I NEVER use THEM. There is no need to.

By correctly rotating several plain-leaf strains, my tolerance is stays low and I always get the effects.

Happy Hippo carries NO extracts and you will not have to worry about them "enhancing" their products with extracts.
(some vendors do this and don't tell their customers, it is completely unethical)

Here are some guidelines that you should know before considering the lifestyle.
I learned these strictly through trial and error, as I wish someone told me this when I started. I 'lost' a year of my life (2007-2008) to not knowing how to do this correctly. It wasn't like I felt like shit or didn't talk to girls - I was just going through the motions of life. Dull.

These tips (and suggestions from Rooster) are honestly a huge gift.

We will make sure you get it right, keep your tolerance/dependence to a minimum and let you feel tremendous almost every single day.

Tips and Suggestions for How to Use Kratom on a Regular Basis

If you plan to use Kratom everyday (I suggest you try the compound several times before making this commitment, you'd be wise to follow these suggestions.

#1 Have At Least 5 Different Types of Kratom If You Plan to Use It On a Daily Basis

BoyWe will get into more specifics down below, but if you really want to life a successful Kratom lifestyle where you get and continue to get the amazing sense of well-being, social freedom and motivation, you will have to have AT LEAST 5 DIFFERENT STRAINS OF KRATOM. 

7+ (each for one day of the week) is even better.

While all Kratom strains and types are similar, they are certainly not identical.

Each type has different alkaloids and ratios of Mitragyna. So as long as you are 'rotating' (using a different type each day), you'll keep your receptors guessing/fresh; your tolerance to a minimum and you'll reap all/most of the positives.

This is what I've done for almost 3 5+ years now.

I used to use the same kind for weeks and months in a row. It eventually lost its magic, my tolerance to that strain grew and I needed it to feel normal - which was  a very 'dull' normal.

Using a different type each day is mandatory. If you can't rotate at least 4 or more strains, I'd discourage you from adopting a Kratom lifestyle.

The Loser Kratom Scheme

3 Important, Easy to Understand Dosing Guidelines 

Sweet animalsWhichever type of Kratom you use when you wake up (or for your first dose) - use ONLY that strain for the rest of the day.

For example, if you wake up and plan to go to the gym, you'll want to burn a 'fast' strain.

Maeng Da Thai (Hyper Hippo) is a good choice.

Use Maeng Da as many times as you want that day (usually 3 to 6 servings) but ONLY use Maeng Da Thai that day.

If you have 7 strains, hypothetically, the next time you use Maeng Da Thai will be a week later. Your receptors will be fresh and you'll get the happy feeling all over again.

Ideally, the actual amount you use should be at or slightly below your sweet spot.

Do the same thing as the day before but with a different strain.

If you used Maeng Da Thai on Wednesday, you will want to pick ANY OTHER strain to use for Thursday.

It also helps to use a different variety (location) of Kratom - Malaysian, Indonesian or Borneo strains if you burned Thai.

Whatever you do - DO NOT use the strain you did the day before.

If you use the same strain for 2 or 3 days straight, you'll still feel it - but you will have effectively started a tolerance.

Kratom can dehydrate you. Just like caffeine, alcohol and simply not drinking enough water can too.

If you are active (you should be) and hit the gym, I'd suggest no less than a gallon of water a day.

Good Looking Kratom Guinea Pig

I, Chris, have tried EVERY dosing scheme for Kratom.

Yes, just about EVERY.

NOTHING WORKS BETTER THAN THE 'LOSER KRATOM SCHEME' (Use a different type every day, keep 6+ strains on hand) to keep the effects up, the tolerance down and not wasting money on throwaway sessions.


#2 Create a Daily Kratom Schedule

Once your Kratom IQ increases, you'll be able to remember everything in your head.

Until then, I encourage newbies to keep a little notecard or a calendar on their computer. 

Create a schedule in advance of which Kratom you are going to burn, based on your agenda for the day.

If you have 7 different strains, you will burn 1 each day. If you only have 5, just try not to burn the same one within a 72 hour period.

Please give some thought to this.

You shouldn't get to the middle of the week and "realize" that you need to take a fast strain for the gym but you've already done that 2 days in a row.

That's irresponsible and a waste of your money.

And the beginning of a tolerance that can cause the magic to start to fade.

Responsible Rooster's Kratom Schedule


You’ll notice in this schedule example that there is a back to back Indonesian day, which works, as both types come from separate islands/provinces within Indonesia.

From Rooster's chart above, you can get an idea of which types of Kratom work with what you plan on doing each day. The 'every other day' gym routine works best for a proper rotation of both type and speed.

If you have any questions, please ask them in our Kratom Forum.
They may go unanswered if you post them in the blog comments.
Thank you.