Advanced Bathmate Training

If you've used the the Bathmate on a consistent basis for more than 6 months and/or are a veteran to jelqing and manual stretching- you might have found that your gains are slowing down or seemingly stopped altogether.

You also might be interested in how some guys take their Bathmate pumping to the next level in order to break plateaus and encourage further growth.

As of today, I have gained slightly over 2" in length and nearly equal to 1.5" in girth.
(I'm about 7.3" x 6.1" post pumping session, see videos below)
(I'm 7.5" at 8% BF and 7.0" at 18% BF, body fat makes a significant difference)

As I mention in "Keeping Perspective on Male Enhancement", I feel that everyone can make at least ~2" of natural growth through manual exercises, basic pumping with the Bathmate Hydropump and the Sizegenetics extender.

Using this combination is the most efficient way on planet Earth to achieve that 2+ inches.

There is a chance that your gains plateau or significantly slow after you eclipse your first inch.

The experimental methods discussed below can possibly help surpass whatever 'ceiling' that you might have thought you had.

I am currently using both these methods.

This type of experimental pumping began at, the wine stoppers that I refer to have changed in shape and size somewhat. You can't fold them over the Bathmate valve anymore, but the TLC skin cone makes attaching it possible.


Nothing stated below, including the text, pictures or videos is medical advice or a method of use approved by manufacturers, vendors or affiliates of items herein. The content below is subject to our Medical DisclaimerConsult your physician before beginning or modifying any male enhancement routine. 

Jelqing Prior to Bathmate Pumping

I encourage newbies to wait AT LEAST 4 hours after jelqing to use the Bathmate.

Here is why-

Properly warming up and jelqing expands the tissue in your penis.

Following up a jelqing session with pumping is expands that partially-fatigued issue even further.

While this can certainly can benefit more experienced guys, newbie should not consider doing this until they have at least 6 months of Bathmate experience.

I suggest experienced guys start slowly.

A reasonable routine might look like this-

  Jelqing Bathmate
Week 1 (4 days) 5 minutes 6-8 minutes
Week 2 (4 days) 8-10 minutes 8-10 minutes
Week 3 (4-5 days) 10-12 minutes 10-12 minutes
Week 4 (4-5 days) 12-15 minutes 12+ minutes

Again, if you have never jelqed immediately before a Bathmate session, you'll be surprised of how intense it will be.

penis cartoon guy

When I first tried it, I didn't last longer than about 6 minutes. My dick was well-trained too.

The first week is the most intense.

Assuming adequate recovery time- your penile tissue will adapt (and grow in the process).

After 10-15 minutes of jelqing, you might find yourself unable to get a full erection for your Bathmate session.

That's fine, just do your best with it.

Even with a semi-boner, you'll still get more overall tissue expansion than if you used the Bathmate without jelqing.

However- if you find that you can't maintain an erection while Jelqing (or before PE), it is a sign of fatigue and you need to take 24-48 hours off.

Air Pump Modification for Additional Pressure

Again- this suggestion is NOT a suggested or approved method of use by Bathmate, Vacu Vin, Ron Low (TLC) or myself.


And Start SLOWLY.

For safety reasons, among others, I recommend the Bathmate or Penomet (water-based pumps) to guys that have never used a penis pump before. It is safer and more fun than air pumps.

Most importantly- it works great.

This modification basically turns the Bathmate Hydropump into a traditional air pump.

You will get the normal, safe vacuum pressure from the water and additional air pressure from the modification.

The additional pressure is VERY SIGNIFICANT and I suggest you proceed with caution.

Here is what you'll need if you were to make this modification-
(not affiliate links)

These items are explained in detail in my videos below.

Here is what you'd do if you were to apply and use the modification-
The videos below discuss and demonstrate the process in detail.

  1. Get a boner and put on the Bathmate as you would normally.
    * if you have the Bathmate x30 or x40- close the valve.
  2. Secure the TLC Skin Cone over the valve.
  3. Secure a wine stopper within the top of the TLC Skin Cone.
  4. Use the Vacu Vin Wine Stopper to create additional vacuum.
    * unlike if you were to use the Bathmate normally, you WILL NOT have to re-pump the Bathmate.

Advanced Bathmate Training Videos
(Nudity, Non-Sexual)

"Advanced Bathmate Use (Detailed Discussion, Demonstration) 1/2"

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"Advanced Bathmate Use (w/ Vacu Vin Wine Saver)
(Better Demonstration) 2/2"

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Here is a picture of how it looks-

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