Social Misconceptions About College -
The Social Hierarchy (Part II)

This is Part II in our series "Academic and Social Misconceptions About College".

In Part I, we covered the Academic Misconceptions and I told you all about my college career that spanned over 7 years and 8 different colleges.
(lots of pictures!) 

Make sure you read that discussion.

It's important to know where I'm coming from and where the name "Good Looking Loser" comes from to put things in perspective.

Now lets take a deep look into the Social Misconceptions, especially - a MAJOR MISCONCEPTION concerning the undergraduate social structure, how it contributes to nearly every guy's goal (eating a lot of fresh 18-20 year old pussy) and why these circumstances don't make it an ideal environment for the typical student or non-student "pick up artist".

I enjoyed writing this.

It's a bit more analytical than I usually care to get but you will COMPLETELY UNDERSTAND how college "works" after you read this.

It was both amazing and painful to reflect on my college experience and ~2 year effort thereafter of penetrating (literally/figuratively) circles of Southern California college girls. It's the first time I really thought about it.

This is an in-depth discussion like "Swag Factor: The Missing Piece to Hot Pussy", "Killer Instinct (Advanced Social Freedom)" and "Sense of Entitlement (Advanced Confidence)" that only real experience in college and with college girls can uncover. No off-campus "pick up artist" has any inside comprehensive understanding of this stuff.

I hope it is helpful to you - I wish I knew this in 2001.

It would have changed my life.

Education For Wolrd

Major Misconception:
Unlike High School, "Status" Doesn't Matter Much

If there was one thing that all incoming freshman should know - it's this.

Status (an element within "Swag Factor"), is as important - if not MORE IMPORTANT, to the amount of success you will (or won't) have with college girls.

Like high school and the real world - the Pareto Principle (or 80/20 effect) has long been in effect.

"20% of input (time, resources, effort) - accounts for for 80% of the output (results, rewards)."

Or for our purposes-

"20% of Males provide 80% of the cock to college Females"
(only 20% of the men have potential for uncommitted sex with popular/attractive girls)

The Bottom 80% of guys have no consistent access (or chance) at getting regular sex - particularly with the most popular and desirable girls.

The Top Half of the Bottom 80% might have some friends that are in the top 20%, get some random action, but aren't really considered a realistic sexual option by most popular or attractive girls. They usually require average or below-average girlfriends to be sexually active. 

The Bottom Half of Bottom 80% aren't even allowed access to the parties where they could possibly hide in a closet and listen to pretty girls having sex. Some of them secure low-status girlfriends but most of them just play video games and get food delivery on weekends. 

This is what the college social hierarchy looks like - 


Lets talk about ye pyramid...

Again -

The major point is - the guys in the Top 20% are the ONES that provide the orgasms to 80% of the girls. They are also the ONLY ONES to get regular sex from the top-tier girls as well.

The Bottom 80% settle for the remaining 20% of girls - often needing a girlfriend to have regular [if any] sex. 

OBVIOUSLY there are some exceptions to the rule. Some girls that don't have sex are strictly looking for safe boyfriend material and may [temporarily] date down. Some schools don't have fraternities but are equally or more cliquey.

By and large - this pyramid explains what is going on at every college.

College girls only fuck guys on their level (coolness/status, looks) or above them on the regular.
(especially for one-night stands that will be judged by their friends)

Just like in real life. 

It's no different than the "real world" and it's arguably even more exclusive.

For each incoming class, this Hierarchy begins to take shape within hours of moving in.

After 6 weeks - significant social mobility become harder.

After rush (fraternity) - significant social mobility becomes virtually impossible for most guys.
(we'll talk about what to do later...)

Are you starting to see why "pick up" on a college campus might not be ideal for the average guy that doesn't even go to the school?

Pyramid Mascot

College Social Class Profiles

** Star Athletes bound for MAJOR professional sports (RARE)

It's very rare for a school to have anymore than 1 or 2 guys. Not even the major Division I public schools.

These types are above the pyramid and are closer to Hollywood celebrities than college students.

Given a similar potential/situation, the White athlete will be more popular than minority.

At Florida, the major examples were Tim Tebow and Ryan Lochte. They were major national celebrities before they graduated. 

tim tebow

It's worth mentioning that Tim Tebow is a devout Christian and is still a virgin. I respect that.

** Star White College Athletes
(major sports) (.001%)

The pyramid at most schools begins with the Star White Athletes who play major sports - football and basketball. But sometimes baseball or hockey (at some Northeast schools) is considered a big deal.

While he's a star among the collegiate ranks, he's not necessarily going to star in professional sports.

Since he is a local celebrity, he has access to any girl in the school - more importantly, the hottest 5% since every girl knows that he's considered cool.

Girls earn major status points for fucking or blowing this guy.

An example at every Division I school is the starting quarterback for football team. In Division I-aa, II or III - the quarterback and athletes have less status since they aren't top-tier athletes.

Football Players Fight and Punch

** Most White College Athletes
(major sports) (.01%)

Next up is the White Athlete who plays major sports.

There might be a pecking order among teammates based on athletic ability - but girls don't understand sports that well and these guys are all the same.

Girls see: "Athlete" and "White".

The interesting thing about this category is that if you "look the part" (and are good looking), you can reap some of these benefits on a random basis.

Some of my friends, myself included, having gotten mistaken for Division I football players while on campus at schools. 

If a girl asks you, you can mention that you "play football" (which doesn't necessarily mean you are on the team) and immediately change the subject to grabbing a drink with her (she's interested). MOVE FAST.

I'm not saying for you to go around pretending you are an athlete but don't deny it either.

In Los Angeles, I'm often asked if I play football for USC or if I do MMA.

I just say, "I used to play football."

Kids in American football practice

#1 Fraternity Stars (.05%)
& Hot White Athletes (minor sports) 

Frat Star is where the pinnacle of the pyramid reaches and ends for 99.9% of undergrads.

This is exactly what I suggest that all of you Losers aspire to be -
"Fraternity Star"

Lets get something straight first -

"Frat Star" is not the fat drunk slob that will "do anything" and eat anything (Frat Legend) - as portrayed in movies and television.
(That guy is generally in the "Frat Reject" category, but sometimes he's just a "Frat Boy" if he's not overweight)

This is a This is a "Frat Legend" but not a "Frat Star" to the girls.

The real Frat Stars are simply Above-Average Looking, Social Guys that are in popular fraternities.

- Some are Good Looking with Above-Average Social Skills.

- Some are Above-Average Looking with Good-Average Social Skills.

These guys are usually upperclassmen that are the most respected in their fraternity. The other brothers kiss up to him. They are usually White.

They always have good relations with the other "Frat Stars" or leaders in the other cool fraternities and have a direct line of communication/friendship with the top sorority girls. Especially the "alpha" sorority sisters that plan events and leak the gossip.

** It's important to understand that "Frat Star" is not an 'official' position.

All fraternities have official elected leadership positions, like this- 

Frat-Positions Internal Leadership Hierarchy, Not Social Structure

This IS NOT the social hierarchy, just the internal structure of operations and responsibilities. It means virtually nothing in a social context.

Sometimes, the "President" of the fraternity is not one of the cooler guys. He might be a "try hard" that is willing to accept a lot of responsibility in order to impress his brothers. The "Secretary" is usually not super cool.

But not always.

"Frat Stars" usually don't waste their time on official leadership positions and see it as a complete waste of time.

To become a "Frat Star", you need to be (and look) MASCULINE and exert LEADERSHIP over your pledge brothers. Working out helps, being able to beat the shit out of your brothers is certainly a start. You need to be able to talk to new girls right in front of your brothers. Have good social sense to give or buy the older brothers drinks - as a masculine, not submissive gesture. As a pledge, freshman and sophomore, you need to attend nearly all the parties and drink (but not necessarily to the point where you are sick). You need to be the top 2 or 3 guys in your pledge class. You need to have hot girls as your dates to official fraternity functions. And By Junior and Senior year - you'll have Frat Star status. Only good looking sexually-active guys become "Frat Stars" as underclassmen. 

Like I said - Frat Stars have direct lines of communication with the most social girls in the sororities.

They hear which girls are single and interested in them. BEFORE the parties start.
(somewhat like the "Los Angeles Party Scene")

Frat Stars are told by their friends (or "social circle") which girls like them. The girls make themselves drunk and available. The guys sleep with them later that night. This is how "normal" people hook up. It moves pretty slow compared to 'quick hit' we talk about here.
(call it a "warm approach" or whatever you want - they often have already met and talked several times with the girls they sleep with)

Very little "pick up" or "approaching" occurs.

In fact, there's quite a few "Frat Stars" that don't even have the ballsack to cold approach random girls in a non-Greek/drinking environment.

They are still social guys and can "mingle" enough to land random girls.

"Hot White Athletes" in minor sports such as soccer, lacrosse, hockey (at most schools), swimming, tennis, etc. have equal status to Frat Stars.

They usually don't hookup as much as Frat Stars since they aren't part of the full-time party scene. Some lack social skills but they are considered high-status. 

Superhero with glass beer

#2 Frat Brothers & Good Looking Independents
& White Athletes (minor sports)

In the #2 position among the general population are Guys in Fraternities (Frat Boys) and Good Looking Guys (Independents) that are not.
(as well as Average-Looking White Athletes in minor college sports)

For the most part, this group is the last of Top 20% hierarchy that has legitimate access and potential for regular action with the hottest pussy on campus.

The frat brothers that tag top 1-5% collegiate pussy usually graduate to Frat Star.

Good Looking Independents with social skills have a good shot at all the girls too. They would almost always be considered a Frat Star (or high-ranking brother) if they joined a fraternity.

Most Frat Brothers & Good Looking Independents can get above-average to hot sorority girls (quality).

But unlike the "Frat Star," this group doesn't usually tag quite as much (quantity).

It REALLY DEPENDS on the Greek scene at your school to know who has the advantage, "Frat Boys" or "Good Looking Independents".

It will still vary on a person-to-person basis.

For the majority of my college career - I was a "Good Looking Independent". Sometimes a popular Independent.
(I was in a Fraternity for 3-4 months in 2004)

I did pretty well at the schools I timidly applied myself at (Emory, Furman, end at Florida, San Diego Law) but kept seeing 2 major disadvantages -



In the end, however, both groups are considered pretty equal on the food chain and can get more/better pussy than the "Frat Star" on any given semester.

Though less than a handful of memories (aka 1.5) - some of my best nights in college included going to a frat party (where I wasn't exactly invited) and pulling a girl into one of the rooms and cumming on the Frat Boys' bed because the girl wasn't up to swallowing.

I took pride in being an Independent and showing Frat Boy Followers that I was the man.

I had way too much pride and it absolutely cost me dearly. That is a part of college I will never get over.

Welcoming Businessman

#3 Independent Party Boys
& Minority Athletes (major sports)

Rounding off the Top 20% are Independent Party Boys and Minority Non-Star Athletes in major sports.

If you are absolutely against joining a fraternity and don't have the looks/work ethic to become a Good Looking Independent - the "Independent Party Boy" is just about the LAST option if you want to have any sort of college sex life that isn't a complete joke.

Party Boys are cool guys who are not in fraternities but throw their own separate off-campus parties. Often, these guys have the BEST SOCIAL SKILLS of any group.

They are the perfect example of how "social skills" and numbers game gets guys laid.

It's a bit of mixed bag on how hot the girls are however.

If the guy doesn't have a lot of cool friends or his house is too far away - the crowd isn't going to be great and it will be mostly guys in attendance. 

If the guy has a lot of cool friends, a decent party house - the parties can attract the same, if not better, girls than the top fraternities.

While this seems like an ideal situation -

I'll warn you that being a legit "Party Boy" takes a lot of time, responsibility and money (without Frat funding). I have friends that don't mind this at all and throw awesome parties.

I could never do it though. 

Crowd control and cleaning up the place is a son-of-a-bitch. No thanks. 

I'd even rather go on dates with girls than throw parties.

Drinking Beer Bhicken Character

That's the Top 20%.

The College "In Crowd".

The Bottom 80% of guys fight for average to below-average scraps.

I'm not even going to break down the specific categories within the Bottom 80% - it's all the same to women.

The ones that want to Get Laid - often will find girlfriends or sleep with girls [-2 points] below them. 

The ones that don't want girlfriends or can't get one - will play video games or go home on the weekends. 

Both are a form of denial. 

Both may last the reminder of your life.

I highly encourage you to join a Fraternity and get "Frat Boy" status before it's completely too late.
(or seek "Wildcard" status... keep reading)

10 years ago, I would have told you that Fraternities were for insecure followers.

While that might be true (it's not), those insecure followers will be getting more action than you if you aren't Good Looking [Independent] or an aggressive Party Boy.

Welcome to the rest of your life in the Bottom 80%.

High School is a microcosm of College, and College is a microcosm of Society.

Smart Bay Cartoon

Wildcard and Johnny Bizarre Situations

While I can completely generalize the college hierarchy, as I did above, and be 98% accurate - there are a few situations where a particular student simply DOES NOT FIT into any of the categories.

Most Wildcards aren't above or outside of the pyramid like the Illuminati/Sports Celebrities are - but their placement is not well understood and can't be stereotyped.

Late in my never-ending college career, I met some of these "Wildcard" Guys and even unintentionally found myself with various degrees of "Wildcard" status.

The Wildcard designation can be quite volatile - it can come and go. But it is often a ticket to social mobility and a more permanent stay in the top 1-20%. 

If you play your "cards" right... so to speak.

Lets give you some examples - in no particular order.
(take a guess which ones I was)

Just so you know - 99% of undergraduates ARE NOT Wildcards. These are really unique situations.

Clown on the ball with balloons

Wildcard #1 - Johnny McBottles
(Established mid-level college club promoter)

After female students turn 21, generally as an upperclassmen, their interest begins to shift from house/frat parties/regular bars (where younger students get in) to their college club scene - which can be quite significant in bigger cities.

They get really sexy-ed up and go out to play their social competition/Facebook/Instagram games. 

A mid-level promoter, lets call him Johnny McBottles, who has worked a couple of years in the club scene becomes their free ticket to wild nights, free alcohol and ORGANIZED AFTER-PARTIES

As an established club promoter, Johnny, has free tables he can give away and is in contact with hundreds of female via social media, text and throughout the night.

While he is usually pretty busy throughout the night, he can decide where entire groups of girls go AFTER the club.
(as you learned in "Los Angeles Party Game," that is critical; college club scene is quite similar in this respect)

He is the equivalent to the "Frat Star" but holds it down in the club scene.

I knew a few college club promoters in Gainesville, FL. A few in San Diego too.

Most of them were overachieving with women - whereas, they might be in the Bottom 80% if they weren't a Wildcard.

A good looking and social college club promoter can do extraordinarily well - pussy and money.

your voice

Wildcard #2 - Johnny McSidekick VIP
(Main friend of a Star White Athlete/Campus Celebrity)

The 2nd Wildcard "Johnny McSidekick" is a "VIP" by association. 

He is a best or good friend to the celebrity athlete and rolls with him in the nightlife.

There's actually not that many of these "VIP" kids because Star Athletes tend to roll with other athletes.

There was actually a full-Asian kid that used to roll with Tim Tebow at Florida and got to meet 1,000's and 1,000's of girls.

Again, the VIP spot is only reserved for a very, very, very small percentage of kids.

If a Minority Star Athlete rolls in with his "crew", HE IS a Campus Star, but any minorities in his entourage rarely get VIP/Johnny McSideKick status - especially if they aren't dressed like they are successful people (aka "thuggin").
(REAL talk on GLL, if you want politically correct ineffective dating advice - look elsewhere)


Wildcard #3 - Good Looking Drug Dealer (Usually White)

This is as wild as it gets.

There's a handful of campus dealers that are tight with certain fraternities, sororities, Good Looking Independents and Party Boys.

They get access to their parties and even get setup with different girls. The good looking ones retain a lot of girls.

Some Hot girls will fuck dealers for a while and sell to their friends.

A lot of girls are attracted to the edginess of the situation and free drugs.

Even 'steroid dealers' who work exclusively with other guys - can reap some of these benefits when they are introduced to girls.

I don't suggest you become a drug dealer however.

The Mafiosi

Wildcard #4 - Transient McDuck

This is as random as it gets.

Over 7 different schools, I only saw a few examples of this type of Wildcard, but it is significant nonetheless because most girls would fuck them.

A "Transient Duck" is a student that is "just passing through" the school but has super-high status (or another life) outside of the school.

Many of them aren't studying for a degree and are just enjoying themselves until they move along.

Dan Bilzerian (a GLL Community favorite), who went to Florida with me, was a good example of this.

Dan was already a multi-millionaire and didn't really have plans to use his degree. He had a lot of friends and was just at Florida until he found other stuff to do or could convince his Mom that he didn't "need" school. 

Clint Dempsy is another example. We were friends at Furman University and he was just waiting until he was selected for the USA Olympic Team and for the English Premier League. 

These are the 2 best examples.

Even though Clint was an athlete - he was a more of a "Transient Duck" since his stay at Furman was deliberately temporary. He was already considered the best young soccer player in America.

There's some other girls that I loosely knew that got on talent shows (American Idol, Ms. Teen USA, etc.) and came to hold the same type of status until they left for better things.


Wildcard #5 - Johnny McBartender

The 5th Wildcard is that of - a somewhat unknown, good looking guy that starts working a local college bar and begins to get noticed. 

He is usually a Good Looking Independent or a socially intelligent transfer student that is trying to break in to the scene.

Since Johnny McBartender is attractive and new (aka 'Fresh Meat'), girls start to visit him at work, invite him to parties and he becomes friends with a lot of the girls.

The ceiling for Johnny McBartender is quite high since he is good looking and now part of the college scene.

Transfer students, Bottom 80% Guys - get yourself in AMAZING SHAPE and follow Johnny McBartender's example.

Otherwise - join a Fraternity during the next semester.

Otherwise - get used to your place in the Bottom 80%.


Wildcard #6 - Local Powerplayers
(Graduate or No Affiliation)

The 6th and final Wildcard is the "Powerplayer".

He falls outside of the pyramid since he's not even part of the undergraduate community.

He is either a graduate student or just some good looking, reasonably high-status guy that happens to put himself on campus.

In either instance, this guy is among the Top 10% of ALL GUYS in looks and status. Better looking, higher status than 9 of 10 guys. 

The Powerplayer is the ONLY guy that can walk on a school's campus, know absolutely no one and pick up/sleep with popular, attractive girls on any sort of consistent basis.
(he is very much still subject to the 'Odds in Numbers Game' - but can he make cold approach work fairly well as compared to the 'Misplaced Pickup Artist' that comes on campus)

He is the type of "older guy" that college girls can brag (and show) to their friends for the status bump - if they HAVE TO.

He usually has a really nice apartment in the nearby area so there's no pressure on the girls to explain the extent of their relationship if people see them.

He handles everything and he is usually pretty awesome with women to begin with.

It legitimately makes me sick when pick up authorities take their students to college campuses or suggest it is an easy place for the average guy to go to pick up girls and actually sleep with these girls.


The social hierarchy is ALREADY established and "fun pick up artist, who doesn't go to the school but is 'sarging' on campus," IS NOT among the in-crowd.

Though the Powerplayer can pick off random college hotties, it can be quite difficult for him (or the Graduate Student) to break into popular sorority cliques. It's hard enough to do it as a undergraduate student.

While the girl and her sorority friends might think you are hot and cool - their jealous male fraternity friends usually do not tolerate outsiders penetrating their circles and will start calling the girl a slut.

There's a way to handle this and I will tell you how I've squashed this bullshit another time...

Until then - unless you are a Top 10% guy, I wouldn't hit up college campuses for chicks if you don't go to the school. The odds are quite low if you want reasonable attractive and popular girls. Go to the book store or the mall. 

That doesn't mean you can't meet some upperclassmen chicks at the college bars - you can, that's easier, even though the college hierarchy is still in effect.

Girl student

Pour Conclure

That's the end of the College Social Hierarchy discussion.

Status, in college, is as important as it is in high school.

College social status is BY FAR - THE MOST IMPORTANT THING and worth a total explanation before we even speak of the "how to's" and the other Social Misconceptions that we'll discuss next.

Continued in -