Will "Screening" Work For Me? (What "Game" Really Works?)

I dunno if this will work...

Every 7-10 days, I'll see a comment on either a YouTube video or on the blog that says something to this effect-




or maybe like


Or my absolute favorite...


(what the hell is he talking about...)

... and that's the point.
(no, I wouldn't be bagging quality chicks if didn't make myself look good.) 

Giving them benefit of the doubt, I'm going to guess the majority of these guys aren't super familiar with our community.

We do preach, ad-nauseum*- Looks, Style, Social Freedom.
* I can use big words too.

And there's a reason why I list LOOKS first.
(because other than logistics, it's the most important thing for bagging quality girls on the SAME night (nearly equal with Killer Instinct)

But still-

Only around the PUA community is it unacceptable to devote time and energy to maximizing your sex appeal (looks, style).

Only around the PUA community is being "jacked" or "ripped" frowned upon.

Only around the PUA community does anything other than "game" not count.

It is no surprise that this niche of guys have the hardest time getting chicks to sleep with them?

Before this becomes another "Wow! Looks Do Matter!?!" pointless discussion, lets stay on track and expand this to something slightly useful.


Screening, PUA, Normal Guy, Drunken Stupor
(it all works/doesn't work)

When people point out that "screening" won't work well for average guys, I agree.

What most of those people haven't considered is that NOTHING WORKS well when you are average.

This entire creepy blog is dedicated to NOT BEING AVERAGE, from your head to dick to ya feet.

By and large, in terms of getting laid, you'll mainly get girls that are on the same level as your looks/coolness.

If you are above-average at both, you are in the territory to land hot girls, at least sometimes.

If you are below-average at both, you'll end up in conversations with legit hotties that go nowhere, at best.

When you speak to girls that are AVAILABLE and potentially DTF, their receptability to your PHYSICAL advances is mainly based on your sex appeal (looks, style).

It doesn't matter if you "screen" them "PUA" them "normal guy" them or somewhat slur your speech.

The approach doesn't matter.

You guys have probably heard this statement-

"In 30 seconds, girls decide whether they are willing to fuck you."

For girls that are single, looking and willing (aka sexually available)- this is largely true.

So Why Do You Advocate "Screening" If It All Works?

Good question.

Screening is the most productive and efficient way to play the numbers game.

By touching girls within the first 0-60 seconds, you'll find out where they stand.

Developing the mentality of- "lets see if this chick is DTF," is more emotionally healthy than "I hope can make this girl like me".

All the other "methods" usually involve trying to verbally convince a girl to like fuck you. Something that is "verbal game" can't do anyway.

More on this here-

Define "Works"

Whenever I hear someone asking if something "works," I roll my eyes.

What does "works" mean?

One time?

Multiple times?

Every time?

Nearly every popular approach to EVERYTHING, works- some of the time.

Picking up women is no different, it's a numbers game.


It's Impossible to "Create Attraction"?

No it's not.

If you look good, you'll create all the attraction you need.

As far as "game" goes-

Any sort of "game" or "technique" is simply a manifestation of your social freedom.

By itself, social freedom isn't enough to get women attracted to you.

It can make girls laugh but it has a very limited effect on your overall sex appeal and sexual interest girls ultimately have.

I'm not going to go as far as saying "game doesn't exist" (I don't care and neither do you if are actually serious about fucking girls), but the amount of attraction you can "create" with lines/techniques/body language is limited and far less important than your sex appeal and social skills.

The entire PUA community is based on "creating attraction," with game being the 'great equalizer', at the end of the day- it doesn't significantly compensate for a lack of sex appeal or coolness.

"Attraction Is Not a Choice"

David DeAngelo was right.

Only he was talking about "game" and not sex appeal.

The ONLY reason I can sometimes call up chicks I haven't seen/heard from in 2-3 years and get them to come over is- they are still attracted to me. That's why I encourage guys not to delete phone numbers, assuming the girl thought you 'looked good', she ALWAYS will unless you let yourself go.


Why Above Average? Don't I Need to be Fabulous?

Perhaps it's confusing when I encourage guys to MAX OUT their looks, style, social freedom- but then tell them "above average" will work just fine.
(nearly all guys can get to above-average with all 3, then it's a matter of social skills/killer instinct/coolness to be truly elite)

Lets discuss why that is-

If you have above average- looks, style and social freedom- you'll be in rare company.

Very few guys have all 3. Most have none of the above.

If you look better and can talk to more girls than 9 out of 10 guys, congratulations- you are top 10% for the criteria that matters most for getting laid.

One of the only problems that the cluster of "improve yourself, improve with women" communities unintentionally promote is- it's a little bit exaggerated "how good" you ACTUALLY have to be at every individual facet.

It's usually a good idea to try to develop yourself across the board but don't think for a second that you have be on some super level with everything. You don't.
(fun fact: one of the original domains for this site was- www.aboveaverageloookingloser.com)

I expand on this concept in this "lets all be above-average and hit on girls" video.
"What Is Elite? Don't Confuse the Top 10% for the Top .0001%"

Table of Contents

0:00 The never explained "Top 10%" GLL concept
1:40 Wow I have my work cut out for me! (no, maybe not)
2:00 Who is the "Top 50%" re: Social Freedom (a guy who can't hit on any girls during the day, ever.)
3:30 Comparisons to friends; for frame of reference
6:00 Who is the "Top 50%" re: Looks/Style (little overweight, below average posture, not in shape)
12:10 Don't confuse the top 1-10% for the Top .00001%
13:20 Be better than 9 out of 10 guys - unlimited pussy, if you apply yourself
14:25 Who you are really competing against at bars
14:45 Example: Me

We'll continue to discuss specifics to improve your looks, style and social freedom in the very near future.

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