Screen with Silent Game (Kino, Aggressive Physical Advances & Dialogue)

Non-Verbal Physical Advances

If you've checked out "Screening Game: How to Screen and Filter Out Chicks Without Being Rejected," "Mr. Funny Man vs. Mr. Pussy Inspector," or the basic model "Kino: When You Meet a Chick, Touch Her ASAP to Screen and Establish a Physical Dialogue," you understand the importance of 'screening' a girl rather than letting her screen you as you stand there running "I Hope She Likes Me Game."

Being aggressive and screening involves two things: Sexually-Charged Conversation + Physical Advances.

Arguably, the later, physical advances, are the most important part in the screening process. If a chick is amused by your sexually-charged dialogue she may hang around. But only if she is down-to-fuck (or in the near future) will she allow you to physically escalate on her. The good news is, the physical advances (dialogue) is super easy to learn and super easy to apply, if you allow yourself (just fucking touch the girl).

If you have social, approach or sexual anxiety that is preventing you from doing this- we can work on that.

The general rule to physical escalation is-

It's only a red light when she "gets lost" and leaves.

This works fine 99% of the time and if the chick stays, she's cool and probably DTF. If she gets lost, she wasn't sexually available that night. You basically repeat it until you find a chick that stays, then you move her (and/or kiss her) to a more private area where you escalate further. Got it? Simple.


This type of "approach" is a win-win-win-win-win.

Elite players screen. Average guys entertain, make jokes and try to pass the girl's tests.

The physical advances are particularly important for fast, loud and socially competitive environments like night clubs. If you can do it comfortably in night clubs than nearly every other scene will be pretty easy.

You Can Rely on Physical Non-Verbal Game (What Should I say?)

A super common issue among guys (even guys that are pretty good with chicks) is 'running out of stuff to say' or at least feeling that way. Most often these guys are still under the "I hope she likes me" mindset and are searching for stuff to say when they could very quickly throw some physical advances to see if the girl is sexually available. If this applies to you- drop the verbal game and step up your physical advances. Next time you are thinking of what to say, where to take the interaction or confused if the girl is sexually available grab her hand spin around a few times and slap her ass. She'll stay or she'll leave.

If she stays, say, "it's too hot/cold/loud/boring/crowded here, follow me," and take her to a more isolated spot in the venue and step up your physical game even more.

That is basically my default move anytime my brain is particularly slow or I want to see what her deal is.

Total Silent Non-Verbal Game

You can actually nearly completely rely on silent non-verbal game. This is largely how Scotty bangs girls in-venue or takes them to his car in under 10 minutes. A lot of girls that are horny and sexually available will "just go with it" if you show them that you are a leader and fearless.

Here's a few cases that I can remember off the top of my head where I barely said one-word or didn't speak.

H.Wood (Hollywood Club) I smiled at a girl, she smiled back, I grabbed her from her group of (4?) girls and said "I want to talk to you," and led her to a couch on the other side of the room. Once we sat down, I said, "Changed my mind." an made out with her.

H.Wood (Hollywood Club) I smiled at a girl, she smiled back, I motioned for her to come over, she came over, I put my hat on her head and made out with her.

Les Deux (Hollywood Club) On the dance floor- I butt-bumped girl, she smiled, I pulled her in close and made out with her.

Guys and Dolls (Hollywood Club) I went up to 2 girls and said, "You girls are sexy." and grabbed their hands and walked them over to my buddy. My buddy got went home with one of the chicks later that night.

Crown Bar (Hollywood Club) I smiled at a chick in a group, she smiled back, I walked up to her group of 6 girls, looked them all in the face, nodded my head and grabbed the one I smiled at and said, "You- follow me." and took her to the couch about 20 feet away. Her friends did nothing but watch, I eventually made out with her in 10 minutes and her friends wanted to meet me.

Saddleranch (Hollywood Bar) Two sexy Latina chicks were standing alone and I walked up and said, "Why are you standing here all alone?" and grabbed their arms and walked them over to my group of friends.

...there's a lot more cases, but those are the ones I can think of off the top of my head.

You don't have to be that aggressive right away (you probably won't be if this is new to you). The important thing is to see that it IT WORKS. You can literally grab a girls hand/arm and just START WALKING. Try it tonight. Walk up to a girl/girls and say something and when they reply, say "it's loud/too warm/too cold/awkward here, come over here," and drag them to the new location. Works.

If that is a bit much to start, do this- walk up to some girls, say "Hey there," make small talk for 30 seconds and then say, "it's loud/too warm/too cold/awkward here, come over here," and take them to the new location.

I'm not really into discussing "social proof" because it gives guys too much unnecessary bullshit to be concerned with but- if you can make this a habit (leading a couple of girls/groups around the venue) everyone else will take notice. Walk in front of them and don't look back- almost like a bouncer that is about to throw them out of the club (not in a violent way, of course).

In the later stages, the physical non-verbal game is important, if not more important than the initial stages. If you are physical from the start, they'll be no awkwardness when you touch the girl, move the girl, kiss the girl, grab some boobies/tushy, touch some pussy, pull her out of the venue and go somewhere to seal the deal.

Chris' Learns Non-Verbal Physical Advances

Like I admit more times than I can remember- I was a huge pussy. Maybe I'm being hard on myself or maybe I didn't know what was possible, but building and applying an aggressive physical 'game' was one of the last things I had to do before I started getting REALLY GOOD results. If you've listened to the audios, you'll notice I have a DEEP voice. You might assume I have a loud voice, but the truth is- my voice really gets drowned out by music (especially if its bass heavy music, like hip-hop). I absolutely had to develop a strong, quick physical dialogue if I was going to effectively screen and hit on girls. I made it a priority and now I rely on physical advances in loud environments. In a lot of loud situations, I say a couple of things to girls and move them ASAP to a better, quieter location. It didn't take too long to build a strong physical game, I basically saw that I was moving much faster with chicks and started to push it.

Remember- it's okay to lose/screen out chicks by being too aggressive.

It's not okay to lose or getting screened out by chicks for being a pussy.

It doesn't matter how good your verbal game is- you aren't getting anywhere significant with chicks if you aren't touching them. Nor are you effectively screening. Touching girls ASAP screens them and communicates that you are an alpha guy that isn't afraid to touch a woman and not a super nice guy who is playing 'not to lose'. Another win-win.

Said Nothing, Almost Gave a Chick A Load to Swallow

Here is GREAT example of total non-verbal game at work. I had a bad cold (that got much worse a few days after) in January of 2010, but my friend Erik was visiting me in Florida and I still agreed to go out. We went to an outdoor beach bar in Fort Myers. I barely had a voice and would cough every time I spoke, after a few drinks it got even worse to the point where I couldn't talk. After getting a little bit frustrated at (yet again) not overcoming the music at this place we were at I still thought I could non-verbally screen a chick and put together a couple of moves and still make it a productive night. I focused on small groups or girls that seemed to be alone.

I approached (screened) a girl that was by herself on this patio in the back of the bar. I walked up to her just shaking my head and smiling. She mimicked what I was doing- she started shake her head too. I started dancing in place, she started dancing in place. She asked "what's your name?" I tried to say something and she said, "what?" I just grabbed her (put her drink on a table) and pulled her about ~20 feet away into a darker area where the patio met the sand. I kissed her neck and she did nothing to stop me, I blew in her ear and she shivered. I then kissed her for a little while (probably gave her the flu), then spun around so my back was leaning against the wall. I put her hand on my crotch and she started playing with it. Once my cock are fairly hard, I dropped my pants and my cock shot out into the air. I just pushed her down (this is nothing I had done with a stranger to this point before- I usually heat the chick up more) and sure enough- she wrapped her lips around it and started sucking. I had taken some Levitra earlier so I got pretty hard and long quickly. This went on for about 25-3o seconds when a group of people came outside. One of the guys yelled, "Damn, this guy is getting a blowjob!" and some of them watched (one of the girl in their group ran off). Eventually, a couple of the guys got too loud (i think one had a camera phone) and the girl that was blowing me stopped and got up and ran inside. I didn't see her again. The guys apologized and attempted to flatter me. I wanted to dump my load down her throat but I still thought it was a damn cool experience. I like getting blowjobs while others watch anyway. Erik came outside and the whole group (including one of the chicks) was telling him the story. Erik missed the show!! I was tripping the rest of the night, crazy horny and couldn't fuckin' speak. Pretty crazy shit though.

Point is- I don't know the percentage, but your non-verbal is a huge part of your screening process and your overall game. Verbal dialogue isn't that significant. If you've screened and the girl still around (take out your dick, just kidding) it's time step up your physical dialogue.

Like I say, 'Foreplay begins at hello' (sometimes before). Screen that pussy!!