Screening vs. Escalation

This is an issue that I've needed to give some perspective on for a awhile. I think it will help certain guys make sense of some things. I'll try to cover it as concisely as possible, all you need is a basic explanation to understand it and tweak your approach, if need-be.

Everyone has a pretty good idea of "Screening Game: What is Screening?" where you 'screen' girls with physical advances to see if they are sexually available.

Some guys get it quickly, but some guys- in an effort to embrace and develop social courage, may misunderstand the dynamic of the situation.

Obviously, Scotty and I push aggressive (sometimes extreme) behavior at all levels. About 10 of the main discussions on GLL remind you 'it's better to be too aggressive than too passive'. We talk about quick, unapologetic physical screening from the start. The coming perspective doesn't change that, it should give it context however.

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What I'm seeing from some guys is- full on, somewhat unnecessary escalation relative to their logistics.

Let me explain.

When you are hitting on girls you should have a game plan.

Without getting into every scenario or specifics, there's 2 main game plans to have-

A lot of guys here are doing daytime approaches, they don't necessarily have a planned spot to take women (which is fine). Over half the time when I was talking to girls as a regular part of my day, I didn't have a spot around the corner to take them.

In that case, the game plan should be to screen, make small talk and take their number and leave. A little [physical escalation/sexual innuendo] goes a long way during the day. Touch the chick a few times and maybe throw some flirting in there.

What you don't have to do is keep touching her over-and-over, if you DON'T have a place to take her.

That's escalation, you don't really need to do that.

In fact, if you don't have a planned spot to take her or a game plan to fuck her, it's kinda weird to keep touching the girl over-and-over-and-over. It's certainly not a "bad" thing, I've done that more times than I can remember, it helped me develop social courage and kill my nice guy issues. It just usually make more sense to have a specific game plan, rather than just "take it as far as possible" (if you DON'T have a place to take her).

Without getting too mPUALoser on you, I want to separate screening from escalation. They are related, but not quite the same thing. Escalation is something you should be doing if you game plan involves banging the girl within the hour. If you need specifics on escalation- Get Laid: Physical Escalation.

Screening is just a few physical advances to determine if she's sexually available.

Escalation is several physical advances that will determine if she's sexually available and DTF within the hour. (it will also turn her on)

Here's some examples to separate the two
Touch her hand= screening, escalation
Touch her elbow= screening, escalation
Touch her wrist= screening, escalation
Touch her arm= screening, escalation
Hold her hand= screening, escalation
Brush her hair= screening, escalation
Slap her ass= escalation (day) - screening, escalation (night)
Put your hand on her waistline = escalation (day) - screening, escalation (night)
Play with her hair= escalation
Kiss her = escalation
Grab her ass= escalation
Grab her breasts = escalation
Rip off her pants = escalation
Rip off your pants = escalation
Put your dick in her mouth = beyond escalation

The basic point is-
In general, when you are out during the day, unless you have a place to take her that's 10 minutes or less away from you- your game plan should be screening, taking her number.
At night, you can usually sneak off somewhere, even if you don't have a place 10 minutes or less from you- your game plan should be screening, escalation.

My examples

I want to say that I'm super proud of a lot of guys here. They are challenging themselves and BRINGING IT! Touching girls when they want, how they want. DON'T LOSE THAT!!!! I wanted to offer context to "how much you need to do" when you go out, especially during the day.

If you don't have a place to take a girl, take their number. There's no point in touching a girl that likes you over-and-over-and-over if you can't get laid within the hour.

If you have nearby logistics, ESCALATE, early and often.

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