Screening "Game"

You guys know that I encourage developing your "screening game," I got an email recently that suggested that I haven't really defined this whole "screening" thing.

Screening is a mindset not a technique

One very important thing to understand is that "screening" is a mindset or a mentality, not a technique. It is not like "qualification," where you use a certain technique or line to convince the girl that you have standards or you are an alpha male. Although I suggest certain lines/techniques (such as: Hey, I know this is a little random, but I thought you were attractive and I wanted to come what you were like...) It doesn't really matter what words you use.

What is Screening?

Screening is a mindset where you are simply profiling the girl to see what her deal is (is she sexually available that specific moment in time?).

That is all.

I call this- Mr. Pussy Inspector.

There is no direct attempt to make the girl like you, make the girl laugh, get some sort of validation for your ego or find out/prove ANYTHING else.

*This naturally happens in the process when the girl realizes that she has met a LEGIT alpha male that most likely will give her an excellent experience. Remember- girls get excited about meeting an LEGIT alpha male, they are less excited to meet Mr. Funny Man.

There is also no attempt to avoid "rejection," rather the idea is PURPOSELY to "screen out" the sexually unavailable girls and hit on the next one ASAP.

If you aren't getting "rejected" enough initially, you aren't really screening girls. On most nights, I need a certain amount of girls to Get Lost until I find a candidate(s) that are sexually available and worth my time.

For this reason, "screening game," is not considered "safe game," where the goal is to not get rejected and [smoothly] 'wiggle' your uphill and in using jokes, fake stories, techniques and other bullshit.

Screening is an aggressive mindset is meant to scare unavailable girls off.

That is the ENTIRE POINT.

There is no "reframing rejection," this is the reality.

It is STRICTLY several short interactions to find out if the girl wants what's on your mind- SEX.

In different words (through physical advances, usually IMMEDIATE) you are asking EACH and EVERY candidate "are you down to fuck?"
That is the question you demand to have answered. An answer YOU WILL GET.

do you understand?

Numbers Game

This is a numbers game. I can't emphasize that enough. If another "dating coach" tells you otherwise then he DOES NOT Get Laid a lot. I will bet everything I own on that.

On any given day or night, there are a certain percentage of girls that are sexually available (and horny) and there are a certain percentage of girl that are not.
That is why Getting Laid is a numbers game. It is a numbers game. related- "If I approached 100 chicks, would I Get Laid?"

We embrace this numbers game and play it to our advantage by screening as many girls necessary until you find a sexually available one (with good logistics).

Productive and Efficient

Simply because it takes advantage of the numbers game, screening is the most productive and efficient mindset that you can possibly have if you want to Get Laid.
It is especially productive and efficient because you will NEVER be talking to/working on the wrong (sexually unavailable) girls.

It is especially productive because it allows you to talk to (screen) a very large amount of girls, with unlimited tries, taking advantage of the numbers game with absolute focus on Getting Laid.

It is especially productive because it requires nothing more than a few physical advances and some sexual dialogue (less important).

It is especially efficient because you will know where the girl stands. She will be IN or OUT within minutes, sometimes- seconds (Scotty).

It is especially efficient there is not a lot of "work," when/after a girl is letting you touch her, it is a complete green light to take things forward. There is no guessing game, no need to think about what to do/say next. When a girl is letting you touch her, there is no need to entertain her and work on her in terms of "making her like you". There is no reliance on verbal dialogue. The work is nearly done. That's how and why we have gotten laid within minutes.

If girl lets you put your hand on her ass in 90 seconds and keep it these, you don't need to worry about "what to say" next, take her to a private place ASAP- she wants to go.

do you understand?

I repeat- The focus is finding the girls that are sexually available and ABSOLUTELY NOT wasting ANY time on the girls that are not.

How is Screening Done?

Again, it will preface this question with- Screening is not a technique it a mindset (from which actions follow).

In short- You screen by touching the girl.

Anyway, this is how it's done-

^ This is the dialogue that I do 90% when I screen (pick up) girls

Walk up.

Say something.

SCREEN BY Initiating physical contact. (handshake, touch her elbow, arm)

Talk some more.

SCREEN BY Initiating further aggressive physical contact. (squeeze her arm, slap her ass, hold her hand)

Usually by then- you have the information you were seeking- Is she sexually available?

That is all.

no where in their did I even suggest that sexual verbal dialogue was even necessary.

You could basically say, "I'm Chris," stick out your hand, shake her hand and hold it while you continue to speak to her.

That's what this is. She's IN or OUT.

do you understand?

I got a blowjob without speaking one night at Ft. Myers Beach literally without speaking once
I also fingered a girl in 10 minutes while we talked about the weather in Boston. If they dig you, they will listen and respond to whatever the hell you want to talk about.

The focus is simply focus on playing and taking advantage of the numbers game [to Get Laid].
In other words, you are checking if the girl is down-to-fuck.

I'd rather have you go around for 4 hours and ask girls if they are DTF, rather than have you make jokes and dance like a clown for 4 hours.
You chances of Get Laid that day will probably be better since you will talk to more chicks and won't be talking to any non-candidates.

Other Considerations

The above discussion is the gist of it. Seriously, you don't have to read any further.

There's a few more things worth noting however.

Position of Power

When you are screening a girl- you are coming from a place of power. The interaction is on YOUR TERMS. That is sexy to women.
You are not coming from a position of neutrality or weakness. You not a fucking dancing monkey funny man. You are here to Get Laid, not entertain.

You know what you want, you are gonna find out who else wants it. The ones that don't like it can Get Lost (they are supposed to).

The girl will be on YOUR watch, not the other way around. This is a valuable frame to set regardless of how long or short your 'relationship' is.

Worth mentioning, it's almost always the GIRL that screens the GUY (is he cool enough for me to speak to?).

I give you permission to do it the other way around.


When you screen, you are setting out to eliminate undesirable sexually unavailable girls. That is the entire point.

This is very different than the other shit people teach.

I don't need to reframe rejection for you. You are playing a different game.

Like I said, this comes from a place of masculine fearless power.

Absolute Focus

One thing that Scotty and I noticed from our experience working with other guys is- they get so caught up in the "game," what to say, what to do, does she like me?- that Getting Laid is the furthest thing from their mind when they are talking to chicks. This is not good. When you effectively screen girls, you are basically initiating the foreplay from the start. You can stay focused because because there is no guesswork. Once you find a girl is sexually available, you should isolate her ASAP and turn up the physical escalation.

No Awkwardness

If a chick is letting you touch her in 10 seconds, there no moment when it feels unnatural. You'll never wonder "can I kiss her?" or "should I touch her?"

Think of a physical advance being worth "10,000 words"

Repeating the screening process over and over makes it completely natural for you.

No Fakers

Like I said, you won't be talking to unavailable girls.

If your Mr. Funny Man verbal game is good, some chicks will stand there and watch you perform your little monkey routine.

If you aggressively start touching the girl, she'll either be IN or she'll get lost. That is what we want.

Get Laid- Same Day, Same Night

Applying this mindset you'll be able to move SUPER FAST.

You need to get past the bullshit and unnecessary if you want to Get Laid consistently.

This an almost a requirement if you want to Get Laid on same day, same night.

I was pretty good at Mr. Funny Man game, I got laid 12 times in 12 months. (2008-2009)

After I developed a screening mentality (and applied it) I got 59 girls in just under 11 months. I slept with nearly all of them. (2009-2010)
Quality women, as you might expect.
Screen that pussy!!!! While others are dancing like monkeys, you'll be fucking like bunnies!!!

Be a player, not a pick up artist.

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