I hope she likes me...

Audio: "I hope she likes me..."

This is one of my BEST audios. I hope you 'like' it :) hehe

I've been doing this and coaching this stuff for a while.

This is what, consciously or unconsciously, goes through most guy's minds before they make the decision to talk to a chick, especially a smoking hot girl-

I hope she likes me, I hope she thinks this is funny, I hope she doesn't take this the wrong way, I hope she gets my joke, I hope she's interested in this subject, I hope she has something in common with me, I hope she doesn't think I'm a player, I hope I can talk to her and then slowly show her I'm interested in her in a smooth, non-creepy, appropriate, nice way, I hope I don't get rejected!!!!

To some degree or another, that's what went through my head when I was just getting started with this "pick up stuff" and even when I was banging hot chicks on a semi-regular/not-that-often basis.

Those thoughts are pretty rough... it's no wonder that people have approach anxiety. It seems like they are putting their entire life on the line when they speak to a girl. The girl decides if you are allowed to have a conversation with her OR if you are to go home, cry and jerk off to her. She'll make her decision and you'll just have to live with it.

Wow, this is a scary game!

To make matters worse, mainstream advice to beat approach anxiety goes like this-

"Don't care what people think!"

"Just be confident."

"It's her loss if she doesn't like you."

"Don't worry, there's other girls if she doesn't want to speak to you."

... what a bunch of fucking stupid advice. Seriously.


The Problem/Reason

Here's the problem- It seems like there is so much to lose when you go and talk to a chick to the point that you don't want to 'risk' it, or if you do- you are still super nervous. The reason is that you probably have the mindset of "I hope she likes me," and your body language, dialogue, etc. is reflecting that. The "I hope she likes me" mindset will ALWAYS have you fighting an uphill "battle" with your emotions. Even if you're pretty good with chicks. When you're talking to a chick, your mind may be thinking "What do I say now?" "What did she mean by that?" Getting Laid is the furthest thing from your mind- you just "hope she [still] likes me".

It seems that most mainstream dating advice and "pick up artists" teach "I hope she likes me" game. They give you a bunch of lines, stories, jokes, routines, techniques, guide to touching her, etc. in order to try and 'make the girl like you' so you can possibly maneuver that into some sort of sexual situation. Every action you take, every word you say is trying to make the chick like you.

Sometimes it works to Get Laid, usually not though.

I ran this type of game for about 2-3 years and got laid some. I mostly ended up with go-nowhere conversations and phone numbers from girls that were profiling me as a "good boyfriend". Approach anxiety was lowered, but not by that much. The worst problem was- my results were very inconsistent and I didn't think I was getting much better. Eventually, I ended up picking up a few super hot girls and they seemed to want to sleep with me a couple times a week. During this period, a lot of stuff changed. I still went out to meet girls, but I had a totally different mentality and approach to the game. Since I was having a lot of sex, I started walking up to girls and made it clear who I was and what I was about- an alpha male who was cool and could probably give them a great sexual experience. I found myself Getting Laid a lot more, bringing chicks home on the first night. Banging some chicks during the day after I met them. I thought I was just being "more aggressive", but it went further than that as I realized several months later. I was SCREENING girls. If she was cool and down to fuck, then I'd continue speaking to her. If she wasn't- she could get lost. What did I care? I was already sleeping with chicks that were hotter than her. I also realized that I wasn't trying to "get chicks to like me". "I hope she likes me" game was dead. This psychological phase shift changed my life.

I also took a look at some friends of mine that also bang handfuls of hot chicks, the guys had two things in common- they understood this shit was a "numbers game" and they effectively screened girls (whether they knew it or not).

They never had approach anxiety. They were never talking to non-sexual chicks. They never gave a shit if a girl wasn't sexually available or "rejected" their "I want to Get Laid" game. They never ended up in go-nowhere conversations. They never took numbers where the girls didn't picture them as a sexual option. They were never going on "auditions" to be a girl's boyfriend (traditional dates). They were never trying to impress ANYBODY, not even me.

They were always talking to the "right" girls. They all were Getting Laid 3 or 4 times a week. They were banging hot chicks. They were getting new girls in their bed on a weekly basis.

Screen that Pussy

So that's what it is about- SCREENING. Checking if the girl is sexually available. That's it. Approach her and use sexually-charged conversation + physical advances. She'll let you know if she's sexually available. If she isn't she'll get lost. If she is, you'll be licking the juices from her pussy within the next 72 hours or so. That's like a win-win. haha.

If you screen girls up front when you meet them, you'll never find yourself 'working on' girls over multiple texts, dates and weeks. All the work has already been done. You'll probably give a lot less thought to 'losing' the girl too. She'll either be IN or OUT. You'll just have to pull the trigger, so to speak.

This is a dramatic shift from "I hope she likes me" game, especially if you've been stuck with that approach/mindset for years. But when you see that it works, you'll start to internalize it. It took me some time to start screening and even longer (2-3 months) to realize what the hell I was doing. Naturally, with some practice, nothing will come out of your mouth that says "I hope you like me." Screening is a mindset, just like "I hope she likes me," is a mindset. It's not a technique like "qualifying" the girl.

"I thought you were attractive and I decided to come over and see what you were like." That kind of stuff. You are actually seeing what SHE is like and letting her know that you are a MAN and like yummy pussy.

If you're trying to Get Laid, you should be looking for sex, not conversations and temporary ego boosts.

It's a totally different game and one that gives you psychological power, a totally new outlook and LOTS of dipping wet PUSSY!!!

You do the testing. Not her.

Screen that pussy!!!!

You want to stick your tongue in her asshole. Just let her know. She's probably a sweetie.

Obviously she's felt it before and enjoys it a lot. So she may take you up on your offer.