Is She DTF?

Guys that regularly bang hot girls they just met know how to tell which girls are interested in sleeping with them. They focus their attention on those girls and encourage the nonsexual girls to "Get Lost".

You aren't going to get laid that night (or the near future) if she's not sexually interested or if she's nonsexual.

If you've read "How and What to Screen Girls For," you probably know that screening girls to see if they are sexually interested and sexually available is by far the most important criteria if you are trying to get laid. Because I was such a passive "nice guy," I didn't use to do this. I'd find myself disappointed that girls wouldn't "put out," frustrated from waiting 5+ dates to get physical with girls and clueless why some guys could bang hot girls on the first night and I could just a phone number. It was my own fault - I was projecting that I was a super nice and safe guy. I also wasn't screening them if they were sexually interested and sexual available. Girls saw me as boyfriend material, not an particularly exciting guy that could fuck them good.

How to Tell if She's Interested or "Down to Fuck" (Super Important) Audio

Sexually Active/Available (Super Important)

If you are trying to get laid, this is the most important thing to screen for. Believe it or not, foreplay begins at "hello. "There is nothing worse than talking to a girl the entire night and having it go nowhere. Sometimes the girl will express legitimate sexual interest in you simply by flirting back. But sometimes girls flirt just so you give them attention and don't have legitimate sexual interest in you (or anyone else) at that time. It is sometimes thought that if a girl wears skimpy clothing, she's down to fuck.  But again, a lot of girls just wear revealing clothing simply for attention and don't have any intention in sleeping with anyone.

When screening for sexual interest, you have to see how a girl responds to your physical advances (see: "Establishing a Physical Dialogue, to Screen and Escalate"). That is why you should lightly touch them on their arm or hand right when to approach them or very soon there after. Nearly every girl that is sexually active or comfortable with her body will let a guy in a bar touch them lightly. Girls are used to being touched a bar or club. The ones that don't are either nonsexual, in a relationship or have some sort of emotional baggage (dislike males, rape victim, unfortunately).

Here's an easy, repeatable way to screen if she's sexually available and heat her up:

- When meeting her, lightly touch her hands or arms. (If she responds well or doesn't stop you continue to the next step...)

Mix some conversation in.

- Grab her hand, hold it and have her spin around. (If she responds well or doesn't stop you continue to the next step...)

Mix some conversation in.

- Grab her hand again, hold it and have her spin around. This time slap her ass. If you're sitting touch her thighs for 5 to 10 seconds. (If she responds well doesn't stop you continue to the next step...)

Mix some conversation in.

- Massage her shoulders (just say: "You look stressed out/You've had a hard day"/"Quiet. Turn around.") or put your hand on the back of her neck. (If she responds well or doesn't stop you continue to the next step...)

Mix some conversation in.

- If a girl lets you massage her or grab the back of neck, there's about a 99% chance that she's ready to be kissed. Kiss her. (If she responds well or doesn't stop you continue to the next step...)

Mix some conversation in.

- Say, "It's hot in here, lets go for a walk..." Take her somewhere else and get more physical or have sex with her.

After you've kissed her, begin thinking about taking her somewhere more private.

Those are just suggestions to excite her and gauge her sexual interest. If she stops you at any one step - don't get frustrated and don't walk off. Change the subject, wait a few minutes and try again. Don't walk off. If she stops you again - change the subject, wait a few minutes and try again. Don't walk off. Whatever you do - don't give up. Be aggressive and persistent. Girls respect and get turned on by a guy that knows what he wants, most girls have a slower timetable for sex need to be heated up. Respect a girl's timetable for sex, but don't be submissive to it. Keep pushing it. It's all just foreplay anyway. Just don't quit or get all bent out of shape like most guys. Don't walk off either. Let her walk off or "get lost".

You certainly don't have to follow these 5 or 6 steps to judge or assure sexual availability. Nor do you have to do them all or do them in order. It's just a small repeatable blueprint that works for me. Scotty and I have tagged girls that we didn't even kiss, we just took them to a quiet place once we saw they were interested. Scott has even tagged girls he's met within 5 minutes. I'm dead serious. We just proceed assuming sexual interested and availability. Once you've hit on 100os of chicks, you'll know when its on and you'll know when it's not. That comes with experience.

Checking for sexual interest and availability is slightly different during the day. You could follow the 5 or 6 steps above. But I don't think it's necessary or wise to try slap a girl's ass or make out with a girl that you just met in board daylight (like at a grocery store or gym). Light touching and flirting will do. You should at least try to touch her hand or arm lightly at least one time during the interaction to screen her. Still, simply showing your sexual interest is usually good enough though, "You're kinda cute." "We're going to hang out sometime." "I got a busy day, but the next few hours are open, what are you up to?" If you are then able to get her to a place that is more private - then go for it, touch her all you want - at that point you obviously aren't "screening" her.

If you aren't sure if she's interested - find out.

In a Nutshell

You need to screen her sexual interest if you want to get laid. This is particularly important if you want to take her home on the first night. Physically escalating (touching the girl) is the best way to find out. It's also foreplay and exciting for the girl. If she is positively responsive or doesn't shut you down, look take her to a more private place. During the day, simply expressing your interest is usually enough to screen her.

Some girls aren't sexually available (might have a boyfriend, nonsexual, etc.). If the girl doesn't respond well to your physical advances or shuts you down, try again and don't stop until you "Get Laid or she Gets Lost." The main thing to remember is - don't get frustrated and don't give up. Soon you will develop an instinct to know whether she's down to fuck or not. That will save you a lot of time and multiply your results.

If you have any questions or comments, definitely don't hesitate to post below.