What to Screen Girls For (With Examples)

When you hit on a chick the object is to see if she's compatible and sexually available for you.

The object is not to "make her like you" by showing her that you are a "safe, nice guy".

Hot girls don't get excited or wet from meeting another "safe, nice guy".

One Step At A Time

If you are just starting to approach girls or if you have just started approaching girls with a "Filter Them Out" mindset, don't start thinking about screening/filtering  just yet. Lower your approach anxiety first. Get comfortable walking up to chicks and talking to them. In order to truly screen and filter out undesirable personality types - you first need to be comfortable with just talking to new girls. Then you can build in some screening material and techniques.

Seriously, don't get too far ahead of yourself, don't take 1 step forward to take 2 steps back.

For guys that are pretty comfortable with approaching and in the process of developing a "Get Laid or Get Lost" mindset, lets consider a few traits to screen for.

I think most of us want chicks that are sexy, smart, have a sense of humor and are sexually available/active.

If you want to 'Get Laid' the last characteristic is the most important.

As much as it hurts, try not to get ahead of yourself. Get comfortable with approaching before screening.


Just use the "eye-test" to see if the chick is sexy. That works pretty good.

The girl with the bubble butt on the right is sexy. The girl on the left is not.

Smart (or at least not totally stupid)

Some guys can't stand dumb girls. If the girl can follow along with what you are saying - she probably passes the test. Some chicks are so dumb though. If you really want to see if a girl is smart (or educated) just ask her just that, "Are you smart? Don't be offended, it's just that a lot I've met a lot of dumb girls lately in (city)." See how she responds.  Ask her where she went to school. What she does for work. (But not in the try-hard way that most guys do when they are searching for commonalities, remember - you're screening her). Quiz her with pointless questions that only dumb girls don't know, "Who's the Vice President of the United States?" "What's the capital of New York?" "How do you spell 'potato'?"

It's kind of hard to tell if the girl is smart when you first meet her, but it's easy to tell if the girl is stupid.

I don't put a huge emphasis on "smarts" for girls that I'm just trying to bang. I don't really suggest that you do either, but I know a lot of guys care. Some of the dumbest chicks are the best in bed. See if they're smart after you've slept with them. Remember - you're trying to Get Laid not interview applicants for graduate school.

If she knows how to spell potato, she might not be stupid.

Sense of Humor

This one is pretty easy.

If the girl laughs - she has a sense of humor.

If she doesn't laugh - she doesn't. Or not a compatible with your sense of humor. Its okay, not every girl is playful or knows how to smile.

Most girls have a sense of humor, but it varies significantly on what "type" of humor they like and understand.

Remember - what's funny to a guy, is not necessarily funny to a girl. Hot girls generally don't like "jokes".

Instead, girls like to be teased.

Here's a few examples that I can think of in 60 seconds -

"You look like you'd make a great girlfriend. I bet you are a great cook and great at doing laundry."

"You look like Paris Hilton on a budget."

"You're just a smelly pirate hooker."

"I don't think this will work, you are so creepy, I could never bring you around my family."

"Nice shoes - you weirdo."

"It's cute when you get upset, your nose wiggles."

"Stop looking at me like you want to molest me."

"I bet you just want to take me home with you. I don't have sex with total strangers."

"I'm thirsty, why don't you buy me a drink?"

"Are you trying to get me drunk? You're just like every other girl - just trying to get down my pants."

These are just for fun, most girls will laugh. Girls love to be teased. Teasing a form of dominance. Girls love to be dominated. Even the more alpha chicks. Girls don't meet a lot of dominant guys. It might take some practice to learn tease without being insulting. Just keep it lighthearted and put a smile on your face. That will work.

Sexually Active/Available (Super Important)

Believe it or not, foreplay begins at "hello."

If you are trying to get laid, this is the most important thing to screen for. There is nothing worse than talking to a girl the entire night and having it go nowhere. Sometimes the girl will express legitimate sexual interest in you simply by flirting back. But sometimes girls flirt just so you give them attention and don't have legitimate sexual interest in you (or anyone else) at that time. It sometimes thought that if a girl wears skimpy clothing, she's down to fuck. But again, a lot of girls just wear revealing clothing simply for attention and don't have any intention in sleeping with anyone.

When screening for sexual interest, you have to see how they respond to your physical advances (see: touching a chick/kino). That is why you should lightly touch them on their arm or hand right when to approach them or very soon there after. Nearly every girl that is sexually active or comfortable with her body will let a guy in a bar touch them lightly. Girls are used to being touched a bar or club. The ones that don't are either nonsexual, in a relationship or have some sort of emotional baggage (dislike males, rape victim, unfortunately).

Here's an easy, repeatable way to screen if she's sexually available and heat her up:

- Upon meeting her, lightly touch her hands or arms. (If she responds well or doesn't stop you continue to the next step...)

- Grab her hand, hold it and have her spin around. (If she responds well or doesn't stop you continue to the next step...)

- Grab her hand again, hold it and have her spin around. This time slap her ass. If you're sitting touch her thighs for 5 to 10 seconds. (If she responds well doesn't stop you continue to the next step...)

- Massage her shoulders (just say: "You look stressed out/You've had a hard day"/"Quiet. Turn around.") or put your hand on the back of her neck. (If she responds well or doesn't stop you continue to the next step...)

- If a girl lets you do that or is responding well, there's about a 99% chance that she's ready to be kissed. Kiss her. (If she responds well or doesn't stop you continue to the next step...)

- Say, "It's hot in here, lets go for a walk..." Take her somewhere else and get more physical or have sex with her.

Those are just suggestions to gauge her sexual interest. If she stops you at any one step - don't get frustrated and don't walk off. Change the subject, wait a few minutes and try again. Don't walk off. If she stops you again - change the subject, wait a few minutes and try again. Don't walk off. Whatever you do - don't give up. Be aggressive and persistent. Girls respect and get turned on by a guy that knows what he wants, most girls have a slower timetable for sex need to be heated up. Respect a girl's timetable for sex, but don't be submissive to it. Keep pushing it. It's all just foreplay anyway. Just don't quit or get all bent out of shape like most guys. Don't walk off either. Let her walk off or "get lost".

You certainly don't have to follow these 5 or 6 steps to judge or assure sexual availability. Nor do you have to do them all or do them in order. It's just a small repeatable blueprint that works for me. Scotty and I have tagged girls that we didn't even kiss, we just took them to a quiet place once we saw they were interested. Scott has even tagged girls he's met within 5 minutes. I'm dead serious. We just proceed assuming sexual availability. Once you've hit on 100os of chicks, you'll know when its on and you'll know when it's not. You'll definitely begin to see that too.

Checking for sexual availability is slightly different during the day. You could follow the 5 or 6 steps above. But I don't think it's necessary or wise to try slap a girl's ass or make out with a girl that you just met in board daylight (or at the grocery store). Light touching and flirting will do. Simply showing your sexual interest is good enough, "You're kinda cute." "We're going to hang out sometime." "I got a busy day, but I got some time for the next couple hours, what are you up to?" If you are then able to get her to a place that is more private - then go for it, touch her all you want - at that point you aren't "screening" her.

After you've kissed her, begin thinking about taking her somewhere more private.

An extended discussion on this topic is available here: "How To Tell if She's Interested or "Down to Fuck" (Super Important)"

What Else Should I Screen Her For?

On the first night or when meeting a girl, all that really matters is that you find her attractive and she's sexually active and sexually interested in you. You can screen her for personality traits as you are getting to know her and banging her over the next few weeks or months.  

You should screen her for personality characteristics that are important to you. Just make sure she is sexually interested. Don't disqualify chicks for stupid reasons though if they are attractive and down to fuck.

I used to find dumb reasons to disqualify girls. I don't know why I did this. Maybe, subconsciously, I was scared I was going to be rejected at some point and I want to reject the chick first. Also, I used to look at most girls for "relationship" potential and didn't naturally just to know them first - even though I wanted to get laid. Try to not have expectations if you meet a girl that you like. Similarly, you shouldn't have expectations when you see a girl and she is hot. You don't know anything about her. A lot of guys assume every hot girl has a sense of humor, good self-esteem and is a positive person. That's definitely not the case. I've gotten to know 100s of hot girls that I've met by simply walking up to them, a lot of them turned out to have emotional baggage, psychological issues and some were simply kind of boring. You simply don't know.

It may sound obvious, but if you want a certain type of chick - you need to find out where they hang out and approach them. If you like girls that do yoga -  you could simply approach chicks near a yoga studio (you don't even need to take a yoga class). If you want a girl that likes a certain type of music - find out which clubs are playing it and go hit on them. If you want a girl that smokes cigarettes, hit on chicks on their cigarette break. If you want a girl that is in good shape - approach chicks that are in good shape (you could approach them at the gym, but you don't have to).

For more suggestions check out: How and what to screen girls for (with examples)

In A Nutshell

Get used to approaching girls before you develop a screening process. Once you start screening chicks and filtering out the incompatible chicks, remember that in order to get laid, you need to figure out if quickly they are sexually available and interested. If they aren't - move on - and find out if other chicks are. Using our material you'll be getting chicks that are smart, have a sense of humor and are sexually available and screening out the girls that are not.

There's a lot of characteristics that you can understandably screen girls for and you should - but leave that for the "get to know her" period after you get laid. Getting to know a girl is not a prerequisite to getting them in bed. Some chicks (a minority) will require guys to "get to know them" before having sex. These girls tend to be bossy, damaged girls, boring, nonsexual - or any 1 of the 4. Either way, don't waste your time. Don't let girls set a timetable or criteria for sex. You are the man.

If you have any questions or comments, definitely don't hesitate to post below.