How I Screen Girls

We're getting you guys real-time pick up video soon.

This is a snippet of "What is Screening Game?"

This is what I say and how I say it when I screen girls.
(first 30-90seconds of the interaction)

Process summary-

Walk up

Light touch girl on hand, arm, elbow

say "Hey I know this is a little random... but I thought you were attractive and I wanted to come see what you were like."

[she says: Thank You]

say "Well.... Aren't you going to tell me I'm attractive too?

[she says: Yes, you are attractive too/Hahaha]

say "I'm Chris" (shake her hand, hold it a little while longer than usual)

[she says: I'm ____]

say "Damn you have a good handshake, I think I'm gonna hire you to be my bodyguard."

[she says: hahaha/you don't need a bodyguard]

Now it's either small talk (interested girls/pretty interested girls) or bicep routine (maybe interested)

SMALL TALK- say "I'm having a wonderful day, how has your day been?"
[she says: Why's your day so wonderful?/My day is good]

Bicep Routine- say "you have some strong arms [squeeze her bicep] you got a license for those guns?
[she says: hahaha/or leaves]

Do Small Talk after (Where are you from? How was your weekend? What's on your schedule today, etc.)

Talk about stuff you have in common.

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