Let Me Explain

Doing more videos today, hopefully the camera cooperates.

I'm planning to do a whole bunch more.
Maybe 20-25 by December, we'll see.

Maybe I'll get to New York and get Scotty on camera too.

As of September 15th 2012, I got 3 videos up.

They are all basically the same thing.

Some people are impressed, some are not, most agree that I make it look fairly simple.

The first two are basic, the 3rd one is more ballsy at first but ends up being basic.

Outside of GoodLookingLoser.com the feedback is good, even from the guys that hate the pick up artist thing.

While I appreciate the nice feedback, there is a bigger picture that I'd like you to consider.

A small minority of people have pointed that there are certain points in the videos that I don't look "entirely smooth," and I totally agree with that.

It doesn't.

While I could say- "oh that's because I'm 225lbs and look 240lbs on the camera," or "this was the first time doing these videos," or "if you saw it in REAL LIFE, you'd think it was smooth! You watch too many movies!"... that's not the reason.

It's not entirely smooth, but I'm not entirely smooth.

I'm never have been, I never will be.

And It's never prevented me from fucking tons of beautiful highly sought after women that have limitless options for sex.

There's NO REAL NON-STAGED video that will look entirely smooth.

There's no entirely smooth way to get a girl to get off her cell phone and change her schedule to sit down chill with you.

There's no entirely smooth way to touch a girl that's in the process of folding clothes while on the other side of a counter.

The point is- it doesn't matter.

These girls are sexually available. They are interested. They aren't entirely smooth either. I'm gonna touch them a couple of times as best I can depending on the dynamic and they'll respond as best they can.

Sometimes it'll be smooth, sometimes it won't.

We are REAL PEOPLE not entirely smooth Pick Up Artists who apparently get every girl (but never fuck any of them).

Some of moments in the videos will look smooth. Some will not. That isn't going to change. Ever.

That's how it is in real life.

So long as I'm not completely sloppy, it will go fine.

Scotty has fucked girls that physically pushed him in the chest when he tried to bite their neck in the first 2-3 minutes. Not that smooth.

I've picked up girls at the gym with sweat running down my face and my heart beating out of my chest. Trust me, wasn't smooth.

I picked up one of the hottest girls I've ever been with while my nose was partially bleeding from getting hit by my friend's fucking boogie board at Santa Monica beach. Think that looked smooth?

Guys in Los Angeles pick up girls at the high-end Hollywood clubs when they are literally shaking from sticking cocaine up their nose 5 minutes before. Not smooth.

There's guys WAY smoother than I, that haven't gotten half the amount of pussy or quality.

Forget Hollywood, it was never entirely smooth there either.

Brad Pitt only looks entirely smooth in his movies, because of redoing 25+ takes of the SAME scene.

Michael Jordan only looks entirely smooth on only a certain percentages of his jump shots.

Kate Upton only looks entirely smooth in 1 or 2 pictures after a rapid-fire camera takes 600 shots of her in 30 seconds and hours of air-bushing.

Cosmo Kramer on "Seinfeld" only looks entirely smooth after sliding into Jerry's apartment after 25+ takes of the SAME scene.

It's funny when the seduction companies recommend that a guy "copies" Brad Pitt's body language in Fight Club.

Good luck with that.

Brad spent over a year making that 75 minute movie.


This post is as much about you as it is me.

You don't have to be some sort of Perfect Don Juan to fuck even the hottest girls. That character never existed anyway. He's an actor and a figment of our imagination.

Enough with the Don Juan shit. Go Get Laid.

Keep it real.

Take the pressure off yourself.

Forget being smooth and definitely STOP trying to be.

You'll be smooth at times, it will be sloppy at times.

When you get good- you'll look smooth more often than not, but you'll have sloppy interactions too.

I guarantee you though- 90% of the girls that you pick up, will think you are smooth. Even if you weren't.

Update from what I told a guy at Fast Seduction-

"These videos are a decent reflection of 'how it actually is'... people on GLL wanted videos so my friend and I went out and shot them... no rehearsal, no nothing. We went out and did them. You might see videos where it's smoother, my future videos might be smoother (or not)... but it's usually not how it goes... I could go approach 50 girls and post up 2-3 SUPER smooth interactions... and I'd be misrepresenting myself or what it "takes" to get girls."

more about not being smooth- "Be Aggressive, Don't Be Smooth"