How to Take a Pretty Girl Home from Starbucks

Aggressive Pickup Video #2

unfortunately have to post this disclaimer:
You are welcome to share this video.

However- Any reproduction of this material by any means, in whole or in part, is STRICTLY prohibited without express written permission of and 5952 Digital Productions LLC.

Forgive the disclaimer. It won't apply to 99.9999% of people here, is getting attention from others with financial incentive in the mainstream of several niches. I know what goes on with stealing videos, editing them and claiming ownership for profit or seeking to defame or slander the creator. We just dealt with a guy that copied the Bathmate page word-for-word and posted my pictures as himself. He's in trouble.

Okay, sorry, lets talk about cooler stuff-

This was the 5th girl out of 5 I talked to on Wednesday.

The gameplan wasn't a phone number.

Lets just say- it went well. The logistics lined up and I handled the rest.

Interaction begins at 5:00, I suggest to listen to the pre-video discussion though. View in the highest resolution to see captions.

Quick is the name of the game, immediately after I kissed her-- I had her make plans to leave.

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