Cell Phone Chica

Aight... Wednesday, Erik and I went out to do some videos today.

This was my only day available this week since we're in the process of moving the forum to a hot platform and other administrative stuff on my agenda.

Annoying, funny day- in that order.

The camera was giving us some issues from the start, it seemed to kinda do that in that later parts of "GoodLookingLoser In-Field Video 2," but we didn't realize it. We weren't getting audio on most of the videos and it was cutting out on some of the others. 40 minutes ago, we did a hard format and factory restore to the camera and it seemed to have fixed that issue, so next round should go smoothly. I'll be doing more on Saturday afternoon.

This video seemed to film pretty well. There's full video and full audio (minus 8 seconds).

The only issue was that the cashier (and supervisor, not pictured) asked us to stop filming in their store.

I agreed, stood around the front of the store, and just told Erik to hide the camera as best he could. If they saw it- Erik would just leave and walk away before they called security or something. Haha- The video is going just fine until the guy notices the camera again and tells Erik to stop filming. Normally, we'd keep going, but even though the guy said it nicely-- they were getting pissed at us. (legal advice has instructed me to just WALK AWAY).

So anyway, the during remaining part of the interaction, I'm just sitting there talking to her. I take her number and leave. That's the gameplan on most of these more basic day videos.

The front part of this video is the only thing that really matters.

I engage her from a distance before we even speak, tell her to get off the phone, and grab her hand and walk into the place in about a minute. Cool girl actually.

I'm hoping the camera is fixed, we'll do more on Saturday. Apologize for the delay... they're cummin...

While it'll be nice to get up some "wow" videos once we catch a few that are good quality, I have no problem showing you some incomplete footage if it's beneficial (and audible). REAL is what we do, the wow factor may come from time-to-time, but it's def. not the focus in these first few.

It's not actually super easy to film and get solid audio on this stuff if you aren't staging or faking it, so we'll just do our best. It'll get better once we get the timing, camera angles (for audio), etc. I think Erik (guy filming it) has done a decent job so far, the girls never see/look at the camera. We've only shot like 6 videos, 3 of which are now posted.

remember: "opener" is the eye-contact and wink, not me telling her to get off her phone. whether she was in the middle of a conversation or finishing it up, I have no idea.

I suggest you listen to the beginning commentary on the dynamic of the approach.

Interaction Begins at 4:40 (turn up the volume, after the commentary)


04:42 - I make eye contact and smile at girl
04:47 - I make eye contact and wink at girl
04:52 - I just say "hey hey get off your phone real quick..... don't worry about it.... call her back... that's alright... can't talk.. you gotta go..." (something close to that)
05:08 - The usual intro "UMMMMMM... I know this is random but I thought you were attractive, so I wanted to come say hi"
05:11 - Girl says "hi, how are you" still probably thinking about how random/direct this is
05:18 - Usual follow up "well aren't you going to say I'm attractive too?"
05:22 - She doesn't want to say it because I'm a douchebag, but she's interested in me
05:24 - Another usual folow "so what are you up to, shopping for shoes or something"
05:34 - She says she's a flip-flop girl (note: I know right by this statement that she isn't a Hollywood girl, she's more real and down-to-earth)
05:37 - I say "Yo you want to grab coffee real quick?" she agrees and I grab her hand and walk in the place (this was the plan from the start, even though I usually don't do these insta-dates)
05:41 Audio goes quiet, I say "tell me what you do" (i think) she says she's a new 6th grade teacher
05:50 She asks where I'm from
*good audio*
06:20 She's guesses I'm from Sacramento CA, which is basically the opposite of Los Angeles, relative to California cities. This is a bad guess from a smaller town girl.
06:25 Audio goes quiet for a few seconds, you don't miss anything
06:31 I tell her "you aren't so tough" and stare at her and nudge her, I sense that she's pretending she's tough cause she's pretty confident
06:33 She says "I am too!!!" (explaining that she is tough).. its all just flirting btw.
06:36 I tell her that "she's not tough in real life and I'm not even kidding"
06:41 I tell her that "some guys might think you're tough," she says "the majority"
06:58 When I step away the guy behind the camera see's Erik with the camera and tells us "no filming" for the 3rd time haha... Erik leaves

There's nothing that significant in the next 7-8 minutes. I grab her hand and sit down in the corner. Talk to her about Los Angeles, sugar-free coffee syrups, she asks me about this weekend, I excuse myself and take her number, and give her a hug.

The more aggressive parts, relative to daytime, are getting her off the phone and taking her in the coffee shop in about 60 seconds. The rest is the same basic stuff that works fine during the day that most guys can do once they take care of the majority of their AA.

hope you enjoyed, this girl was naturally pretty cute

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