Bathroom "Pull"

This will be a quick writeup. Forgive me for the lack of organization, I still think I have some decent thoughts for you.

Summer has begun [for me] and I've trying to make some videos where I go a little further with the girls.
(summer begins = completely no strings attracted, girlfriend is in Europe)

I have really enjoyed the past 10 days.

Under my attorney's advice, I'm having to blur the faces in situations that can be classified as sexual harassment and those that extended beyond the public domain (a public street).

Obviously you'll understand on a video like this.

The good news is-

Rather than having my boy Erik or Carlos hover around pretending they are texting on an iPhone, I bought this cheap lighter that is actually a camera that is working pretty well (sometimes).

A lot of the girls in the other videos would ask me, "Are we just going to leave your friend?" or "Is that guy your friend?" Since they didn't see the camera they weren't suspicious of anything but it seemed weird that a person was in the near vicinity. It wasn't a huge deal but it's a lot better now with the lighter camera.

I don't recommend that you get this camera though, it's hard as hell to use and you never know when it's on.

It's video quality is average, the audio blows, but it is super discrete and I've gotten some good footage.

We have lost a lot of footage. I'm using my sound recorder that I bought to do these 'In-Field Audios' with a mic that I put under my shirt.

The lighter is rated 2 out of 5 stars on the other reviews, but I just wanted to show you what I'm using.

I just got a hands-free camera (that has infrared) yesterday and I'll be doing some nighttime stuff soon.

Totally not overrated. Totally not overrated.

Thankfully this one was one of the very best and it captured it for the most part (I thought I didn't and I was about to stomp on the fucking thing).

Don't get me wrong, I am fucking thrilled I got this on camera as well as I did.

Although I don't get naked with the girl, this is how I do these type of things.

There's a bit of a learning curve on this type of stuff and it's virtually impossible to do real videos that are totally smooth and have CRYSTAL CLEAR video and audio.

To be honest, "Bathroom Pulls" aren't my thing, Scotty has more experience with it, this is all he did for a good year or so. It's definitely a rush and it's a bit of a novelty when you pull out your Bathmate-pumped cock and the girl stares in awe imaging just how much pleasure the girth can give.

"Loser Bodybuilder/PUA Pulls a Sexy Red Head Into the Bathroom" 

Quick Mall Pull Attempt from Good Looking Loser on Vimeo.

Good Looking Loser's Thoughts-

I'm going to write this quickly.

This is only made possible because I had a specific gameplan and I ran into the right girl at the right time and place. This is not unlike any other approach where you go pretty far, pretty quickly, but it definitely applies to this interaction.

A specific gameplan, nearly step-by-step.

This stuff doesn't just "happen".

If I was just "practicing" (with no goal in mind) like other "dating coaches" recommend, I would have ended up in a long GO NOWHERE interaction that would have resulted in a phone number at best.

Have a gameplan, read the post I linked to above.

Second, as I told 'Killer' on the forum, don't think for a second that you "have to" be able to do this to have a top1% sex life.

Frankly, you could do nothing about 'Basic Guy Game' and give 10 girls and compliment and ask for their number and you would have a better sex life than 99% of guys so long as your fundamentals are a B or B+. That was my all friends do (plus social circle) that nail 25+ a year. One every two weeks.

Most girls don't have a huge problem with going in the men's bathroom. How far they actually go will be anyone's guess however. Most girls don't have a huge problem with going in the men's bathroom. How far they actually go will be anyone's guess however.

Third, there is some 'technique' involved here even though it seems like freestyle.

Fourth, before I forget, I did about 12 or 13 approaches, over one one day. This is a better than average day, I had only been at the mall for 90 minutes. It normally would take more approaches to put something like this together (25+), but not necessarily more than putting a girl in your car which can be harder if you do it quickly. Having a girl that really goes at it with you in a Bathroom, during the day, is less common however.

You've probably seen these techniques in other videos.

Here are some off the top of my head-

One thing I actually liked was that I was STRONGER than usual is not taking NO for an answer.

It's a good example of this, even though I'm generally not like this and I show a little more interest in the girls.

When screening, I'm basically trying to find a girl that matches up with what I want.

I'm not trying to convince girls of anything and I rather have them 'Get Lost' if they aren't interested in what I want or who I am.

With this girl, I'm trying to MAKE IT HAPPEN and this is the extreme example of the 'CEO Frame' where you boss the girl around. I almost seemed impatient to her. This is not really my style, it's usually more of a mixture of screen/CEO.

Once we had gotten up from the table (to head to the bathroom) I was going to drag her in there, even if 10 security guards followed me.

It's fucking hard enough to get good footage, let alone get footage of this type of thing. So I wasn't about to have her pussy out, even if she ran off after. It's a good attitude to have, so long as you don't get all bummed out and doubt yourself when it doesn't happen (which will be most of the time)


For those who want to know, yes- I saw her again.

Apparently she's a night owl like me and was down to come over at 5am this morning. Love it. I was expecting her to take her sweet ass time to come over and be all dressed up, she came over in clothes to sleep in (and a change of more clothes to sleep in) it was like she knew we'd be having sex? There's red hair coloring in my shower now.

It's okay, with boobies like that she can do whatever she wants, even to me. (sometimes)

She came out of the shower and told me, "YOU DON'T NEED THIS THING, YOU HAVE NO IDEA WHAT IT'S GOING TO FEEL LIKE FOR ME TOMORROW" and was holding the Bathmate x30.

I do know how it's going to feel and it's part of the experience. :)
(just so you know- they aren't in TON of pain like unlubricated sex with a monster cock, they are noticeably sore after I do my thing. It goes away after a few days, no biggie)

For such a 'tough' always-talking-shit girl she got pretty quiet after I took my dick out (2 hours after a Penomet session). About 10 minutes later she was making all sorts of noise again.

(if you wanted to know- I'm finding that using the Penomet pump gives a slightly more uniform pump than the Bathmate. After a full Bathmate session, my mid-shaft gets ridiculously huge, over 6.25" and I can't even get a Trojan XL Magnum on. The Penomet seems to pump of the shaft equally and the same condoms are no problem and it's less painful for girls that haven't been with me. I used to just do a super short Bathmate session, but this seems to be working. Penomet, gray gaiter.

Good times, look out for some night-time videos coming up soon on our YouTube channel.

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