Oklahoma Sweetie Pickup Video

This one was the first good one I got on camera this summer.

It's shot by a lighter that has a discrete camera in the bottom of it.
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I don't actually recommend this camera, it's quite frustrating to use and I've lost a lot of footage. It's not hands-free and  have to be conscious of where it's pointed, which adds a significant amount of difficulty to the whole operation.

With that said, if I can get a girl seated- it can get some decent footage.

Loser/Douchebag Puts Sweet Teen Girl in His Car in 3 Minutes

I'm not going to 'analyze' the video too much, I'll leave that to you, if that is something you like to do.

I'm just give you some thoughts.
(the thumbnail and picture below are references to Oklahoma, some will know this)

Covered Wagon

Good Looking Loser's Thoughts-

(in no particular order)

I did about 25 approaches (the day before and some on this day) before this interaction. The vast majority were 'go-nowhere' with friendly girls that couldn't walk to my car for one reason or another. The majority of footage is terrible as I just getting used to this camera.
(I'll put together a 'rejection/screen out' footage sometime)

This interaction moves pretty fast, getting eye contact and a mutual smile from this girl played a role in how fast I was able to move.

What that means is- I knew she was interested in me (on some level) from returning a smile after we made eye contact (screening).

It doesn't mean- make eye contact and smiling at her (technique)- made her like me.

I moved quickly with this girl (and knew I could) by what happen prior to the interaction.

I kept the small talk short, the commonality of Shannon Miller was random but very significant.

I don't need much of a pretense to get her to follow me to the car, "I have AC in my car, lets go".
(I don't 'ask' - hey, do you want to go to my car? Always SHOW/TELL, don't ASK)

She's on the fence about it so I say "real quick" and grab her hand and start walking to the car. She doesn't resist.

The idea is to HANDLE EVERYTHING, especially with young girls.

I'm not sure if the video shows when I grab her grocery bag and put it in the backseat of the car, right before I get her seated in the front passenger seat.

Once I got her in the car, I knew it probably wasn't going too far (just instinct and what she told me), we are in the middle of the "organic grocery store's" parking lot in board daylight and she had to head to work. I was mainly concerned about getting some decent video and feeling on her legs/crotch. Which I did.

Had it had potential to go further, I would have put her in the back of the car. Like I do in this video.

I'm feeling her legs for the majority of the video, the camera sometimes shows this.

I tell her to close her eyes and massage her crotch.
(I do a lot of this "close your eyes" stuff)

This is a technique that I use, often when driving a girl back to my place and usually with this song on.

The she was actually interested in me and yes- I saw her again.

She's quite cute, a former contestant in Miss Teen Oklahoma USA pageant.

That's all I can think of, if you have any questions, ask below-