Nighttime Screening in Action

In this video, we give our best [first] effort at showing how to aggressively approach women with a "method" (and mindset) that we have coined "Screening".

Screening locates which girls ALREADY LIKE YOU (to some extent) and are potentially DOWN-TO-FUCK (DTF).

The approach is simple -
(if the girl is sexually available and DTF, she will more or less let you lead the way through this process)

  1. Make eye contact with a girl and smile. (ideal, but optional)
  2. Walk up to her.
  3. Say whatever you want. "How you are tonight?" "I know this is random but I thought you were attractive..." "Hi."
  4. Immediately or within 10-15 seconds, introduce yourself and reach out your hand to shake hers.
  5. Continue to hold her hand indefinitely or at least for a little longer than a normal handshake would call for.
  6. From that point forward, continue to make "small talk" or normal conversation.
    (small talk = who are you? where are you from? what do you do? - let the physical dialogue convey your intentions and see where she stands)
  7. After a few minutes, take the girl to a more private area or try to leave the bar with her. Use the "Follow Me" move.
  8. Once you are one-on-one with her, try to kiss her, hold her hand, play with her hair, rub her legs, massage her shoulders or any other "escalation".
  9. If it's clear that she is into you (or not leaving the interaction) - begin the motions, leaving the place with her to a PREDETERMINED destination (such as your car, nearby apartment, etc.).
    (once the girl leaves the place with you and begins walking to (or gets in) your car - it's pretty much a done deal)

This is simply a step-by-step structure and by no means the absolute process you have to follow.

It's just a blueprint of how you can do it.

As you get more comfortable with it - you will feel more comfortable with moving faster.

You might even skip steps as Brian (Scotty) talks about in our latest Podcast "How Brian (Scotty) Gets Laid in 5 Minutes".

Don't beat yourself up if you spend 30-40 minutes talking to the girl or pussy out and settle for a phone number in later stages if you are inexperienced.

It happens, and certainly happened to me for almost 2 years when I first got started in 2006.

I played it really safe.

Just try to move a little faster EVERY TIME.

The same mentality a sprinter, swimmer or a race car driver has.

Just keep in mind, if a girl is talking to you (after you've done a few physical moves) then SHE LIKES YOU.

You can stop worrying about "rejection" at that point.

That ship has sailed.

Keep in mind that most girls are not sexually available and a lot of the ones that are available are not DTF.

Available (but not DTF) girls might be looking for relationships, they might have work in the morning, they might not be able to ditch their friends at that point in time, they might like you but are on their period (therefore won't be sleeping with a guy that night).
(take their phone numbers and/or move on)

There's plenty of reasons that a girl can be 'sexually available but not DTF', just as there's plenty of reasons that a girl can be simply 'unavailable'.

clipart movie watching

Plan on Screening 10 or 15 girls

Although it's possible that the VERY FIRST girl that you speak to will end up in your bed that night, Brian and I generally agree that you will have to hit up 10 to 15 girls before you find the AVAILABLE AND DTF girl that has workable logistics. Sometimes, but rarely, it can be as many as 50, over 2 or 3 days.

In general, on any given night:

- 5 or 6+ girls will be UNAVAILABLE

- 2 or 3+ girls will be AVAILABLE but not DTF (take their phone numbers and text them at closing time if it's a logistical problem)

- 1 or 2 girls will be AVAILABLE and DTF (these are the ones that will let you take them through the process)

Obviously, there's a lot of other factors influencing your odds, including - how your Looks/Swag Factor (coolness/social status) compare to her Looks.

We discuss that subject in this post -

So on any given night, realistically, there's only 1 or 2 candidates that can feasibly end up in your bed.

The key is to not let those slip through your hands.

So without further blabbering (I actually think my introduction is quite good!), lets talk about the video.

clipart kid playing

About the Video

First off, it's harder to shoot at night, even with high-end video equipment.

I thought I did a decent job last summer, "Douchebag Picks Up a Girl in a Bar and Takes Her to His Car to Have Sex", but the video quality was pretty lousy and I didn't think it was worth trying again inside of bars or clubs.

It's loud.

It's dark.

The only way to shoot super high-quality nighttime footage is with a camera with a bright light on - thus defeating the hidden element to the film. Even low-level light technology (LLLT) doesn't do a great job from a distance. Infrared (night vision) looks like a video game and it's hard to watch in my opinion.

What made it harder is that we had to shoot across the street from most of the venues and on the street. The patio areas were the most friendly because they had the most light and no music blasting.

It wasn't possible to take the camera in the place (nor did the camera crew agree to that).

But either way, I think our final product is pretty solid.

We have plenty of graphics and captions to let you know what is going on when it isn't obvious.

The video features 5 uncut interactions.

There were other interactions though. You'll see a few clips of those scattered throughout.

Let me know what you think.

Remember - this is an instructional video, not a highlight film.

It's not meant to go viral, make me look uber cool or be super entertaining.

This is for the serious guys that want to see how to Get Laid in the bar scene.

I hope this helps you.

(Good Looking Loser Community member 'IllMike' actually recognized me and rolled with us for some of the night, he wrote about the night in the forum)

childrens-cancer-research-fundSummer Proceeds Benefit the Children's Cancer Research Fund

Full Nighttime Screening Video
(watch it in 1080p! individual videos and explanations are below)

Table of Contents
0:00 Introduction, Screening Overview, Humanitarian Efforts
4:00 Girl #1 (Sexually Available, Not DTF)
9:30 Girl #2 (Aggressive Move after Major Eye-Contact, Rejection)
10:15 Girl #3 (Not Available, Rejection)
11:10 Girl #4 (Sexually Available, Not DTF)
17:28 Girl #5 (Sexually Available, DTF)

Girl #1 (Sexually Available not DTF - Go Nowhere)

This is a good example of a girl that is single but is likely looking for a boyfriend or is simply not in 'party-mode'.

It's clear that she doesn't "hate" me because she leaves the place with me in about 20 seconds but she rejects both of my advances when I try and kiss her.

I make no real effort to engage her friends because they make no real effort to get in my way. Her friends are actually pretty friendly when I start talking about "Bone Thugz & Harmony" (rap group).

I take her away from the group as soon as I can - this is generally what we suggest when a girl is with friends.
(if the girl is with a guy in the group, he'll come get her and you can excuse yourself politely. We had an interaction like this that we didn't publish. The general rule is - SHOOT FIRST and ask questions later.)

After she pulls away from my 2nd attempt to kiss her, I walk off - this WAS NOT going anywhere.

There was no routine or funny line that was going to change that - I didn't even decide to take her number.

Don't analyze this too hard.

There's nothing more to it.

Memorable Moments

3:26 The girl says "You smell good..."

If you've watched some of my videos before, you'll know that I hear this a lot. At least one girl will compliment me on this every night (it happens again later with Girl #5). The cologne I discovered is the best smelling, least expensive scent on the entire planet. I've been telling you guys about it for years now. It smells mad good.

3:39 I ask her what she's studying and she apologizes for not majoring in a more interesting subject. When this sort of thing happens, the girl is "qualifying" herself. She thinks you are cooler than she is. You don't have to do anything special - just lay off the "game" stuff. The hyper-masculine CEO Frame can be ridiculously dominant and intimidating to a girl who is unsure of herself.

Anticipated FAQ

q: It seemed like this girl liked you, why didn't you slow down and take her number?

a: I didn't want to. The objective behind Screening is to find the girl(s) that are the best candidates to end up in your bed within the ~hour - not to "calibrate" your personality and intentions to suit their agenda if you don't want to. You are trying to find a girl that YOU LIKE, not just one that likes you.

q: It seemed like this girl didn't want to kiss you, why did you try and kiss her again?

a: Some girls need a few minutes to warm up. Shutting it down just because a girl isn't ready to makeout within 2 minutes isn't Screening - it's giving up. Not that many girls in a sober state will be totally willing to makeout in 2 minutes. Try again at 4 minutes.


Girl #2 (Who Knows, Rejection)

Night Screening 2/5 from Good Looking Loser on Vimeo.

(Don't try this without major eye contact)

This one was somewhat outside the realm of "Screening" but we decided to use it since the footage was pretty good and it only took about 30 seconds.

What I'm trying to do is -

After a girl who is walking toward me gives me very suggestive eye-contact, I put my hand up for a high-five and then pin her up against the wall to makeout with her. Not much verbal. If she goes along with that then I'll walk with her straight in the direction of my car (which is right around the corner).

She gives me MAJOR eye-contact but bails when I touch her.

It looks bad on video.*

Apparently she was just "checking me out".

Or she was staring at me because I'm the biggest douchebag within 50 miles.

Either way.

Intense eye-contact suggests interest but not necessarily DTF.

This type of thing is better done with drunk girls toward the later hours of the night. It was just about 10:15pm at this time and she probably wasn't intoxicated.

Yes. I have made this work and plan to do an entire video of this technique.

But yeah - it can look bad when it doesn't work.*

But we don't care when we look bad, only other people do.
(it would have been easy to delete this one but we decided to show it)

You feel me?

* The ironic thing is - NOBODY even noticed when I did this. Even the GLL guy that was with us thought I bumped into her by accident and she was laughing. Not quite. Sometimes you'll look like a creep - it's something that you have to accept if you are going to really go after that pussy.

Memorable Moment

0:15 This girl held unbroken eye contact with me for a good 15 yards. Despite the result, it was the most suggestive eye contact I got all night.

Anticipated FAQ

q: Why did you do that? What the hell is wrong with you?

a: Just wait. On a future video I'll show you what it looks like when it works. Several times.

q: Why did you say, "You're all sorts of sexy", instead of "Hey, I thought you were attractive and I wanted to come see what you were like/say hi."

a: When a girl holds strong eye contact, I go with more aggressive stuff. It's not a big deal though; the verbal never really is.


Girl #3 (Not Available - Rejection)

This interaction is a vintage as-bad-as-it-gets "rejection" to aggressive screening.

If you can handle this, you can handle Screening and will eventually reap the enormous benefits as compared to safe, slower, softer approaches.

If not, being aggressive is probably not for you.

This girl had a pretty face, but had several tattoos and definitely looked trashy - she was probably sexually available, but had no interest in me.

Most "rejections" when your looks are above-average will be due to [a lack of] sexual availability.

Once in a while, however, you will run into a girl that just doesn't like you/you aren't her type.

I'm pretty certain that was the case here.

But I can't say for sure - she was with a big group of people and might have already been fucking one of the guys. (or girls)

Memorable Moment

0:18 You can see the bouncers (wearing 'Staff' shirts) are watching me. They had been for a while. I can't imagine why though. The place was too damn dark; we should have shot elsewhere, but this was the harshest "rejection" I saw that night.

Anticipated FAQ

q: Why did you call the girl over to you instead of approaching her?

a: I could have walked over to her and the result would have been exactly the same. There was absolutely no reason why I did this instead of walking up to her. How you begin the interaction doesn't really matter.


Girl #4 (Available but Not DTF at that moment)

Very sexy girl.

Terrific body, very pretty face.

Like Girl #1, I take the girl away from the group as soon as I can.

The only reason this girl can't follow me to my car is because she is celebrating a birthday with a group of people that she works with.

Sometimes that's just an excuse, but you'll just have to take my word for it - she likes me.

She even tells me she wants to "hook up" another time. Pretty blatant. Pretty Rare.
(Now I've heard this before, but in this case it was true)

Girls will very rarely ditch their group of friends/co-workers DURING a birthday party, girl's night out, bachelorette party, if they already have after-party plans, etc.

It doesn't mean you can't sleep with them that night however.

Let me tell you how.

What to Do With the Phone Numbers You Get At Night

You could do the usual - Text all the new numbers on the following day.

Provided you made an impact, you'll hear back from some of them.

But there's a WAY BETTER alternative if the girl really liked you but couldn't leave with you.

Lets discuss.

Way too many guys wait until the following day(s) to text warm/very interested girls that they met at a bar or club because they don't want to "look needy".

While they are playing the "I'm So Not Needy" game - the girl's excitement/availability/sobriety changes.
(sometimes called 'Buying Temperature')

If you hit it off with a girl - you would be foolish not to text her later that night while you are still on her mind (and she is still in party mode).

The time to text these girls is at or around closing time.

Text her something like -

hey what are you up to


you calling it a night or you want to kick it some more


come party
(it helps to have an afterparty spot to accommodate her friends, but not entirely necessary)

She will let you know if she can meet up or often invite you to whatever she is doing.

REMEMBER - THEY LIKE YOU if they text you back at closing time.

You don't need to play "text game" with them.

If you haven't found a girl to go home with or have an after-party with additional candidates, text all your new numbers at closing time and see what your after hours options are.

The following day - about half of those numbers will be dead so you might as well see what happens.

You might be surprised how interested some girls are when they get away from their judgmental friends.

I didn't end up texting this girl later that night and you are about to find out why.

Memorable Moments

5:43 I stall out trying to think of what else I can do in this situation. There was a chance that THIS GIRL was the very best candidate to take home and the very best footage I could get that night.

Anticipated FAQ

q: Why did you take her outside the bar to an area where her friends could still watch?

That's a decent question since I usually tell you to GET HER AWAY from her friends/potential cockblocks ASAP.

By this time, we had been shooting for almost 2.5 hours and a lot of the footage was really dark and impossible to see. I began making a point to stick around the lighted areas or take girls to camera-friendly spots (that weren't too loud for the audio). Remember - I KNOW I'M BEING FILMED, I might have to try to do things that benefit the footage that I might not otherwise do.

In this case, I don't think it made a difference.

The girl liked me but seemingly wasn't leaving her friends/co-workers at that point in time.

q: Did you think this one was going to end in your bedroom?

a: Not until the girl agrees to "go for a walk" (out of sight of her friends) do I think that. It was going quite well - I was slightly disappointed but it gave me some momentum to finish the remainder of the night on a strong note.

q: Do you always walk into a bar and immediately pull a girl outside of the place?

a: No, but that's ultimately where every interaction is headed. Since the camera has me limited to the patio/street areas - that is definitely what I'm trying to do as soon as I can in these videos.


Girl #5 (Sexually Available and DTF)

Pretty girlie.

Definitely a "business woman" look.

The only bummer with the footage on this approach is that you can't see her staring my way as I walk up to the bar.

I had a really good feeling about this one when the girl compliments me on my hair (which is definitely my main weakness).

Only One or Two Girls Present a Legitimate Chance For Same Night Sex

Remember how I said that [on any given night] there will only be 1 or 2 girls who are sexually available, DTF and have workable logistics?

This is one of those.

These are the ones that you absolutely cannot let slip away.

The "game" (Getting Laid same day/night) is simply about converting these 1 or 2 legitimate DTF opportunities.

Not about convincing the other 10 unavailable girls to like you more.

I'm serious when I say that.

Even if you have universal sex appeal or "sick game", there will only be 1 or 2 girls that are sexually available, DTF and have workable logistics when you are doing cold approach in the bar scene.

Don't let anyone tell you otherwise.

This is why it's so important to have your own logistics handled; way too many guys place themselves in logistically impossible situations and hope they somehow Get Laid. In the bar scene, having an apartment within walking distance is ideal.

Again -

You will have ONE or TWO legitimate workable opportunities in a night.
(obviously you will have some nights where there's multiple girls that are DTF or absolutely no girls that are DTF)

If you locate these ONE or TWO girls and bat .500, you'll be amazing at this stuff.

The only reason Brian and myself are qualified to teach this stuff (and can Get Laid on any given night) is because we are able to spot the 1 or 2 DTF girls and go the distance with them most of the time.

But don't get it twisted - there are nights when NOTHING comes to the surface and it ends with a slice of shitty pizza or at some disgusting diner that serves trans fat.

Memorable Moments

1:35 "Going Back to Cali" is playing. Unfortunately you can't hear it.

3:40 Since we're going to sleep with each other (she might had decided by this point), she asks me my name.

10:55 This is my "false pretense". I politely invite the girl to jump in the hot tub instead of saying, "Do you want to have sex inside my bed?"

This is similar to a well-known false pretense, "Let's watch a movie."

She knows full well what I'm suggesting and that we aren't going to have a platonic hot tub party.

11:22 From this point on, I don't let go of her hand until she texts her friends that I'm taking care of her. But it's not like she's trying to get away.

13:10 Of course I smell good.

Anticipated FAQ

q: You got lucky that she was temporally away from her friend and needed a ride - would this have happened if her friends were there?

a: Who knows. YOU MAKE YOUR OWN LUCK. That's how this stuff works.

You have no control over a girl's sexual availability, social commitments or logistics.


Throughout the course of a night, you will find "floaters" that are alone in the bar scene -
(not so much in the Club Scene - where girls come in groups and are all leaving together - often for a preplanned after-party)

Girls who are away from friends, looking for friends, waiting for friends, parting from friends, live within walking distance of the venue (usually a local bar hopper), getting off work, waiting for a taxi or are just doing their own thing.

Spotting these girls isn't hard -


Okay, just go talk to her and see what her deal is.

Proceed accordingly.

Anticipated FAQ

q: Why didn't you take her out of the place like you did with Girl #1 and Girl #4?

a: This is actually a decent question and not just a product of Mr. Too Sophisticated over-analyzing.

When I met her, she had a drink in her hand.

You can't take drinks outside the bar.

I want her to finish that drink and then we'll leave the bar.

That is not something I expect everyone to realize.

Even though I don't do this stuff full-time anymore, I picked up on this immediately.

Let the girls finish their drinks and then bounce.
(unless she's fully ready to leave)

q: So what happened when you left?

a: The same thing that always happens when you leave a bar with a girl.

It happens for countless random guys EVERY NIGHT, IN EVERY MAJOR CITY or college town.

It's time for you to join the party.

girl hot tub

You Aren't Smooth!

I'm going to have to spend the next 2 weeks explaining this to the geek squad.

Lets make sure the far more socially experienced Good Looking Loser community understands this though.

Notice how Approaches 2 and 3 aren't smooth?

Notice how Approaches 4 and 5 are?

Do you know what the difference is?

The girls in 4,5 are sexually available (and like me).

The girls in 2,3 are not sexually available.

I look smooth because girls 4,5 are following my aggressive lead because they like me.

I look "un-smooth" because girls 2,3 are not following my aggressive lead because they don't like me.

See how this works?

The girls that like you - will talk back to you, follow your lead and it will go "smoothly".

The girls that don't (or aren't sexually available) - will not really talk back to you, will not follow your lead and it will go "un-smoothly".

It's nothing I did right or "wrong".

I know. Social dynamics are really complicated. Amazing insight huh?
(this is sarcasm - which I often don't include in these posts)

In fact, if you want to see a "smooth rejection/no-go" - watch video #1 again.

That's as smooth as it gets with a girl that isn't really interested.

It's never going to be totally smooth when you try to take a girl out of the bar in under 60 seconds. Even if she likes you.

Girls never see this type of masculine aggressiveness. They are excited by it but will often be cautious.

Trying to be smooth is a recipe for "safe game" and safe game is a recipe for plenty of lonely nights.

So enough with this "Mr. Smooth" shit.


That's for pick up artists who consider getting a fake phone number a victory.

You are trying to GET LAID.
(insert oversized penis into vaginal tract for mutual pleasure)

If you need reinforcement on this concept or need to understand why being smooth shouldn't be a concern, read this discussion -

This video is not to suggest that Screening is the ONLY thing that works.

All "game" works because sexual (physical) attraction has very little to do with "game" (with the exception of general confidence).

Screening (seeing which girls are legitimately interested/DTF in the first 30 seconds) is just the most productive and efficient if you are looking to Get Laid.

Other safer methods work better if your goal is just to "meet women", avoid rejection or not Get Laid.

smooth guy

Pour Conclure

So there you have it.

This was our first best attempt at getting professional instructional footage for Nighttime Screening.

I didn't love the footage as compared to the first crystal-clear professional video.

But it's impossible to shoot inside of loud poorly lit bars at night and this is what it looks like.

Remember GLLosers -

Being aggressive doesn't necessarily mean being "flashy".


A little goes a long way too.

You don't have to be all "touchy-feely" either.

You just have to be more assertive than the average guy who waits 25+ minutes to touch a girl he just met.

In our opinion, once a girl likes you - you should be taking the interaction toward your car or bedroom (literally - start walking there).

The speed is really exciting to the girl.

She'll go along with it even if she's not fully comfortable.
(that's part of the excitement)

When I later spoke to the forum member who saw us out that night, he twice mentioned that he thought that "aggressive" meant a lot of groping, pulling and endless crazy stuff.

It can.

In spurts.

But not necessarily.

The problem with those highlight videos that show multiple 3 to 5 second clips where there's all sorts of groping, butt smacking, physical escalation is that it has no context whatsoever and highly distorts how this stuff is done.

Some people are led to believe that THE ENTIRE INTERACTION is nothing but "balls to the wall" dynamic moves and flirtatious lines.

It's not.

Being aggressive means -

  1. Talking to a lot of girls (numbers game)
  2. With fairly normal verbal dialogue (small talk)
  3. But moving quickly with physical dialogue (Killer Instinct)

Some guys find it helpful to consider every interaction simply foreplay.
(this is different than Nervous Guy or Basic Guy game)

It doesn't mean you can't throw in some witty lines, funny jokes or cool stories (I do, I say the same stuff over-and-over) - it just isn't the focus of the interaction.

This full video was a B1TCH to upload, so I hope you enjoyed it.


How to Make This Video Useful

Just like anything you read, hear or see - you HAVE NOT learned anything until you apply it, OVER and OVER.

That is how learning happens.

Reading, hearing or seeing is not learning.

Realistically, after you walk away from your computer, you will only remember very minute details that you saw in this video.

That's fine.

Just pick ONE THING that you saw or read and APPLY IT.

Do it over-and-over until it becomes second nature and then work on something else.

If this video "teaches" you nothing more than -

And You try it and it works or eventually works...

That is a tremendous win.

Not only will you have a "new move" but you'll have a more aggressive mindset.
(When you start your interactions this way - you naturally move faster. You are halfway home. Literally.)

If this video "teaches" you nothing more than -

And That inspires you to talk to girls when you are scared...

That is an enormous win.

If this video "teaches" you nothing more than -

And That becomes your new 'default' way to kiss a girl...

That is great too.

Just take ONE THING from the video and try to slip it into your interactions.

Eventually you'll get faster and faster.

That's exactly how I did it.

the end

Let us know what you think of the video

and of any questions you might have -