Help! She's Hitting On Me!
(I'm not prepared for this "situation")

Other than telling you some stories from my life, I specifically do not speak in-depth about special/hypothetical situations about picking up chicks under special, specific circumstances.

As enlightening as 'situational pick up' sounds (e.g. if you are at the gym, do this... if you are at the bar, do this... if you are at the airport, do this... if you are hiding in the girl's locker room, do this...), all it does is clutter your brain with further theory that you won't consistently use and suggests that your "game" or certain techniques can create a significant amount of physical attraction.

Regardless of your "game", over 90% of your verbal interaction is "normal people talk" (also known as small talk, chit-chat).

If you have recently come back from a PUA-rehab facility or far away planet, I will state again - "game" does not create a significant amount of sexual attraction. It creates some but will not help you break the 'looks threshold' if you are below a girl's standards for sex appeal, swag factor (status) or cannot hold a normal conversation.

"Game" is not going to make girls like you if they don't want to be seen with you.

You are better off having 1 or 2 basic approaches that you are familiar with and freestyle (aka flirt) once you get even more comfortable.

You need to have above-average fundamentals.

Not to Get Laid a few times, but to get a significant amount of action with high-quality chicks.

There is one common "situation" that is worth discussing because I need you to see that the "situation" IS NOT A SITUATION AT ALL.

That situation is when a random girl is hitting on you, or simply initiating conversation (which suggests that she is interested in you).

clipart present hot girl

Here's a story from one day when I left my apartment:

When I was at the tanning salon (our guide to safe tanning will come out soon), the hottest girl I've seen all year started hitting on me. Her name was Kyrissa and she was way too hot to be hitting on any guy in a sober state - let alone, while she was working.

Although this was a bit of a 'Red Flag', it can certainly happen - but usually not so directly, "Chris, you better lock the door to your [tanning] room, otherwise I'm going to have to come in," "You need to make sure you flip over [in the bed] or your tushy is going to burn burn burn."

Anyway, I did what I would do in any interaction -


I grab her hand, lead her out from behind the counter and tell her to come sit down with me on the chairs in the waiting area.
(the other girl on staff stays at the cash register)

"Hey, I want to talk to you, come sit down for a second."
(similar to 7:50 in this video)

After exchanging 'small talk' (name, location, interests, weekend stories, etc.) with her for about 5 minutes - I ask for her number.

Like a lot of girls that hit on guys, she wanted to take my number instead.
(I still have no idea why they do this)

I refused and told her that I would be taking her number.

And After some half-serious/half-flirtatious back-and-forth, I told her -

"Your job is to be the girl and my job is to be the guy."

"You aren't the guy. Okay?"

"I will call you. You will answer."
(I find myself saying this when girls are being bossy - even if they are kidding)

So I took her number.

More on Kyrissa at another time.
(she was the type of blonde untouchable hottie that has pussy hair that is lighter than her bronze skin, if she didn't have a million-dollar smile, she would be completely scary)

This is exactly how I suggest you handle ANY AND ALL situations when a girl initiates with you.

Matter of fact, you should handle ALL "SITUATIONS" just like that.


Don't stand there flirting back-and-forth for long.

Don't stand there looking for further evidence that she likes you.

Don't stand there thinking about 'witty-er' or 'more funnier' lines to spit back at her.

Don't stand there on her watch, waiting for her to ask you out.

Way too many guys just stand there and assume the role of the female.
(I'm not saying that this never works - you are just better off taking my advice 100% of the time)


This is no different than any other situation -

Got it?

Same situation as if you walked up to her - except now, you know that she's interested.

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If you are in a bar or club, you can go further.

If a girl approaches you or starts talking to you, IMMEDIATELY TAKE CONTROL and take her by the hand to go sit down/go somewhere else with you.

She's already interested, you just have to see if she's DTF or how available she actually is.

In some situations, you'll run into some cases where the girl approached you because her friend thought you were hot or she (and her group) are looking for cocaine.

In the first case - find out which friend likes you, "Oh, who's your friend? Introduce me to her."

TAKE CONTROL OVER IT and take her to a private place to "talk".

In the second case - handle it however you see fit - going somewhere private. I can't tell you how many Orange County (or "OC") girls have come looking for cocaine from me or my friends.

* Here's a tip, mainly for nightclubs - if a girl approaches you and she seems to be very physical (touching you, especially your arms or chest) - immediately grab her hair and kiss her. Bite her neck. More often than not, these types are strictly looking for cocaine. Don't take it personally, as these type of girls have an agenda. In fact, you can be flattered that they thought you were cool and might have cocaine on you - dorks and losers aren't approached like this.

If they don't run off and continue making out with you - try to take them out of the club (or into the bathroom).

They are DTF and not just looking for drugs.

Whatever the "situation", you should IMMEDIATELY TAKE CONTROL OVER IT.

Don't just "let it play out".

Like I said, this is NO DIFFERENT than what you should be doing in the first place.

 clipart hot cowgirl

Common Sense?

This certainly seems like common sense: hopefully it is.

The fact of the matter is, most guys don't usually do this.

"Normal Guys" generally safely flirt back with the girl to no end, often acting like they just won the lottery and they are destined to get laid that night.

"Weirdo Guys" (also known as pick up artists), generally start "qualifying" the girl, playing "hard to get" or executing some other strange overkill technique.

Neither are particularly necessary and both eventually become pretty strange to a girl that is ALREADY INTERESTED in you.

Cut the bullshit and begin the process of getting the chick in-private, where she wants to be if you seem to be as cool as you look.

Killer Instinct.

 clipart teasing girl

Hot Girls?

You may have noticed that I specified "Hot Girls" in this post, as I generally do on most posts.

There's a reason for that.

Hot (or just attractive) girls don't have to hit on guys and the vast majority never do.

If the girl isn't attractive and she's hitting on you - that's because she has to.

In which case, you can act however you want and as long as you don't come off as completely gay/creepy they'll be happy to see you again.
(if you aren't interested in a girl, be nice and let her down politely, don't hurt her feelings)

With hot sexually active chicks, however, it's important to dominate them from the get-go and reek masculinity. Especially the hot "alpha" girls that like to flirt with guys and then start sending mixed messages. 

They aren't as excited about meeting the Good Looking Goofball Man - if they aren't looking for a boyfriend.

 clipart hot blonde

The Window

This largely applies to bars and clubs where the girls are all dressed up, flaunting their sexual power and getting intoxicated.

It's important that you understand what is going on when a girl hits on you.

Assuming she's not doing so for a friend or seeking out cocaine, it generally means that SHE LIKES YOU and is SEXUALLY AVAILABLE. (aka "The Window")
(as usual, you find out by touching them or trying to take them to quieter/more private area)

Don't assume that the 2nd factor will stay that way forever.

When she sobers up or wakes up the following day, you may just be another "Bar Guy" or "Club Slut" to her - NO MATTER HOW GOOD LOOKING YOU ARE.

She might not even remember that she was the one hitting on you.

It is imperative that you learn to STRIKE while "The Window" is open or while the iron is hot, like Brian (Scotty) says.

You should immediately be thinking of leaving the place or "going for a walk" after you've flipped some small talk with the girl and kissed her.

It doesn't mean you have to move that fast - usually it's best that you get a drink together - but your mind/moves need to be moving toward the exit.

For more information on "The Window", read this discussion about Killer Instinct and learn "The One Killer Instinct Move You Need to Know - Follow Me"

Boss girls around with the "CEO/Executive Frame".



So that's it, short and sweet.

Don't make this complicated - it's not. 

In fact, it's no different than any other situation.