Made in New York, Not Hollywood

Maybe it's my time of the month, but I've been on a roll with the emotional content, earlier this morning I wrote and published "What A Grammy Award Winning A-List Celebrity Told Me Me About Myself That Made Me Want To Cry" in one sitting.

I'm trying to ride the momentum, so here goes again -

- Scotty, the original "other" Good Looking Loser has officially announced his retirement [from teaching/the lifestyle].

I write this piece with a heavy heart, but a smile and not tears on my face.

I always knew this day would come.

Whether my good friend would be alive to read it - I wasn't really sure.

At times, I would have bet against it. So would he.

Thankfully this is simply a "retirement announcement" and not an obituary.

Unlike most biographical stories that are rarely totally legitimate, let alone not exaggerated - the legend of "Scotty Flamingo" is nearly identical to the true story. He was is larger than life.

scotty the trashbag 244x300

He Good Is He?

I obviously have no idea who outside the "pick up community" is better than he, but I would bet my life on him up against any other "guru" (if such a silly competition was possible).

He is nothing short of the best of all time (in cold approach results/not "information") in my opinion.

A label that he would immediately humbly decline if I ever said so in one of our Podcasts.

Experience = Unmatched

Social Freedom = Unmatched

Edge = Unmatched

Speed = Unmatched

Potential = Exceeded

Goals = Completely Shattered

Sexual Frustration = None

Average Hours on Date Before Sex = Zero

Killer Instinct = This entire concept is primarily based on him

Demons = Many

But he was the best.

scotty 4

He was one of the founding fathers of Good Looking Loser, one of the most influential people in my life.

Many years ago, I would sit in silence for hours on end (speaking to only assure him our phone call was still connected) as he selflessly taught he everything he knew. Still to this day he provides me with insight that I had never thought of. Without sounding arrogant, he is the only person on the face of the earth that can still teach me any "pick up shit".

Even as a close friend, having got my own absolutely enormous share of pussy, I could not help but be in awe of some of the things I've seen him do right before my very eyes.

The guys that had the rare opportunity to work with him confirm this -

In some of those workshops, I suggested he to go "half speed" so nothing crazy happened.

He's gotten more action than anyone I know.
(this is obviously hard to confirm, but it's a pretty safe bet)

The most impressive thing - his supply was nearly all from cold-approach pick up, an otherwise low-percentage game.

For the past 7+ years, 5 or 6 days a week,♥ Scotty was either picking up girls or sleeping with one. He rarely took consecutive days off.
♥ - for the most part

scotty and chris

People in the Good Looking Loser Community would always curiously ask -

Where's Scotty??

since he would randomly disappear from the forum for long periods of time.

Where was he?

He was picking up girls or literally having sex with one/some of them. He might have been sleeping, at the gym or staring at his fantasy football team, but those chances were less likely.

Even I, one of his closet friends, had trouble getting ahold of him after about 5 pm.

We got to know a lot of the 'professional' pick up artists in our day, both in New York and Los Angeles, the vast majority of them didn't pick up girls anytime other than at their workshops. Some of them only went out to "practice" prior to their workshops which they referred to as a "maintenance night" or "pre-game".

Scotty, however, was really living the lifestyle.

scotty suck it

Although I suggest "picking up girls" as part of your overall lifestyle after you beat approach anxiety, picking up girls literally was the lifestyle for Scotty. He would feel restless and wouldn't be home unless he was having sex or sleeping.

The Soho District, Brooklyn, Queens, Upstate, Long Island, bars, clubs, gyms, restaurants, malls (until he was asked to never return) - you name it. It was his turf.

He spent 20 to 30 hours a week meeting women, sometimes 40+ hours, sometimes even 50+ if he was doing workshops, sometimes needing only 5 minutes to get horny girls into his car.

The only scenario where he didn't talk to at least 50 girls in a week was when he has a fuckbuddy (or 3) that insisted on having sex with him.

More pussy and more rejections than 99.999% of guys will ever experience.

I don't know ANYONE who got more action from cold-approach pick up and I know plenty of guys that are REALLY GOOD with women.

Aaron Sleazy knows what I'm talking about.

He was the very best at it, by a long shot, in my opinion.

scotty 3

Sex, Drugs and Everything Else

Scotty is HIGHLY genetically prone to substance abuse.

He fed that 'bad wolf' everyday.

Having dealt with my own less destructive addictions, I can tell you that it is indeed a DISEASE.

A disease like cancer, that my brother died from.

A disease like dementia that is currently ravaging my mother's brain.

A disease that has ruined the lives of so many people far more talented than I.

Scotty (ironically, Scotty Flamingo/Raven), lived the life a WWF professional wrestler (minus the wrestling... sometimes...).

His life was a movie and he did his own stunts.

Extreme amounts of sex, drugs and everything under the sun.

Far beyond "Nothing in Moderation".

An unsatisfiable self-destructive quest for adrenaline, euphoria, life and death - by any means necessary.

Wake up and we do it all over again!

Incredible highs.

Even lower lows.

A yo-yo of reality and self-worth.

A lifestyle, car accidents, unmeasured cocktails and 4 on 1 street fights that would have killed a weaker man a long time ago.

I lived a similar but, but by comparison, much more mundane lifestyle in my mid/late 20's.

It was always supposed to be "a stage" both for of us.

We swore to it.

Scotty never stopped though.

Until now.

scotty suit

Who Is Brian Harris (Scotty)?

After well over a decade of sex/drug abuse, with just over 1 month of total sobriety (by far the longest to date), Scotty is learning who he is.

He didn't remember what sober life was like and dismissed it a non-option for so many years.

At the zenith of his "career", with 10+ fuckbuddies and an endless supply for the taking - he became genuinely more interested in helping others Get Laid and appreciate their lives.

He was living the life of dreams and everyone else's dreams - but also the nightmare that he desperately wanted to awake from.

He is a very, very, very giving person who would get out of bed in a full withdrawal to help a friend in need.

At heart, he is probably more caring and less entitled than I.

I've always known this about him and he is just re-learning that about himself as his real consciousness returns.

scotty and dog

Pour Conclure

Like Scotty, I neither want to romanticize nor dwell on this particular part of the past.

It was a stage of massive success and destruction.

All there is today and hopefully tomorrow.

Thankfully my friend will get to experience it.

There's always a chance that Scotty "comes out of retirement" but that is hardly worth entertaining right now.

His priority is and should be on recovery.

From picking up girls to bodybuilding to anything he's ever put his mind/time to, Scotty has won and won big.

This next challenge, which is off to a good start, will be his next victory.

I want to wish him well and lend my support.

He is the reason that Good Looking Loser lives.


Scotty's "rejection" video

If you left him a note below, it would be much appreciated.

These kind of things really motivate him.