Phone and Text Game

Phone and Text "Game" Audio (~22 minutes)

This section explains how and what to text girls (that you want to bang). Read this then see the links below.

The goal is to Get Laid.
That is the ONLY purpose of calling or texting girls.

This is quite different from other programs/advice columns where the goal of calling / texting a girl is to 'work on' a girl and try to get them to to "like" you more. If you have screened the girl by being aggressive (sexually-charged dialogue + physical advances), she is usually IN or OUT.
If she gives you her number, she's usually (but not always) IN.
This is one of the many advantages of screening and being aggressive.

This is the easiest section to learn and apply.

Sometimes (most of the time), you logistically can't Get Laid and you have to take a girl's number so you can bang her at a later date. This is how to do it.

If you've met a girl and taken her number after being aggressive (sexually-charged dialogue + physical advances), MOST OF THE WORK IS ALREADY DONE. You've screened her and expressed your own sexual interest. She knows what to expect.

She knows it's not a "friend" thing or that you want to audition a on date to try and be her boyfriend.
She knows that you are cool guy, looking to Get Laid and you can probably give her a damn good experience. After giving their number to an aggressive "player" guy, most girls know they are signing on to have a fun time, have sex and take it from there with no strings attached.

The good thing is, you ALSO know what to expect.
You know that she "likes you" since you've screened her and she didn't "Get Lost," you know that she is sexually available since you screened her and she didn't "Get Lost," now you just gotta finish the job.

Keeping all that in mind, "She likes you. She's sexually available." There's no reason to wait, play games or not follow up with her very quickly. In fact, you're encouraged to follow up with her since you have a great deal of momentum if you've had a good first interaction with her.

She likes you. She's sexually available. She probably knows your player and not trying to be boyfriend. You took her number. That's the deal. That next step in the process is hanging out and SEX.

She probably won't flake either because she knows what your about and she digs it.

I Hope She Like Me Game = Flakes

Most guys run "I Hope She Likes Me Game," where they try to get the girls to like them and pass their tests. Later, the girl decides if the guy is worth another minute of her time. To not be rude, girls might keep the guy as a text buddy to help her ego- but never ever consider meeting up with him. The guy will often text this girl for months, thinking he is "working on her". The game ended a long time ago.

The phone/text strategy that most guys use is the same "I Hope She Likes Game," stuff. From approach to phone/text to date. They try harder-and-harder to get the girl "attracted" to them, even though she likely already decided his fate. Guy will have enormous 10-hour long text thread full of "witty" comments, stupid stories, useless role plays and more waste-of-time stuff.

Listen, 99% of the time- after you've met a girl, screened her, she already has decided if she's going to meet up with you. If she answers your text or phone call, then she is interested/maybe interested in you and probably willing (and looking forward) to meeting up. There is no guessing here.

this is a perfect example of this with a top 1% girl in Los Angeles-

LR: Briana Super Hot Overachiever Girl

There is absolutely NO NEED for long text-threads and other waste of time stuff. The reason the guys think that stuff works is- the girl ALREADY liked them enough to pick up her phone and meet up. They just wasted their time.

Screen the girl. If she passes- you have are halfway home.
Call her, meet up, finish the job.

**Ridiculously easy, effective phone and text blueprint**


What if She Texts Back But Won't Pick Up My Call? And MASS Text Technique

* Most guys feel that Los Angeles is the easiest place to get a number, but the hardest to get girls to meet up. I have been VERY successful in Los Angeles- very few girls ever "flake" on me. That is a result of screening, building a adequate real emotional connection with small talk and this phone/text strategy.

I swear to God- it works SO WELL. I hardly get flakes and when I do, I generally still get them, if they are sexually available, with some persistence. Try it :)

In "100 Approaches with Average Guy Game," I took a lot more numbers than I usually take.