Pick Up Lines & Openers: What to say when you approach a girl that you want to bang

This is undoubtedly going to be a popular post, let me preface it by saying:

It's not what you say, it's how you say it.

Remember- ALL of these lines are used to SCREEN girls. Not to get them to like you.

You're "Mr. Pussy Inspector, not Mr. Funny Man".

You can say (communicate) all this stuff with confidence, arrogance, timidness or complete insecurity. It takes some time, don't sweat it. Just work on it.

The result is a product of how well you carry yourself, your body language, voice tone, voice speed, eye contact, etc. These all naturally get better as you get more comfortable, don't set out to try in improve them separately and don't think that you have improve them over night. It's sort of like public speaking, the more you speak - the more comfortable you get - the more comfortable you get - the better you get - the better you get - the more confidence you get - the more confidence you get - the better you get.

Pickup Lines - What's the Deal? Overview, Perspective, etc. (audio)

I've picked up hot girls saying, "My best friend just died... How long until I can fuck his girlfriend?" and "Hi, how are you?"and "You're fucking awesome. High five." and "You look like you have a great.... metabolism." and "I don't do this too often, but I just wanted to come over to tell you that you are were cute and see what you were like." Not one is necessarily better than the other, how you carry yourself and what you say after you opening line is more important than your opening line.

An opening line is simply a hello.

When you're picking up chicks, foreplay begins at "hello," regardless of what you say.

It is a decent idea to have a few lines that you are comfortable with so you never "don't know what to say". You don't need 20+ lines, you just need 1 or 2 that you like. Don't try to memorize all these lines or think that certain situations call for a specific line. They don't. Just use your line and then use it again. I've used a lot of the lines hundreds and hundreds of times. Once you get good and relaxed you can drop the opening lines if you want.

Aside from that, you should put some element of your personality and screening into what you say. Approaching girls is a screening process, if you are trying to get laid- you want boring, nonsexual girls to get lost. Remember, screening for sexual availability is the most important thing.

Ultimately a good or bad opening line won't get you laid or rejected. It's merely the start of your screening process. Opening lines alone are usually not sufficient for an entire screening process. The exception is if you are completely direct- "I'm looking for a girl that is down to fuck - are you down to fuck?" (I've said that a few times, didn't work too well, there's better options than that line haha)

remember it's not what you say - it's how you say it.

It takes some practice. You should practice. You might get laid in the process.

Here's a real-time video (not just audio) with Chris and Scotty discussing pick up lines:

Here's a list of opening lines / pick lines - whatever you want to call them. I've used them all. They work.

*I'll add to this section continuously*

Just like any approach, the chick will be more warm to you if you make eye contact and smile at her ahead of time. If you can't get eye contact, just barge in and run your game. These lines also work when you point at the girl / motion to the girl to come walk over to talk to you.

Genuine Pick Up Lines (audio)

Genuine lines - these won't get you rejected too often, but you are encouraged to follow it up with more aggressive material to screen the chick (listen to audio above). These are good lines and will get a warm reception for just about anyone and may be particularly effective if you are decent looking or if girls tend to view you as a player.

Hey, I'm not hitting on you but I just wanted to tell you that I thought you were attractive

Hey, I'm not hitting on you but I thought you were cute and wanted to come see what you were like

Hey I don't do this too often, but I thought were attractive and wanted to come see what you were like

Hey, you're adorable, I think I'm going to adopt you my little sister

Hey there, I know this is a little random and I don't do this too often, but I just wanted to tell you that I thought were attractive

Hey, I wanted to tell you that you're the cutest girl I've seen all day

Hey, I'm not hitting on you, but thought you were attractive so I wanted to come and introduce myself - I'm Chris

Hey, I'm not hitting on you but I wanted to tell you that you are the cutest I've seen all day

Random/Aggressive-ish/Weird Pick Up Lines - What I Say, How I Say Them, etc. (3 Audios)

Aggressive-ish Random lines - these are funny lines that we have used. Some of them have some teasing or sexual innuendo. Some of these are best used at night in bars and clubs. (only use them if you think it's funny, some of this shit is very random). Keep a smile on your for most of these :)

Are you guys here for the sausage party? Is that why you're standing around? Cuz I'm a one man sausage fest.

Nice shoes, you weirdo.

Are you Persian? (girl: Yes / No) Okay great, cause my mechanic is Persian. He actually sucks at fixing cars. He's out of town this weekend and my car is fucked up again. So look, I'll need you come by my house and help me fix this car.

Are you Asian? (to any Asian girl)

Are you Black? (to a Black girl)

say "I love you." 3 or 4 times very quickly

Wow you're tough I've gonna hire you to be my bodyguard.

Wow, you gotta license for those guns? then grab her arm

Can you dunk [a basketball]? (to tall girls)

Girl where you get your eyes from? (ideally to black girls)

Girl you look so good I wish I could plant you and grow a field of ya'll (to black girls)

"What the fuck is this the fucking smoking section? Gross." then take out a cigarette and ask her to light it (to girls that are smoking)

Gross. Look at you. You're fucking chimney! A fucking chimney! (if you are smoking and she is too)

My best friend just died... How long until I can fuck his girlfriend?? Cause that's the kind of guy I am. (then introduce yourself nicely)

"Guess what I learned today- when you are sleeping during the night your heart actually stops for 45 minutes to an hour..." Girl says, "Really?" "Seriously?" or "Wow," you say, "No. I'm completely lying to you."

I just want to say... We are... stunning... Mostly me. (point to yourself) But you guys aren't bad either. (this line can make good looking guys seem arrogant if the girls aren't too pretty)

Smile! (put your hands on your lips and signal 'big smile')

You're cute. (girl will say, "Thank you.") wait for a second and then say, "Well.... aren't you going to tell me that I'm cute?"

You'll never guess who I just saw... I'm so star-struck... It was like my childhood hero. (girl will ask, "Who?") you say, "Mr. Belding." (or any other lame D-list celebrity)

I'm thirsty, you want to buy me a drink? Yeah, that's a good idea. Why don't you buy me drink? I'll have a Long Island Ice Tea. Hold on my friend might want something too. (girl will usually laugh and say that you should buy her a drink)

Who would win in a fight? (pause) I got my money on.... you. (say it to a group of 2 girls)

High five! (put your hand up for a high five)

You're awesome! (put your hand up for a high five) "You're awesome!" "Don't fight it!" "You're awesome" (keep saying it until the girls smiles)

Hey, we're the coolest people in this place, look around, we're definitely the coolest people in this place, look over there see those 2 guys/2 girls, they want to be just like just like us and look at those 2 guys/2 girls, they are trying to be cool but they know they aren't as coolest as us." (you can point at different people and make fun of them, try not to go too far and come off arrogant)

Did you just grab my ass?? You did, didn't you?? I looked at you and you seemed nice, but I guess you're just another girl that just wants to have sex with me.

"Hey, I noticed we have something in common". girl says, "What?" you say, "You're white trash just like me."

Do you know how to blow smoke rings? girl says, "Yes/No," if she does let her do it. If she doesn't, say, "Okay, watch this, you gotta watch closely, ready? you gotta focus. ready? I'm going to show you." take a drag and just blow a huge exhale in her face. (only to smoking chicks, if it's a group usually one girls want to show off and do it.

Can you touch your elbows behind your back? girls, "Yes/No," tell her, "Try it. when a chick tries to do this it forces her boobs forward, just laugh at her. (this line is best on big breasted girls)

Forrest Gump was a nice guy but he didn't get a lot of pussy.

Aggressive-ish High impact "Get Laid or Get Lost" sexual screening (sometimes funny) lines.

"Did we have sex last weekend? Cause you look really familiar."

"You're Sexy. Tell me your name"

"Hey, take a guess what I got in my pants." then show the girl your wallet or something and accuse them of being horny and nasty

"When was the last time you got laid?" (girl says something) "It's been 43 years for me, so I'm really looking for a chick that's DTF (down to fuck)."

"It is true that if someone blows cigarette smoke in your face, they are attracted to you?" (smoking girl says something) then hit her with a huge exhale right in her face. (only use on girls that are smoking; sometimes they'll return the favor and blow smoke at you) * I learned in Law School that blowing smoke at someone is actually 'assault' - so only do this to chicks that are smoking.

"Have you had plastic surgery before? I have. In fact, I just had a penis implant.... It's awesome... I've tripled my size in just one day.... Isn't that fucking awesome? Guess how big I am now??" (girl says something) "3 inches" (or reply with a lower number than she says and excuse her of getting horny) Works good if you have a big cock, but it doesn't matter that much.

"You look fucking delicious."

 Non-Verbal Openers / Nervous Guy Lines & Game (audio)

Non-Verbal Openers - These don't have words.

* Hip bump and smile

* Butt bump and smile

* High Five

Nervous Guy Game - with this type of opener you are "pretending you are nervous," if you are WAY better looking than the chick, look like a huge player or seem like you are WAY cooler (e.g. she is poorly dressed, dorky or very shy) than this type of game is pretty good. The idea is make yourself seem like a really nice guy who won't fuck her and kick her to the curb. Don't use this on smoking hot girls, unless you are a known celebrity or something.

"Hey there, I'm kinda nervous because I'm shy and I usually don't talk to people I don't know, but I decide to talk to you because I think you might be nice."

"Hi there, I'm sorta nervous because I'm shy. Because I'm shy I don't usually meet people. Because I don't usually meet people I'm not very good at this. But you had a nice smile so I wanted to say hi."

 ... that's it for now!

You could simply take one of the lines listed above and and use it 10,000 times. Again, you don't need a specific opening line for specific scenarios. Scotty has used the same 2 or 3 openers over 3 years. I like to change stuff up to keep it fun, knowing full well that it's not what you say, it how you say it.  Remember, you aren't trying to impress the girl or trying to get her to like you- you are screening her to see if she's cool and potentially down to fuck.

You should begin to screen the chick when you start talking to her or shortly thereafter. After you say your opening line, she'll either smile or she won't. It doesn't matter. Start building a physical dialogue with the chick, lightly touch her (especially if it's a at night). If she doesn't reply or starts talking about something that you don't want to hear- try to stay dominant and just keep running your game, keep screening her. Some chicks are shy and they need a minute. Ultimately, she'll either come around or she won't. If she doesn't pass the screening test, go up to the next hot chick and do the exact same thing. Getting laid is simply a numbers game. You're going to Get Laid or she can Get lost.

Most of our material is pretty funny and sexually charged. Mix it with some normal generic conversation. If she doesn't dig it then she's sexually unavailable or she sucks. Either way, move on, these lines are good.

Remember- ALL of these lines are used to SCREEN girls. Not to get them to like you.

Yummy Buns! Look at her beautiful buns! Yum Yum.

>> no, I haven't had sex with the girls pictured above- I got asked that 2 days ago. haha.

Pointless information about Chris:

My preferences have changed so much over the years. I used to really dig the tall, thin, fashion model-looking chicks. For whatever reason, being on the East Coast there were very few blondes.

They say, "You want what you don't have," sure enough my preference changed from the tall brunette model to the bleached blonde California platinum blonde. That stayed pretty consistent.

I'm in decent shape and I like chicks that are in shape too. Chicks with bubble butts I especially like. In Los Angeles, especially in Venice and Santa Monica, the girls are athletic and in shape. It's great! I don't know the chicks in the image above or to the right, but for some reason I look at them and I'm pretty sure I could get all 3 of them. Years ago, I'd think, "Wow, I wonder what it would be like to taste her pussy." Years later, I was banging chicks that looked like this and even better.

If you have any questions or comments, definitely don't hesitate to post below.