Mr. Funny Man Good Looking Loser

A lot people are surprised to find that Scotty and I spent a good 2-3 years around the seduction community, that's actually where we met each other.

Some people still don't believe it. I don't either.

Like any other new student- we came in optimistic, average experience at best and unaware the majority of the authorities in the community never got laid. Ever. For both of us, it wasn't until we started doing our own thing did we experience a high level of pussy, from a high level of pussy. From what we've seen, not everyone is so "fortunate," but that's neither here nor there.

As I'm just now digging through my old laptop that my friend brought back to life on Wednesday, I discovered this quick audio from 2008. It's shorter after I found the seduction community. Now that I listen to it for the first time in 3 or 4 years, I remember what I felt like doing this stuff. It's just a minute long, but my voice reminds me of what I really felt like inside. How scared I was and more significantly- how I wasn't putting out a sexy vibe that hot women want.

In fact, I sound like I'm a homosexual. (really)

It's not in the actual words (you'll probably recognize the routine). It's in my intentions. My intentions weren't to fuck girls, it was to make them laugh and accept me. Mr. Funny Man. I camouflage my timidness with staged enthusiasm. Witty lines to delay rejection. No touching because I was scared. A recipe for passive behavior and MEDIOCRITY.

Listen to it, you'll see what I mean.

... and even though the girl immediately likes me, I continue my fucking "game," I slowly drift more in social retardation, how I came back to earth, I don't really know. Maybe you can't completely tell all this in just a 60 second audio, but I sure remember it. Most community guys have had the same experience, 100+ times.

and look at the picture of what I would usually wear, how weird is that PU routine coming from someone who looks like that? Can you imagine me as a steroid-juiced Mr. Funny Man wandering around Hollywood delivering that routine and flailing my arms around (to demonstrate alpha qualities and "good" energy)?

The clothes worked fine, it was everything else.

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Neither can I

Remember, I got "really good" at this funny man stuff too. Tagged about 1 or 2 girls a month with a shitload of time investment via go-nowhere approaches, text game and asexual dates.

That's really good for the seduction community too.

*pat on the back*

It changed in late 2008 when I saw that a lot of the authorities weren't actually getting ass... ever. I began to trust myself. Rest is history.

I never really fit in anyway.