How to Pick Up Girls Efficiently (If You Don't Have the Time/Desire To Meet A Lot of Girls)

How to Pick Up Girls Efficiently
(For Guys That Think Hitting On A Lot of Girls Is Stupid)

Not everyone has the time or desire to prioritize Getting Laid for 2-3 years in their 20's.

Some guys simply don't care that much about getting a ton of pussy but still want to Get Laid without turning their lifestyle upside-down.

Here is what you can do if you just want a decent sex life with minimal effort.

"How to Pick Up Girls Efficiently (If You Don't Want to Hit On A Lot of Chicks)"

Bear with me, I'm going to get to some valuable stuff after the geekspeak.

A few times a year there is a discussion and debate on whether "pick up" is dead.

The short answer is -


Excitement over 'seduction community' and demand for secret digital social intel or "hacks" is dead.
(the peak was between 2004-2008 when "The Game" and VH1's show "The Pickup Artist" was popular)   

Also dead is the notion that really cool guys go out by themselves every single day, for weeks on end to practice "spam approaching" women at book stores and shopping malls who don't show any obvious or subtle interest.
(we will reconcile this later)

What isn't dead is the fact that -

Guys still want to Get Laid and will always want to Get Laid. 

Guys still want access to random chicks that they see during the day.

That will never change.

Some guys (Scotty, myself for 3 years) wanted to hook up with tons and tons of girls and do tons and tons of drugs as part of a "Mid 20's Fun Stage". It was just our personality type and obsessive tendencies, given our lackluster early 20's and years of lonely nights at the gym trying to impress girls we were scared to speak to.

We are a minority though.

An ever-declining minority in the world of greater opportunity and unlimited potential for guys in their 20's and 30's. 

Whether they admit it or not, most guys would be happy fucking 10 new girls a year (or 1-2 broads a month) and agree anything more (and making any more effort) is overkill and a waste of valuable time.

Guys, especially those with more important financial aspirations, want the most efficient way possible to Get Laid.

They don't have 2 years to go out 4 or 5 times a week and party up.

Hell, they don't even have Friday and Saturday night.

It's a ROI (return on investment) thing to them.

Time is money.

Getting Laid still matters to them, even if they promised themselves that they'd get a lot pussy after they got financially established.

In fact, we could argue that it is more important for hardworking young professionals and future millionaires to get good with women - they simply don't have the hours to put in to get lucky with the numbers game.

As discussed in "Getting Laid - How It Should Actually Fit Into Your 20's" (2015) and "Be a Player Not a Pickup Artist Monkey" (2012), meeting women should eventually be part of an overall lifestyle.

But what does that "lifestyle" actually look like?


How to Pick Up Girls Efficiently - What You Need to Know
(The Non-Party Boy Blueprint)

I'm going to tell you how you can have a reasonably hot sex life (1+ girls a month in your bed) if you don't have the time or desire to put in the hours or genuinely think that devoting a few years to Getting Laid is stupid.

My advice is largely based on my post-party scene period of 12-14 months where I worked as a private personal trainer (um, HGH vendor), wrote for and decided what I really wanted to do with my life.

I also Got Laid some.

Not as anywhere near as much as when I went to Hollywood parties and clubs almost every night for over a year, but a decent amount where I could begin to prioritize my business ventures.

There's 4 things you have to do if you want to make this work for you.

kim jong il

#1 Look As Good As You Can, As Much As You Can

This is the key to making this work.

Physical attraction = sexual attraction

First impressions are the only impressions.

You need to get to the point to where chicks are checking out, even if they just think -

He's not exactly 'hot', but he's kind of cute...
(the second you speak to them your "personality" will make you HOT)

So long as you can look better/cooler than the average guy, at least some females will be happy to sleep with you if you're their "type", fairly confident or they simply want to fuck someone reasonably attractive.

If you can get yourself into "good looking" territory you will have absolutely no trouble Getting Laid a couple times a month if you follow the rest of this discussion.

The better looking you are, the better it is, but you do not have to look like the 'dream guy' to efficiently pick up girls. You DO need to look above-average though or at least have a "cool" edge that sets you apart from the average joe.

Keep in mind, being efficient requires you rock a good style too.

Don't expect to be successful if you go to the grocery store, gym or coffee shop (to do work) dressed like a scrub. You'll have to invest some time to looking sharp every time you leave the house if you want to be efficient.

The good news is - so few guys do this and it's super easy to stand out during the day.

You also don't have time to workout for 2 hours a day.

I suggest training on an empty stomach in the morning for 25-30 minutes, 2-3 times a week, and a fairly low-carbohydrate diet to keep the fat away.

Looking good is absolutely critical to efficiency, so focus on that until you are 7-8% bodyfat.

If you are underweight (15 lbs or more) then gain weight.

What to Keep In Mind
Looking and feeling as good will become a key ritual in this 'efficient' lifestyle. Girls, especially those in office jobs, rarely meet or even see a well put together heterosexual male during the course of a day.


#2 Everyday - Ask 1-2 Girls To "Grab a Drink" With You Later That Night
(Talk to ~10 Girls/Week) 

Over the course of your day, you need to ask out 1 or 2 girls with the following line -

I gotta run/get back to work, you want to grab a drink tonight?

Just 1 or 2. 

While your odds are obviously better if you hit on 10 or 20 girls, you simply don't have the time.

You also don't have the time to 'work on' girls that might be on the fence or require more emotional investment.

Asking girls to "grab a drink tonight" is a polite, socially-acceptable way to suggest hooking up.

You probably don't have the nerve to do anything more aggressive (screening), but this method works pretty well to see where they stand (sexual availability/DTF) for that night.

It goes like this -


No matter how choppy the conversation is - you have to ask the girl out for that night.

Lose the ego or "she needs to earn it" attitude.

You are are man who is looking to Get Laid and it's time that you embrace that.

You are two strangers who are physically attracted to each other at that moment in time.  

You have a penis.

She has a buhgina. 

That is how sex happens.
(there is a process in-between that we talk about)

No games necessary. 

Provided that you look better or are noticeably cooler than the average guy (or are simply better looking than the girl), over the course of 2 weeks (20 girls you ask out), you can expect 4 or 5 to give you their number and 1 or 2 of them to meet up with you that night or soon after.
(The numbers will be lower if you are very inexperienced or have body fat to lose, but eventually they come)

Perhaps those odds seem low, but the good news is - most girls know what "grab a drink" with a guy entails. You won't end up on a date with a girl that thinks you are strictly 'boyfriend material' and wants you to pay for her salad, unless you totally look the part.

If you aren't getting 1 in 10 (or 1 in 20) girls to meet up with you - you have to work on your appearance. 

How to Ask a Girl Out For a Drink (2013)

What to Keep In Mind
Talking to 1 or 2 random girls a day is not a lot. You know that. But over the course of a month (30-60 girls), it is more random chicks than many guys speak to in their entire life. You are virtually guaranteed to have an above-average sex life if you can make your appearance above-average and talk to 1 or 2 girls a day. Don't be afraid to use this "polite invite" (the drink offer) on girls who are working mundane jobs, in fact - some get really excited.


#3 Invite Every Girl Back to Your Place For Another Drink

Just as it is mandatory to finish your 1 or 2 daily interactions with, "you want to grab a drink tonight?", it's also absolutely mandatory that you invite every girl you meet up with back to your place for another drink.

Remember, any girl that shows up to a bar alone to have a drink with you ALREADY LIKES YOU and knows what you have in mind.
(she shaved her pussy and spent 2 hours getting ready while texting her friends about how she met you)
(unless you are a hot scumbag type - she hasn't and won't tell anyone about you) 

You can keep it low-key -

Hey I have an early morning tomorrow, but why don't you swing by and we'll have a final drink and chill for a few minutes.


Alright, I'm done with this bar thing now. Time to have sex, you in?

You will get your answer.

It goes without saying -

Try to go to a bar/place that is as close as possible to your place. Walking distance is ideal.

What to Keep In Mind
When a girl shows up by herself to a bar because she ALREADY LIKES YOU and knows what might go down. Plan accordingly and don't look for signs that she's into you.

1 drink

#4 Try Not to Worry About 'Approach Anxiety', "Game" or Any Other Crap That I've Put In Your Head

It would be great if you are in your early 20's and can really devote a good 4 to 6 months to our "Approach Anxiety Program" or just 3 months to our "How to Go Out At Night Program".

Beating social anxiety is worth it, no matter how long it takes.

Let's not kid ourselves though -

You don't have the time or desire to do that.

You have other shit to do.

The good thing is -

It's not necessary.

Unless you are trying to nail 40+ girls a year, you can have your cake and eat it too.

Every time we discuss "Approach Anxiety", I send the wrong impression that it's MANDATORY to conquer your social fears if you want a regular sex life.

It's not.

What you WILL have to do is - try your best and suck it up.

You are nervous.

So what.

You don't have any time for approach anxiety, a program or any other of my bullshit - you are trying to Get Laid.

If you have the social skills to have a 3 minute conversation with a girl you've never met and the courage to ask her out, then that's all you need.

Besides, girls will think you are confident if you have the balls to talk to them during the day, lead the conversation and can hold it together.

You'll gain confidence once you get used to talking to a couple of girls a day.

What to Keep In Mind
Although I'll never admit it and certainly never tell you, I probably still had approach anxiety until I slept with over 30 girls. It didn't prevent me from getting chicks in bed and it won't stop you so long as you can hold it together and slowly move things forward.  


Pour Conclure

So that's it.

Typical GLL brainwashing and a practical, repeatable, efficient way to get a fair amount of chicks in bed if you have neither the time, desire or skills to live a full on party/player lifestyle.

No, this 'method' is not hardcore by Good Looking Loser standards but asking whichever girls you want to fuck to "grab a drink" is plenty aggressive and should give the average, above-average guy, a decent sex life.

You have to try to look your best (above-average threshold), fight through the anxiety so you can have a ~3 minute conversation and finish each interaction by asking a girl out for a drink - no matter how little chemistry you had with her.

It will start to pay off, some of these girls will become repeat customers and you'll be set.