Getting Laid is a Numbers Game

Like I mentioned in "Relax, You'll Eventually Get Laid," getting laid is simply a numbers game.

This is an extension to that post.

Your chances of getting laid improve when you hit on more and more girls.

Your chances of getting laid improve when you get more aggressive and screen girls harder.

If you're being aggressive, girls that aren't down-to-fuck (or down-to-fuck in the future) will get lost.

Girls that are down-to-fuck (or down-to-fuck in the future) will stay.

Remember the formula from the first page of 'Get Laid': Hit On Girls + Be Aggressive = Get Laid

If I Approached 100 Girls, Would I Get Laid... by goodlookingloser-1

What If I Approached 100 Hot Chicks? Would I Get A Date Or Some Pussy? (Numbers Game)

00:00 - Getting laid / getting dates is a numbers game. Hit on Chicks + Be Aggressive = Get Laid
01:00 - If you've been a nice guy your whole life (like me) being aggressive won't be natural
01:30 - Social Experiment (Running Average Guy Game on 100 Hot Girls, Asking Out 100 Chicks)
03:20 - If you want to get laid then hit on some girls
04:30 - The lines I used 90% of the them (average guy game)
06:00 - Experiment discussed
07:00 - Results of Experiment
08:15 - Chances of getting a date are higher than getting rejected 100 times (100% of time)
08:45 - Once I got the chicks on dates I was aggressive and was trying to take them home. Getting laid 7 times probably won't be the average amount of girls you sleep with if you are just starting out

If you asked 100 hot chicks out, you'd probably be dating (maybe banging) some hot chicks

Once I reached my goal regularly banging 4 different high caliber Los Angeles girls, I had some friends asking me what exactly I was doing and what they should be doing. They, like myself in the past, had long streaks without getting laid or without new chicks in their lives. I basically told them that I was just talking to more girls than I used to. They weren't quite happy with that answer, so I thought of a hypothetical:

"If you asked out 100 really hot chicks (in a 5 or 7 day period) how would many would say yes?" (no game or aggressive stuff - just simply walking up to them, being polite, giving them a compliment, making small talk and saying you 'gotta go' and asking for their number)

Most of my friends couldn't come up with an exact number but they agreed it probably would be more than 0.

I would say, "There's your answer, you should have a date with a hot chick this weekend."

Most of my friends agreed with me but said they didn't know how or where to start.

In fact, 3 of them wanted to see me ask out 100 top-caliber chicks to see that it really worked. On day 2, my friend Mark joined to watch me in action.


The Odds Are In Your Favor?

It's a numbers game. So even if you don't get 1 out of every 2 - or even out of every 50 chicks, the odds (the game) is still in your favor because you have unlimited tries. There's not much in life that has such a guaranteed eventual result. Understand the game, accept it and play to win - you eventually will.

Social Experiment - What If I Approached 100 Hot Chicks? Would I Get A Date or Some Pussy?

So starting on October 9th 2008, I did-

Again, I didn't kick a lot of (any) game at these girls or get aggressive and start touch them. I ran "average guy" game.

90% of the conversations went exactly like this:

Me: Hey there, I'm not hitting on you - but I wanted to tell you that you were attractive. / Hey there, I know this is kinda random but I thought you were attractive so I wanted to come say Hi.

Girl: Thank you.

Me: You're welcome. I'm Chris, nice to meet you / I really love it here, back where I'm from - it's just starting to get cold./I love being out here, it's probably dark outside where I'm from/ I just moved here a earlier this year, it's so nice I love it.

Girl: I'm ____ / Where are you from?

Me: Washington DC? How about you?

Girl: [city]

[1-2 more minutes of small talk, exchange names, where you live, etc.]

Me: Hey, I got a busy day/need to meet up with my friends, what's a number I can text you at?

Girl: 555-555-5555 / No, sorry, no can do.

here's the log I kept - I don't usually keep a log of this stuff, it's only worth keeping a log of the girls you get into bed. In some instances, I wrote this log while I was out during the day, that's why it's a bit messy. (click on the images if you want to view them)

Click to enlarge the images.

Day 1

Day 2

Day 3

On Day 4 (10/12)- Had to take the day off, I met up with Briana (approach #42), we had coffee at Coffee Bean and then went back to the house to have sex. She was super hot and real eager to meet up, I couldn't let this one wait. Our initial conversation was about 35 minutes though. No game needed. Definitely a hottie, her picture appears among the rotating images on the right.

Day 5

Day 6

Day 7

Day 8

Final Numbers

102 Chicks Approached (7days of work) (10/9 to 10/16)

47 Phone Numbers (46% of girls)

~13 - 16 Dates/Meet Ups

7 Lays (By 11/15)

14.89% of Phone Numbers Got Me Laid

6.8% of Approaches Got Me Laid

Short Conclusion

Doing this was very tiring but well worth it. The main point of this experiment was to show that if you ask 100 hot chicks out, you'll get at least 1 date and you might even get laid. This little "study" was mainly for the guy that is just starting out and wants to at least get a few dates. This method alone should nearly immediately end any date-less streak. Even I would keep this little "study" in mind if I was having a bad night or an extended period when chicks weren't feeling it.

My Results

From talking to 102 chicks- I got somewhere from 13 to 16 dates from the 47 phone numbers and got laid 7 times within 30 days. That's a really high rate - even for me. October and November of 2008 were some my very best months ever. 3 new chicks in October and 4 new chicks in November. Even though I did not try to take the girls home with me after I met them and just used "average" no game material when I was meeting them, once I met up with the girl I had the sole focus of sleeping with her and I used my very best repeatable techniques. By October 2008, I had good game. I should have kept better track of how many dates/meet ups I had - but I probably got laid on about 40-50% of them (7 out of 15 seems about right, 46%). Even though it seemed like girls just weren't into me for long periods of time- the 6 days I went out trying to collect phone numbers, I got laid 7 times [in the following 30 days] - which is excellent especially since I didn't sleep with the girls that same day. Briana and Yussy actually became regulars, both were top 5 best fucks of the year. Real hotties! It's a numbers game.

14.89% of the phone numbers I got- got me laid, that's a lot, even for me. Some of the best guys who game [pick up] the hottest chicks are supposedly between 8-15% I think. Our friend, Aaron Sleazy says in his book "Minimal Game" that 10% is pretty solid (getting laid from 1 out of 10 phone numbers you get). If you're just starting out, getting laid 1 in every 40 numbers (4%) will be good. If 1 or 2 girls out of 10 (10 or 20%) give you their phone number that will be good too.

I don't know where I was at with % of phone numbers I got, but once I started asking for their numbers, I started getting their numbers. Pretty simple. Just get in the habit of ending the conservation first with the line, "Hey you're cool, I gotta go though, what a number I can text you at?" (then hand them your phone). It works. It's a numbers game.

Remember, these percentages don't mean shit. The only number that ultimately means anything is how many girls you get in bed. The guy who gets laid 50% of the time, might talk to 2 girls a year. The guy who bangs 50 hot girls (1 new one a week!) might talk to 2,000 girls a year. Picking up girls and getting laid is an all or nothing thing. Either you get her, or you don't. That's the goal you're working for. If you talk to 100 girls and get 1% that's good. I got 6.8% of the girls I talked to in bed, but when I was starting out I was definitely below 1%. It's a numbers game.

More Thoughts

I did not throw a lot of game at these girls, nor did I try aggressively to take them home with me. That would have resulted in more lays and more rejection (because the formula is Hit On Girls + Be Aggressive = Get Laid). I approached 102 girls in 6 days, that's a lot - but it will likely break anyone's date-less streak or at the least- give you something to work on.

Needless to say, this is a total numbers game. I'll take a more in-depth look at my little "study" in this post

Remember, this shit is a numbers game! The number you bang is sorta up to you! (if you think about it)

It's a numbers game baby! Keep trying until you get laid! Then try again!

If you have any questions or comments, definitely don't hesitate to post below.

I recently got a question from Jameso - He asked what I wear wearing. This is a GREAT question because your style/fashion communicates a lot about you. Here are some pictures from around ~September-October of 2008. The only camera I had at that time was on my phone. A few of the pictures are from some of the girls I met. My hair is long in a few (so they must have been from a few months after, but the style is the same).

Style- During the day:

Basically either trendy t-shirt or retro college t-shirt. nothing fancy. generally would wear white linen cargo shorts. Since I'm 6-2 225lbs, I don't try to wear any 'loud' clothing during the day and I certainly don't 'peacock'.


Style- During the Night

At night, again a trendy t-shirt (that is louder) with tight Mek Demin jeans, no belt, Steve Madden shoes OR the Affliction shirts with slightly less tight Affliction jeans, thick 'Manchester' belt and Frye biker boots.