Look the Part
Status With Finesse
(I'm Black! Part I)

Although I look it- I'm not actually Black.

18 Months ago when I started GoodLookingLoser.com I never wanted to speak on topics that I didn't have plenty real, insider experience with and enter "I-know-everything-but-have-never-done-any-of-it-but-trust-me-I-have-an-eBook" status.

However, it seems like once every 12.5 days or so a Black person asks me for advice and if I have specific recommendations.
(the undertone is- how can I get White, Asian, Latina, etc. girls?)

I do have suggestions.

I have plenty of friends that are Black, some of them score with a fair amount of with non-Black chicks.

A lot of them don't.

I've thought about what separates the two groups can that is where my perspective/suggestions comes from.

Some things are obvious, other things I'm still thinking about and might have to discuss with a couple of them.

The 4 Black kids that I will refer to- have both casually slept with and been in committed relationship with White girls.

There's a few others that I've recently become friends with on the West Coast, but I haven't known them for too long so I'm not going to conclude anything just yet.

I'll talk minorities more in the future, these suggestions are unique to Black people however. Some of these can be considered 'techniques'.

While we're not big on techniques, perhaps "Black People" are the exception- they can benefit enormously by presenting themselves in a certain way.

For those of you that wet your little diaper when 'race' is brought up, know that I'm bi-racial and therefore can't be racist according to your standards. Besides, I have more Black friends than you. (ha.ha.)

The "normal guys" of any skin color all present themselves in a stereotypical, normal, follower manner.

Most White people look like nerdy office people, Most Asians look like computer programers, Most Latinos dress like Black People from 10 years ago, etc.

It's not unique to Black people.

"Normal" looking people of all races are pretty much invisible to Hot Girls.

In fact- I feel that a higher percentage of Black guys go outside the norm and dress well.

They want to look good.

Which, for starters, is what I encourage you to do.
(Look good- not just "stand out")

Shane Battier with WifeLooks like "Black MMA" Friend.

Status or Appear High-Status

All 4 of my Black friends that hook up with attractive girls all have status or appear like they do.

Before I tell you what they do/how they present themselves, I WANT YOU TO KNOW-

These guys ALL do the WELL-DRESSED GQ STYLE.

No poor yung thug/lil ghetto, clothes that are 3 sizes too big or not-yet-famous rapper look.

  1. One is a Graduate of Harvard Law and works at high-status in New York City.
  2. One is a professional NFL football player and a former 2nd Team All-American from the University of Florida.
  3. One is a professional basketball player that I met randomly at Nordstrom Rack.
  4. One is an professional MMA Fighter.

From the way I just presented these guys, you might think-

"Holy shit, those guys have REAL status, I don't have that, I'm just a sitting here in this apartment."

No, I just made you think they do.

Cam Newton on GQ The 'Black Football Player' from Florida isn't Cam Newton.


While it is true that they "are" all those things, the fact of the matter is- only ONE of the them (#2) is a legit super athlete that plays his sport at the highest level.

And Even still- he is currently an NFL free agent and no chick (even in the state of Florida) would recognize him or has even heard of him.

The pro-basketball player isn't in the NBA. He's in a league below the NBA D-League.
(that's why he was doing adult stuff in LA in the off-season)

The pro-MMA guy was good locally but hasn't won a fight at a more competitive level.

The guy from Harvard Law- well... nobody would look at him and know his specific accomplishments.

So lets not think not confuse these examples for Johnnie Cochran, Adrian Peterson, Kobe Bryant or Anderson Silva.

No one knows or recognizes these guys.

In fact, I get mistook for a pro-athlete/MMA fighter AS MUCH OR MORE than they. 2 of them will tell you that.

Yet, while ALL these guys were super popular in college and scored with all types of girls- they continue to do so after college in WHATEVER city they are in.


The way I presented these guys to you (high-status... OMG) is the SAME WAY they present themselves to women.

But not in the 'try hard' way (that seems to be reserved for Hollywood-wanna be White boys).

These guys seemingly have really good finesse with how they communicate their status.

Here's some examples-

Black Lawyer

Shortly after saying "Hi" and introducing himself- he will ask girls where [in New York City] they live, then he mentions lives at the [well-known upscale apartments] on the Upper East Side because it's near where he works. He also mentions that he just finished Law school.

Girls (certainly the interested ones) immediately ask where he works and where he went to Law School.

a: Super prestigious firm, Harvard Law.

Girls, especially the young-professional White girls that he is interested in, are impressed.

~ While this suggests he is more of a nice "boyfriend" candidate, I will discuss that shortly.

Black Football Player

After introducing him and exchanging names, he'll ask what the girl does for work/school.

Because his 6-3 250lbs, girls will ask him back and assume he's an athlete.

He answers that he's "A-List an actor in Hollywood".

Every girl is immediately taken back by this.
(yeah- every time)

He keeps the joke up for a little while, tries to make the girl believe him and then explains that he's going to get into acting after he's done with football.

He'll then tell the girl that he's in the NFL and plays for the ________.

He tells me this works great for him because girls just aren't used to a Black guy presenting himself with a sense of humor (and obviously status).

He immediately grabs the girl by the hand and tells her to "help him" get up to the bar. (my idea)

~ Again, while this seems "playful" or "funny man," I'm going to talk about that shortly.

Arian Foster Red Jacket Dressing in Layers = Smart.

Black Basketball Player

Unlike the other guys, this guy seems to only to like "thick-ass white girls".

These girls aren't the hard-to-get, high-status platinum blondes.

A lot of these girls generally go for Black guys in the first place.

He knows this and moves SUPER FAST. Smiling the an entire time.
(I mean, this guy got me to do porno after I just met him... damn)

He does a bunch of different things to engage girls but he usually grabs their arms and say "don't beat me up" or one of those 'fun' things.

After the joke subsides, he'll ask the girl what she does if she hasn't asked him already.

When she asks, he says, "Basketball... Hopefully the Lakers."
(same thing he told me)

Girls/people immediately think he's an NBA player or a top college player. After all, he's 6-7 265lbs. (bigger than LeBron)

Most girls have no idea about who's a pro athlete at the highest level and who isn't. "Lakers" is good enough for them.

To them, he's an NBA player and a fun guy.
(sometimes he tells girls that he's not going to rob them)

He'll immediately take them to "show them how to dance" and feeds them compliments while touching them more and more.

He fucks about 50 girls a year.

~ Again while this seems really "nice guy," I'll clear that up later.

Richard Jefferson SI Picture There's more room to be under-styled if you are considered 'good looking'.

Black MMA Guy

This cat does the "Well-Dressed" GQ, but he also does/did the Affliction/Tapout look.

In his case, it fits exactly what he does.

While not a pro athlete in a major sport, this guy has one advantage-

He's a mixed race (appears 75% Black) and is really good looking.

He looks like Shane Battier, but a better looking version.
(actually Shane Battier is good looking)

White girls say that he's "good looking," if you are a good looking Black guy take note of what "Rian" does.

Since he's good looking and has excellent social skills, he doesn't particularly do anything special when he engages girls, mostly "basic guy" game.

When the question comes up of "what he does" he tells girls that he's "training for a fight".

Most girls are pretty familiar with MMA or they don't think he's a boxer or something, they think it's cool.

He starts talking about how his Mom is worried that he's going to get his face bashed in and she'd rather that he play the piano or stop eating and be a model.

Interested girls will generally jump on this in one of two ways-

  1. Tell him that he should be model.
  2. Tell him that, "that's so cute' that your mom says that" and that they hope he doesn't get his face bashed in.

In both cases, he says "thank you" and tell them they they are attractive too.
(he talks to the hottest girls possible)

After that- he takes them somewhere to sit down and talk.

~ While that might not anything other than 'nice', I'll get to that topic in a second.

Tony Parker Leather Coat She's Overrated, He Isn't.

As you may have noticed...

All these guys flash/play up their status ASAP but in a smooth way.

They don't WAIT for girls to ask them 'who they are' or 'what they do' nor do they spit out their accomplishments like a try hard.

They immediately lead the conversation to the topic, it seems natural.

Like the Football Player says, "I'm Black, I need to stand out."

All these guys know what they are doing and the last thing they bitch about is how they "want to be themselves".

They play to win. That's who they are.

What If I'm Black/Any Race and Don't Have No Status?

If you don't have any sort of established legit status, it doesn't totally matter.

You should be working on your life, in general, and slowly separating yourself from the boring, undersexed, frustrated norm.

But that often is good enough.

As long as you talk/communicate your high-status ambitions and why you win at life.

Black Lawyer Guy has been talking about how he was going to Harvard (or Yale/UPenn) Law for years. (it had a similar effect as it does now)

Black Football Guy was always talking about acting and play pro sports.

Black Basketball Guy- same thing (minus the acting).

Black MMA Guy was always talking about how he wanted to be a MMA Fighter, was training for it and how his Mom didn't approve- long before he ever competed.

They have ALWAYS looked the part, even if it wasn't on their resume.

Status, Status, Status- these guys get it.

While on occasion, they might come off as a "Black Douchebag" (said no one ever) and lose a girl that was otherwise interested, they are ALWAYS going to make it clear they the AREN'T the average Black guy/Any race guy.

Reggie Bush with Superbowl Ring With or without the Superbowl Ring, Reggie Bush would still look important.

Mr. Black Funny/Nice Guy?

As you probably noticed (or when I pointed it out to you 4 times in red) the techniques these guys use seem to be sort of "nice guy," "boyfriend material" or "funny man" in comparison to the stuff I generally advocate.

Though I never want to get into analyzing "words", I clear up any confusion-

Don't confuse being POLITE with being a "pussy," "funny man," or "nice guy".

What you look like, your clothing, your vibe and how you carry yourself plays WAY MORE of a factor (than what words you say) into how you are profiled and if you look like a edgy/bad ass/player or a nice guy/boyfriend material/bitch boy.

Straight up-

Just by stereotype-

Black guys ARE NOT perceived as Nice Guys, Boyfriend Material, Pussy Cuckolds.

They just aren't.

You have to look and come off REALLY SOFT to make a total "nice guy" first impression if you are Black.

A lot of legitimately thoughtful and nice Black guys get this very, very frustrated by this.

Understandably so.

But keep in mind ALL RACES are stereotyped, just most races are stereotyped as "nice," on the opposite end of the continuum.

I suggest Black guys use this TO THEIR ADVANTAGE and be SUPER NICE (POLITE), at least initially.

Scotty is a good example.

He's "edgier" looking than most Black guys. He has tattoos on his fucking face. He is SUPER POLITE.

Verbally, he never stops being polite. Physically, however, he isn't.

He bags tons of chicks. And Quickly.

Don't worry- you won't be 'losing' too many girls because they are DTF and you come off a some "Black Nice Guy".

It might happen, it probably does to me sometimes.
(never to Scotty)

But you're still Black, as long as you aren't overweight- girls will assume you are good in bed and have good equipment. (more on that later)

There are some beneficial stereotypes applied to Black guys.

I have to think about it some more, but a lot of the "rules" or mindsets that I push here- LOOK EDGY, BE EDGY, TOUCH GIRLS ASAP, etc. aren't actually going to help Black guys.

NBA Hipsters You know I'm 'against' the Hipster look. Although it's current-trendy, it's not masculine. Black guys are an exception. Hipster out- just try not to look too ridiculous.

At the end of the day though-

...is still the name of the name.