"Verbal Screening"
(socially acceptable, non-crass ways to ask chicks to sleep with you)

updated: March 17 2019 - haha - "Netflix and Chill" was originally our 'idea', but now it's mainstream!

If you are home on this Saturday night, it better be with your fuckbuddy half-naked next to you while you both read Good Looking Loser. I spent way too many Saturday nights at home in my 20's. I regret it too.

If you can't talk to girls at night, just go out and see if you can make eye contact (+ smile) with girls or go watch other guys interact with random girls check out our program. Even if you don't say a word the entire time - it's better for your "game" than reading my disgraceful creepy blog.

I did a video (see below) and wasn't going to do a post on this 'common sense' topic but I decided it was a good idea that everyone see this.

Guys that "research" sex/dating on the Internet often experience 'information overload' and literally freeze up during their interactions or don't know how to find out where the girls stands.

They also have taken in a lot of "game" disinformation that Good Looking Loser is personally responsible for reversing.

Here goes -

I'm sure you've seen those "Asking 100 Girls For Sex" or "Will You Have Sex With Me?" viral YouTube videos where a guy asks 100 girls if they will sleep with him. Often he asks the question as the very first thing he says.

For example -
(don't bother watching these in full)

 Or -

Or like this -

In some cases the girls see the camera, in some cases not. That doesn't really matter.

The results are the same in all the videos -

>98% of the girls say "No."

<2% of the girls say "Yes.", often laughing in a playful way (usually with their friends encouraging them).

The conclusion that many guys draw is -

Although this "direct approach" has a low success rate, at least the guy Got Laid!

Just goes to show you how the numbers game works!

These conclusions, as many already know - are incorrect. 

You'll just have to take my word for it but -

The 1-2% of girls that say "Yes. I will have sex with you," are not actually going to sleep with the guy.

The guy is not Getting Laid later that day because a girl answered his ridiculous question with a playful "Yes."

There might be some exceptions (there's really not), but girls that play along are simply doing just that. They are simply humoring the guy, often doing so because there's a camera crew standing right there or friends encouraging her to be funny by playing along.

Sometimes, the 1-2% girls that say "Yes," simply think the guy is "good looking enough to have sex with", but they don't actually think that the guy is asking her to actually have sex with him or have any intention with actually following through.

Obviously - 

This is not an effective way to ask girls to have sex - if you are actually serious about it. This is especially true during the day where this type of approach is perceived (correctly) as nothing but a joke.

Just trust me on that.

The guys that get "Yes" answers are not instantly having sex with the girls when the camera is turned off.

Most guys around here already know this and are about to click away because this "insight" is hardly up to our normal standard.

Stick with me please.

Although directly asking women if they will have sex with you is, at best - hardly effective or efficient, there are better, more effective ways to ask a girl if she will sleep with you.

These ways are more subtle, more socially appropriate and will not be perceived as crass, rude or too forward.

If you are new to approaching random women or have approach anxiety, I totally suggest that you end EVERY interaction with one of these propositions, prior to getting the girl's number. This will especially apply to guys that tend to stall out or get perceived as the dreaded "Boyfriend Material" who women do not view as a same-night sex option.

Here are the two ways -

Table of Contents
0:00 The YouTube "social experiments" - what do they mean?
1:45 Verbal vs. physical screening (physical will ALWAYS get you further, faster)
4:15 "Would you like to meet up for a drink?" "Lets grab a drink tonight."
(do not suggest it's a date or coffee)
5:45 Logistical concerns - where guys that nail 50+ girls via cold approach live.
7:25 "Do you want to come over and watch a movie?" "You should stop by and we'll watch a movie."
8:20 "Normal" guys that Get Laid a lot use both of these ALL THE TIME.
9:45 Stupid egghead rebuttal: "seeking rapport/asking questions" is wrong.
11:20 A note on how much "game" really matters.
12:00 Which is better? Verbal or physical stuff?
12:45 How to get faster with the physical stuff.
15:00 Use both: ask girl to meet up for a drink, then her to come over for a movie/drink.

#1 Offer to Meet Up for a Drink
("You want to grab a drink tonight? Lets do that.")

This proposition, among guys that get a lot of pussy, is the single most used line in the history of the universe.

Every girl in the universe (unless you REALLY look like boyfriend material) understands this is an invite for future sex.

It is the universal, polite, socially acceptable invite for sex.

If you are looking to Get Laid, this is a much better alternative than asking a girl to "dinner" so she starts looking at you as a potential boyfriend and withholds her pussy until you are emotionally invested so you don't think she's a slut.

Even the minority of apprehensive girls that think "he's probably just trying to get me drunk", will ironically totally let you do so - if they are sexually available and DTF.

A lot of guys are scared to use this proposition because it's "overused" or "too normal".

That's ridiculous, the desire to be creative/witty is simply insecurity and social inexperience.
(I've been there, believe me)

Others are scared that girls will think "this guy wants to rape me".

Emotionally healthy girls WILL NOT THINK THAT.

Just trust me on that one too.

A DTF girl will not turn down a polite invite to get a drink with you - if she likes you.

I totally encourage you to use this proposition EVERY TIME before you take a girl's number. 

#2 Offer to Watch a Movie/Hangout (at your place)
("Why don't you drop by tonight and we'll grab/watch a movie and hang out?")

If "grabbing a drink" is the #1 proposition of all-time, "watch a movie/hangout" is #1b.

It might be #1 actually, this is what everyone who Gets Laid in college uses when they aren't at parties.
(but it's often the 'after party' pretense)

Like the prior proposition, girls understand "watch a movie" to be an invite for sex (or at least some sort of messing around).

Like "getting a drink", the "watch a movie/hangout" proposition is socially acceptable, polite and not too forward.

A quick note -

Perhaps it's obvious but you are proposing to "watch a movie", "pick up a movie" (hang out) and not "see a movie" or "go to a movie" (date).

Make that clear.
(it usually is if you say "hangout")

The invite is a socially acceptable excuse for the girl to come over and mess around - at ANY TIME.

If you are "getting a drink" with a girl (or find yourself on a more traditional date) you can use this pretense to get the girl to come over afterward.

All girls know what it means.

Girls know this and will come over looking way hotter than if they were just going to watch a movie.

A "movie/hangout" is the universal socially acceptable way for getting a girl to come over, but these alternatives are acceptable too -

Come over and we'll chill.

Come over and we'll make some food and have some drinks.

Come over and we'll just chill in the hot tub.

Come over and we'll smoke weed.

Come over and we'll do some blow.

These pretenses are not really necessary after you have fucked the girl and she is your fuckbuddy (just tell/ask her to come over) - but can be useful.

You don't need any other pretenses than those 2.

netflix pretense

How/Why Does This "Work"!?

Because the girl likes you and wants to have sex with you.

She is often just waiting for the chance to do so.

Ideally, the girl should ALREADY KNOW what you are looking (sex, not a girlfriend) for when you meet her, but these propositions will leave no doubt.

This is the reason that I don't believe in garbage like "text game" or "working on" girls after you meet them. Even in the small instances where it may seem to work, it's hardly efficient and chances are - the girl ALREADY liked you.

Next time you want to communicate (verbally) that you want to sleep with her and want to know where she stands - just suggest a "drink" or "movie/hangout". 

You'll get your answer.

Although I encourage, physical screening (a little goes a long way, especially during the day), this type of "verbal screening" is a nice way to get to the point if you aren't comfortable being physical with girls.
(still - try to get comfortable with it, verbal screening will never be as good as physical screening + small talk)

Socially acceptable

Pour Conclure

Common sense.


But -

Once a week, someone asks how to get a girl to come over or wonders the correct way to step up a "hang out" rather than a date.

If this was common sense to you (therefore you should have ALREADY have experience using these pretenses at least 20-30 times) - then that's good news.

Chances are - you have already been Getting Laid and hopefully this tied up some loose ends.

If it wasn't common sense, you now have the CORRECT answer to -

How do I get her to come over?

What do I do to meet up (and not date) a girl?

This is as easy as it gets and when a girl likes you - she will jump at the chance to get a drink/movie and chill with you.