Why Most Forums Are Completely Worthless

The reasons may surprise you (not the 1st one), they might be not be you think I'm going to say.

Before I get into why most 'dating/seduction' forums are completely worthless, I admittedly have acknowledge even our forum has limitations, as we move forward (and I get some time) we will TRY to take measures make sure our forum, at the very least- is the best one on the entire planet for guys that actually want to Get Laid.

Such a criteria (GET LAID), alone, separates us from all the "dating" "learn to be a pick up artist" "seduction" "meet women" forums. We are all about fucking women, the focus is not diverted elsewhere.

I have ideas that we'll implement in the near future, it will scare some guys away but it will really shorten the learning curve for the guys that stay.

Blind Leading the Blind

This one is obvious. So let's cover it and move on ASAP.

Mass numbers of guys that don't Get Laid

are teaching

mass numbers of guys that don't Get Laid-

how to Get Laid.

See a problem? I do.

Result- most (if not nearly all) don't Get Laid.

Furthermore, the guys that have the most 'authority' are often the guys with the most posts (or forum points). These guys also are the ones that spend the most time not Getting Laid. Even the moderators at most boards don't get pussy. Ever.

When you think of it that way, PUA Forums are just about the worst places to go if you want to figure out and build a skill set that attracts women.

The standard of proof is none. If you are decent writer with time on your hands, you are an authority. Come to think of it- that's how this scam-ridden cesspool got founded anyway.

Nothing more to say.

Looks, Style, Social Freedom = Mad Pussy

If you are on-board with the filthy stuff that we endorse, you already know our formula to bang the most, hottest girls-

Having a high level of all three will you play the numbers game productively and efficiently. You will enter your interactions with confidence and touch women in order to screen which are sexually available/DTF and which are not.

If you have an above-average level of each, you can get a lot of top-shelf twat.

If you have an above-average level of each, you will mainly get "rejected" by sexually unavailable girls that simply aren't DTF, rather than for a lack of looks, style or social freedom.

Okay, so you already know that.

If you buy into the notion that looks, style and social freedom = get pussy.

And Looks, style, social freedom and sexually-available girls is 99% of this "Get Laid" shit- you can probably guess why most PUA forums are completely worthless.

There is hardly any pictures of anyone's looks.

There is hardly any pictures of anyone's style.

There is hardly any indication of anyone's social freedom.

Plus we have no idea which girls are sexually available and which are not.

So we are neglecting 100% (+/- 1%) of the game and hoping to find answers?

Couple that with the fact that 98% of guys giving advice on most forums don't Get Laid, you have the worst environment EVER to learn how to fuck random women.

The worst. Worse than the mainstream PUA workshops.

If you think about it, the topics are impossible to analyze and given the lack of information (looks, style, social freedom, sexual availability) responses are of ZERO value whatsoever.

NONE. Because Even an half-correct answer is still wrong.

Let me dig up some examples, it will only take a second.

PUA Forums Don't Work Click To Enlarge

So why are girls flaking on this poor soul?

We have no idea because we have no idea-

The advice that follows (sorry, I'm not going to read it) will discuss phone/text techniques, don't be reactive and other meaningless crap.

Girls are probably flaking on him because they aren't available or he needs a boost in looks, style and/or social freedom.

Completely worthless.

Here's another example-

 Click To Enlarge. Click To Enlarge.

So... Is She Interested?

We have no idea because we have no idea-

The advice that follows (sorry, I'm not going to read it) will discuss IOIs, Facebook attraction techniques and phone close techniques.

Even the best I can say is- if she gives you her number, she is interested.

If she isn't interested it's because she isn't sexually available or he needs a boost in looks, style and/or social freedom.

You follow me?


all of which, along with sexually availability, determine the result/non-result of 99% of your interactions.

all of which we can't evaluate for shit on the Internet.

After reading this, in my humble opinion- you shouldn't spend another SECOND on a "PUA" Forum.

This has become so apparent to me that I might have to require guys post pictures of themselves to get advice here. For all we know, we could giving a guy advice that hasn't made a single attempt to look good for an entire year and have him get absolutely fucking nowhere while onlookers shrug their shoulders.

That's what happens everywhere else.

Pickup Audios: What'd I Do Wrong?

You probably already know what I'm going to say.

While "pick up audios" might be slightly more revealing than "WORDS" on a forum- they hardly show anything significant.


I must have 1 gig of pick up audios in my INBOX from guys that are hoping I can figure stuff out for them. Although their effort is noble, I can't. It's fucking impossible, in fact- even giving advice is probably reckless. Again, not my fault and certainly not your fault.

We need to see more.

We need to see the shit that MATTERS.


I could go on for another 34,522 words about the limitation of the forums. I won't though.

I hope this gets a few guys to post their pictures/presentation up, so we can really help you out. Take the pictures down in a few days or something. Blur your face, I guess. Post them on a photo sharing site and link us. Otherwise you might sit here for months and months and not get anywhere. "I look fine," or "I dress good," are you sure? you really know that? and you're positive it can't get better?

You honestly might be wasting your time thinking you are going to bang a lot of girls if you haven't made the effort (in the process of making the effort) to look your best.

Honestly- if you have a long way to go and you need to fix your looks and style ASAP. Who knows, you might tag some random pussy because of it. In fact, you probably will if you are hitting on enough girls.

All we are shooting for is- above-average in the 3 criteria. You can fix style in a single day. And If you get your body fat into the single-digits, you'll probably look better than 80% of guys.

There- done. Above-average. Go get some.

I don't often say this but- You know I'm right.

And A reminder- No more PUA Forums. (if you are actually interested in Getting Laid or learning some shit from someone who does)

And By The Way, this post is because I CARE. Not because I don't care.

While this type of post will drive some people away, that's fine. We'll lose them and we'll help the serious guys a lot more. Screening.