How to Get Laid on Plenty of Fish
(Online Dating Tips For Men)

updated: November 6, 2016. (removed girl)

This is a basic guide to getting laid on Plenty of Fish in a period of 1 hour to 1 week.

I'm trying to keep this guide as simple as possible.

I might make a more in-depth guide that will answer nearly all of your questions.

Plenty of Fish is the world's largest LEGIT free dating site, check it out-

Plenty of Fish is in every country. Everyone should have at least a few hundred girls they can hit on.

As you read this discussion, consider how parallel it is to 'real life'.

After this discussion, guys understandably have questions. I know there are a lot of generalizations in this post, but I can't tell you EXACTLY what to type. You'll have blend it with your personality. This should get you going in the right direction. There is not a perfect profile. You just want one with a sexy picture that communicates the concepts I list below and screens IN and OUT the right girls. Just like in real life.

Try not to be afraid of online rejection. The majority of girls online are looking for boyfriends and although they are single, they are not sexually available. As in real life, you WILL have to do some trial and error to see what works best for you. As in real life, online dating is a numbers game.

Everything in the video is discussed below (the video is mainly for Good Looking Loser Youtube subscribers)

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Forward: Online Dating

A guy that couldn't approach girls once told me that he banged over 300 girls from Plenty of Fish. It's unlikely that a guy with extreme approach anxiety nailed hundreds and hundreds of girls from a dating site where the majority of girls are looking for a boyfriend. In fact, it's pretty much impossible for a guy who can't approach but has no problem whatsoever fucking hundreds of girls through a different medium.

Sure, it's easier to meet women online, it's not that easy to bang them. Most of them are looking for boyfriends and there's a general resistance to sleeping with "the Internet guy," especially very quickly. Good the news is- unlike approaching and screening which requires a significant amount field experience to internalize (and understand) the successful mindsets, Internet "dating" is something that I can pretty much teach you and you'll be able to apply most of it right away. With the strategies below, I'll make it pretty easy for you. All you have to do is- DO IT and figure out what specifically works for you.

I've tagged A LOT of girls from Plenty of Fish, the majority coming between August 2009 to March 2010.

In the initial stages, I made a slightly sexual profile that presented me as a "player". Every Sunday, I'd send a generic cut and paste message to about 100 girls. Over the next 24 hours, I'd collect about 15 - 25 phone numbers. I'd start every week with at least 15 girls (usually 20-25) that I wanted to meet up with me. This made me way less needy and certainly gave me a lot of options. Needless to say, my 30 or 40 approaches went really well. I discuss this more in-depth here- Sunday Conversation. After about 6 weeks of supplementing my approach game with some online dating, I'd usually have 25 solid numbers by Wednesday or Thursday night and several new options for sex. I never had less than 3 hot fuckbuddies ever again.

As I got better and had several fuckbuddies, I added a more sexual presentation, I presented myself as a horny guy in order to try to bang girls THAT NIGHT. That is the procedure I will be describing below.

You'll have to decide what works for you.

In developing this discussion, I've also consulted my friend who has banged well over 50 girls from Plenty of Fish, the majority of them coming on the first night.

Hollywood Blvd.I suggest you try this stuff out, it will help your total development. Don't let pride get in the way, don't deny yourself an easy stream of pussy. Even though a lot of guys do online dating, not many of them get laid too quickly.

Disclaimer: As usual, my methods are meant to SCREEN. Most of the girls online are looking for boyfriends and are under the social pressure from the online dating stigma, these girls are single but they aren't exactly sexually available. I'm going to screen most these girls OUT, they will take weeks and money to fuck. Furthermore, we're screening them OUT because there's PLENTY OF FISH that are willing fuck. In most cities, there will be more than enough girls online to hit on. These are techniques to GET LAID, as quickly as possible.

Plenty of Fish - How To Get Laid the Same Night

It's important to understand the basics and that online "dating" is ALL about presentation.

You cannot "create attraction" with a bunch of jokes or lines. If a girl laughs at your line/text/online joke, it doesn't mean she is physically attracted to you or even sexually available.

The Frame

Without saying, "I'm looking for a girl that is down to fuck," that is basically what you want to communicate in a unapologetic manner. Remember, we want the time-waster girls OUT and we from the DTF girls IN. Your pictures, profile, communication should present you as a MAN that only chills with hot and cool girls that have healthy views on sex. This is not unlike how you should be in real life. No part of your presentation should suggest to a girl that she is going to get a movie and a piece of salmon if she meets up with you. You are a player and that's what makes women like you.

Like [pretty much] everything else on the guide is to GET LAID. Not to avoid rejection, get a phone number, work on girls, etc.

Women should look at your profile and think-

"... this guy is just looking for some ass, but he's probably pretty cool and probably already gets laid a lot."



The major themes that you should highlight are-

Basically- you are a cool guy, that gets laid, that is on Plenty of Fish to get laid some more.

Sexual Username

I suggest that you put some sort of sexual innuendo in your Plenty of Fish username. It shouldn't be overly sexual like "IWant2FuckUSilly" or "IllLickUrAsshole," it should be a little more toned back like "SexyBod" or "Chris69". You can be a little more obscure about it and have a name like "7x6," "BDSM20" and women will comment on it. Don't think too hard about it though, picking a username based on what women might say or not say about it - isn't an effective use of your time.

Default Picture on Plenty of Fish Here is a default picture that I've used

Profile Picture

This is probably the most important part of the presentation, just like in real life.

You are going to want to use a picture that communicates that you are sexy.

I'll repeat that-

You want a picture that communicates that you are sexy.

Not "well rounded," not "world traveler," not "I do yoga too."


Girls that are DTF want to fuck a SEXY guy.

The girls that are DTF, similar to guys, get turned on by pictures. Not by jokes, intellectual crap and commonalities (I do yoga too!).

The best way to do this is putting a half-naked picture up. If you have a good body, show it off. Just don't be doing some try-hard bodybuilding pose. Make sure you have facial features. No belly. No excess hair. No double chin.

If you can't put up a good half-naked picture, then use a clothed one where you look sexy. You legitimately want to BE SEXY and not just a have a bunch of pictures that try to trick people and conceal unattractive qualities.

A lot of girls won't talk to guys with half-naked pictures. That's good. We aren't trying to meet some bitch that is evaluating us as a future boyfriend and deciding if we get her permission to take her on date and feed her.

Additional Pictures

Other Pictures Plenty of Fish I would screen REALLY hard since I already had 3-4 fuckbuddies

Your other pictures should communicate the same things that your profile picture does- YOU ARE SEXY.

Limit yourself to just 1 or 2 half-naked pictures however.

You can put up a picture with some friends just to communicate that you are cool. No pictures with babies, parents, office workers.

The picture on the right is an example of HARD screening. The picture shows an outline of my dick in tight jeans. Pretty much every girl knew what they were getting themselves into by talking to me. I'm not trying to "trick" anyone.

I would put this one up when I was trying to get laid within a matter of hours, or later that night. I was really successful with it. I suggest you try this if you are pretty hung, just have 1 hung picture though, you don't want to look like a creep.

Other pictures to include-

User Profile

The user profile should communicate the same stuff- I have sex, I am cool, I am fun and I have edge.

My profile below mainly just sex though, since I always I ONLY wanted girls that would come over in a few hours. I screen them REALLY hard. I don't necessarily encourage you to do so if you aren't exactly trying to get girls THAT NIGHT, but you certainly can. It's a decent example to show what can work. I have an unlimited supply of girls in Los Angeles, I don't mind scaring most of them off if it saves me time and I get laid.

And Yes, you can get ridiculously hot girls online. I get the same caliber as I could pick up in real-time.

This is from my old profile-

(notice how I DON'T try to use good grammar and punctuation... your profile SHOULD NOT look like you spent a lot of time on it)

This part is pretty self-explanatory. SEXY, COOL, FUN, EDGY. Use 'hang out, nothing serious' and not intimate encounter. There's just not enough girls looking for an 'intimate encounter'.

Further details-

The one notable element in my profile, that I feel every profile should have is-

Girls who want to have sex with you will know to message you and know that you'll handle the rest. If you look good, you'll have this happen from time to time.

Alternate Plenty of Fish Profile (more conservative)

I used this one in early 2009, when I wasn't always trying to nail the girl on the SAME NIGHT, Click to Enlarge

What Do I Say?!?

Just like in real life, presentation is 100x more important that what you say.

Regardless of what you say, the girl will look at your pictures and your profile (girls actually read the profiles).

I would stay away from the Mr. Funny Man bullshit or opinion openers. You don't want to come across as some loser that taking an online survey on "who lies more, men or women?"

Just message the girl "what up sexy," or "I thought you were attractive, so I wanted to say hi," "nice pics babe, what up" she'll get the point when she sees your pictures and profile.

If she's looking for the same thing that your profile communicates, you'll get a message back, if not- she'll get lost. It's just like real life, only the kino/physical dialogue is replaced with sexy pictures and some writing.

IT DOES NOT REALLY MATTER "WHAT YOU SAY," it comes down to your profile and pictures.

Trust me, girls get the point. I have a picture of my dick in tight jeans. No girl that messages me back several times isn't probably interested in having sex with me.

Your conversation should last 3-4 messages from you and 3-4 messages from her. But there isn't a rule of thumb. Real short.

You don't need to get that sexual with the messages, in fact, it almost better not to. The girls that message you back are ALREADY horny. You don't want to constantly refer to SEX because online dating is NOT in the moment (unless you get wrapped up in a phone conversation where you are touching yourselves). Girls, even those that are sexually available, don't like to treated like crude sluts. Make indirect references to sex, just tell her her that her pictures turn you on is generally all you need. The pictures and your profile should screen well enough.

After 3 or 4 messages, I suggest taking her number and moving over to text.

Text a few times back and forth, and tell her you'll call her in a few minutes (after you put some clothes on, you're naked) or (after you jump in the shower) or some sort of light sexual reference.

After you text a few times give her a call, just play it cool, make small talk for a few minutes like you've known her you entire life. Then say, "i don't usually do this but, hey since we're both awake, lets hang out." Remember- YOU'VE SCREENED HER via profile pictures, sexual innuendo, etc. etc. SHE ALREADY LIKES YOU and is DTF. Tell her to swing by for a few hours and you'll watch a movie, have a drink and see what's on TV. I must have done this exact procedure 25 times.

If you are trying to get some THAT NIGHT, ask her what she is up to. If she makes herself available, tell her that you have some time too and ask her what a number is that you can text her at.

I actually really encourage you to try to tag the girls THAT NIGHT. Girls are DTF one night and not the following night. It's important that you get them while they are horny and looking at YOUR pictures.

Basic Example #1

You'll see- NOTHING too complicated.

She likes my pictures, I like her. We got together later that day to fuck. Quickly got her offline and on the phone to set up a time.

beachie POF conversation

(the times aren't listed on this one from August 2010(?), she spent 4-5 minutes looking over my pictures/profile before replying)

Here's her profile:

POF Profile 1

Basic Example #2

Here is an example from a hot girl I got in about 8 minutes, she was in my bed within an hour-

I began the conservation by messaging her "hey kris, what up," she was horny and available.

pof conversation 2

* Back in 2009-2010, Plenty of Fish didn't have an instant message (chat) system. They have it back now.

I avoided her 1 question about "where I went" and immediately got her number. No resistance once she came over, she was there for one reason- to get filled up!

Especially in Los Angeles! This wasn't an average girl either, she was pretty hot. Not all the girls will be super hot, but there's definitely some hotties out there.

POF Profile 2

Time of Day (Night)

If you noticed I was talking to that girl at 3 am.

Just like in real life, between 12am-4am is probably the best time to GET LAID via Plenty of Fish.

The more normal hours are generally for setting up dates, but there's been a few that worked out during the day.

In Los Angeles, it's possible to bang online girls during the day since everyone has their own schedule.

But in most cities, if you are trying to get laid via online, you are probably best messaging girls later at night when they are horny and possibly have been drinking.

q: Message them at night after they have been drinking?!? Isn't that tricking them?!?

a: NO. This is the last time I am answering this. Have you ever gotten horny from drinking? It's same thing. Girls get horny from drinking. They WANT TO FUCK. If they don't fuck you, they'll either get themselves off or fuck somebody else. There is no "tricking,"--- interactions, shared emotions and sex is a MUTUAL process. Alcohol helps both women and men act on what they want to do in the first place. There is no such thing as seduction. You don't need to "trick" girls to fuck them. I certainly don't and most of you guys don't either. Most people already know this. :)

Every night, in every city, there are countless girls that have a few drinks and get excited about sleeping with someone. Same deal here.

Plenty of Fish WomenNo Rules

Just like in real life, there are NO RULES.

As a matter of preference I try to get a girl's number as quick as possible since she probably has looked at my pictures and decided that she likes me if she's still talking to me.

At the same time, I've also spent a few hours talking to a girl online about how I'd fuck her so loud that my roommate would get annoyed. We ended up meeting up several hours later and doing just that. It just depends what mood I'M in, moreso than following any sort of formula. The only thing that absolutely stays consistent is my pictures and my screening approach. I absolutely DO NOT want to be talking to a girl that wastes my night, just like in real life.

The main thing to keep in mind is, with a sexual profile and pictures, if a girl talks to you- she already likes you. Knock off the 'game' bullshit and the cute "playing hard to get" crap. You already have her interested, the next step is to keep it real, learn a little about each other and figure out a time to chill.

The second thing to keep in mind is, particularly if you have a very sexual profile, you HAVE TO meet up with the girls as quick as possible. If you simply want to give yourself some options for the week (aka dates), you don't want need to have a tremendously sexual profile.

When I started, I used Plenty of Fish for dates, but after I started getting laid a bunch I just used it for same day sex.

If you are just starting to meet women, I suggest just using Plenty of Fish for some options to reduce your neediness. Every Sunday, message 100 girls "hey cutie," send the ones that respond a generic message "you have a pretty smile, hows your week been" and get their numbers if they respond a 3rd or 4th time. If you want to try and get laid ASAP, do what I suggest above.

And As always, this come down to a numbers game. Although the majority of girls online are single, they are not all DTF in 1 hour. You have to find out which ones are.

Bad Profiles, if you are trying to Get Laid (examples)-

if you don't want to Get Laid- make your profile identical or similar to this one, this guy is not sexually active and won't be for a long time-












Main Points to Remember

You don't need a hardcore screening profile (that shows your dick, super sexual name, etc.) to get laid on Plenty of Fish, find out what works for you can give yourself some options. Even if you go out on some dates (I certainly did), everything helps and anything is better than sitting at home not doing anything to help your sex life. :)