What if She Texts With Me But Won't Answer My Calls?

Do that. Repeat it. Repeat it again until you bang her.


If you've screened a girl (sexually-charged dialogue + physical advances) on your approach and she gives you her number- She's in and she's likely DTF in the very near future. If you've sexually screened her again via text "hey sexy bitch," or "what up hott stuff," and she replies- She's in and she's likely DTF in the very near future. Don't waste time texting or playing hard to get- Call her ASAP.

Every so often you'll come across a girl that answers your texts but doesn't pick up the call. This is rare if you've sexually screened on approach and text. 99% of the girls that you screen- already like you and want to meet up ASAP too. They're IN.

But sometimes you'll run into some weirdo that seems to be playing games with you.

First- just try the phone/text blueprint again

If you've repeated the procedure a few time and she doesn't pick up 2 or 3 of your calls, without an explanation via text "hey sorry, I'm out with friends and can't talk," "hey sorry, I'm with my parents, let me talk to you soon," "sorry I got no cell phone reception right now, talk to you later," then try this-

text her (EXACTLY HOW I WRITE IT)- "its cute youre playing hard to get, but youre starting to lose points with me," when she replies, "sorry, I'm blah blah blah," CALL HER then (unless she says she's unavailable). You'll get her on the phone 99% of the time. I've done this on the HOTTEST of the HOT chicks and it works good.

still their might be a weirdo or two that texts back, "sorry, I'm blah blah blah," doesn't say she's unavailable but doesn't pick up your call. In that case, this girl is probably not sexually available and just keeping you as a text-buddy for an ego-boost.

But let's find out for sure-

Sometime later, text her, "FUCK OFF" when she texts back "excuse me?" or "?" CALL HER then. Scotty does this and gets them on the phone sometimes. Admittedly, I haven't tried this however. You got nothing to lose and I don't want you guys to become some girls "text buddy" or feel that you have "work on her". She's either IN or OUT.

What you shouldn't do is try to set up a date/meet up via text. While that can work- if they are sexually available for you, they'll pick up their phone. Period. I NEVER make plans with a girl I haven't banged via text, the flake rate is just too high. If you get a verbal commitment- they usually don't flake without a valid reason. After I bang a chick, I'll text them to meet up. But NEVER before.

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Don't Lose Her Number Unless You Really Want To

Before I got good at this stuff, I would delete a girl's number if she didn't answer or return my call. It was because I had a fragile ego and didn't want to "lose".

But you can't lose something you don't have.

I keep every girl's number if I like them and want to bang the shit out of them. I text them WHENEVER I want- screening them for sexually availability with "hey sexy bitch". If they text back, I call.

Girls are weird, one day they are sexually available, the next day they aren't, they think they have a boyfriend for a week, the next week they are single and horny. You never know whos DTF and whos not. Just screen.

Don't work on them though. No long text threads.

If it's a random weeknight and I don't like going out and I don't have a girl lined up- I'll MASS text 25-30 hot girls, "hey sexy bitch" and call whoever responds. Lucky them haha.

In my old cell phone, I categorized girls, I had a special category "Bubble Butt" if I wanted to fuck/have a craving for a nice round backside in my face, I'd text the "Bubble Butt" girls and see who was sexually available... One you collect 100-150 numbers after screening on approach, you'll probably have a good candidate ANY night of the week, with whatever criteria that you want "Bubble Butt," "Huge Boobs,"  "Short Girls With Probably Tight Pussies" haha.

It doesn't always work out, but you got NOTHING to lose.

Ideally, well for me, I would have 3-4 regular super hot girls that I'd bang during the week and go out just 1 time at night (but still talk to chicks during the day). That's the lifestyle I wanted. The MASS text worked too and could spice things up.

I don't really see a decent reason to lose girl's numbers... unless your phone gets too full, you get a new phone, they get married or you get in a committed relationship. Keep all of them, annoy the girls, who cares. I'd keep ex-girlfriends, ex-fuckbuddies, girls I want to bang, whoever. This stuff is about YOU.