Scotty debates PUA Wizard Jeff Magic (March 2012)

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I hope she likes me safe 'nonsexual opinion opener' vs. Immediate physical advance (screening)
Does a real man really NEED an opinion opener to convince a girl to speak to him?
I don't think so.

In mid-February Scotty was on Rx Heavy Muscle TV.

Scotty was on the show to discuss his ridiculously aggressive techniques and success with women in the past 4 years after his amateur bodybuilding career when he didn't get too many girls. Scotty ended up in a debate with PUA Jeff Magic about physical dialogue.

Scotty had no prep or had any idea that would be debating issues with anyone. He actually thought this interview was going to be a 5 minute Youtube video or something. He starts yelling at Jeff who has been a "pick up artist" for 10 years and never touched a girl during the day. Physical advances (balls) are the MOST important part of screening and flirting. Guys that don't touch girls DON'T get laid.

The main point (as you will see) is-

Jeff Magic a regular "I hope she likes me" PUA that approaches girls with interesting, playful opinion openers to try and avoid rejection as much as possible. The object is to try to get girls into conversations, get them to like you, then take numbers, then try to go on dates, then maybe sex [several weeks] later - all the while playing 'safe game' by being playful, funny, witty, indirect and nice. This is type of "game" is unproductive, inefficient and comes from a "I hope she likes me" submissive mindset. This is also what I call "Mr. Funny Man" game. These type of guys are safe 'boyfriend material' and generally don't get laid too often. I used to be that guy actually.

Scotty, on the other hand, is an aggressive "scumbag" player that gets REALLY physical with girls in order to screen them for their sexual availability. He gets them IN or OUT. No opinion openers, transitioning, what do I do now?, does she want sex?, hour long text-threads, witty phone conservations and nice dinners. Scotty can get a girlfriend if he wants, but that only crosses his mind AFTER he gets laid.

The show is mainly for fun, neither Scotty or Jeff really got a chance to get IN-DEPTH about what they do and what works. Also, to be fair to Jeff- what girls do/feel IN THE MOMENT is way different than what they do when asked a "what if..." question that they get to think about and answer based on "trying not to look like a slut".

You guys probably already understand that though.

Also, what I want to you see is- there's two guys here, both decent looking. Scotty plays to WIN, Jeff plays NOT TO LOSE. Scotty gets laid a lot (I KNOW THIS) while Jeff is probably "working on" girls. It is literally not possible to move quickly with safe game (opinion openers, funny man routines). How do I know? I used to run this 'safe' game junk. I'd be 'working on' girls that weren't sexually available in the first place and that's why the results are inconsistent at best. Safe game is ALWAYS an uphill battle. Direct screening IS NOT.

I'm not saying that Jeff doesn't Get Laid (some PUAs never get ANY pussy), Jeff probably does. I'm sure he talks to chicks and he's decent looking (wears a AWFUL coat to try and have a conversation piece- WEAK.). But he doesn't Get Laid as much as Scotty AND he doesn't bang better looking chicks. Very few hot chicks who get "hit on" with Jeff's safe game will think, "Wow, this guy means business!" Safe game has a ceiling. Screening game DOES NOT.

female witch

Ask yourself- Who is Cooler? Who Gets Laid More?

Scotty or Jeff the "Magical Wizard"?

Scotty vs. PUA Jeff Magic (RxMuscle TV) Part 1/4 from Good Looking Loser on Vimeo.

Part 2

Scotty vs. PUA Jeff Magic (RxMuscle TV) Part 2/4 from Good Looking Loser on Vimeo.

Part 3

Scotty vs. PUA Jeff Magic (RxMuscle TV) Part 3/4 from Good Looking Loser on Vimeo.

Part 4

Scotty vs. PUA Jeff Magic (RxMuscle TV) Part 4/4 from Good Looking Loser on Vimeo.

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