Scotty Flamingo PUA Basic Lay Report

scottygWe've got the real-time videos coming soon. Bear with me.

This is one of the first videos we did a long time ago for the community before we did our own thing, this is more Scotty talking moreso than any sort of structured interview.

Basically, he gets eye contact with a girl, approaches with normal conversation and still SCREENS her by touching her in a first minutes.

After some talk, ~10 minutes or so, he offers her a ride (false pretense) and she goes home with him. Nothing crazy.

The girl was Hot.
I don't usually break stuff down in such a nerdy pick up-guru way, but we were covering this basic situation that Scotty has pulled off over hundred times for community guys in NYC. "Scotty," was known as Scotty Flamingo PUA several years ago.

Scotty's Pick Up Video can be found here-