Is This the Year You Lose Your Virginity?

That's up to you.

You know it's doable.

We have the most simple, realistic, low-risk, ego-friendly plan to lose your virginity

It completely skips over "beating approach anxiety", "building a social circle" or going out to socially competitive bars and clubs.

If you are actually serious about it, you will lose your virginity in the next 365 days.

Probably sooner.

It just depends if you are actually serious about it this year.

how to lose your virginity

Although our survey estimates are between 20-45%, it is my belief that nearly 50% of guys that are searching for dating/sex advice on the Internet are quietly looking to shed their v-card. 

It's a great goal.

It's realistic and it will benefit how you see yourself. 

Are You a Virgin?
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Are You a Virgin

How Many Chicks Have You Slept With So Far?
(2015 Poll)

How Many Girls Have You Slept With

It is also my belief that the vast majority of inexperienced guys have no business "cold approaching" random women in hopes of having sex.

It is my fault if I haven't made that clear.

The odds are very low for inexperienced guys and rejection can be really discouraging if you don't have much confidence. Couple that with approach anxiety and sexual inexperience - it can be a recipe for psychological disaster.

Many guys that get into mainstream "pick up" take longer to lose their virginity because they often 'quit' trying to meet girls altogether after it doesn't go well.

Most guys go through 2 to 3 'pick up' cycles (4-6 months each) before they give up entirely.

It doesn't have to be such a brutal mindfuck.

It's not something that you have to risk your fragile self-esteem for.

It's not something that you need to pay a 'coach' or guru a dime for. 

how to lose your virginity 2

If you are actually serious about losing your virginity in the most painless way possible -

You Have 2 Simple, Doable Projects This Year -

  1. Follow our 'How to Lose Your Virginity Guide' Until You Sleep With a Girl
    (Do not start if you are 25+ pounds overweight or underweight)
  2. Reach 8-10% Bodyfat and Lose Your Facial Fat Once and For All

If you are a virgin, those are the ONLY things you should have on your agenda until both jobs are done.

You need to be working on one or both every single day.
(you can take 1 or 2 'off days' a months to do something fun that is completely unrelated)

I repeat -

Those 2 doable projects are all you should focus on until the job is done.

No "beat approach anxiety".

No "fuck 20 women".

No "build a social circle of all these cool friends"

No "build a business".  

No "read X number of books".

No "design my dream life that I truly deserve".

No "reach my self-actualization potential".

None of that.

how to lose your virginity 3

Before you start I want you to keep these 3 things in mind -

#1 You Need to ACTUALLY Commit to Losing Your Virginity For Once
(Shut your month and follow the totally easy program)

I can't force you to lose your virginity this year.

I can only offer you a TOTALLY REALISTIC PLAN and GUARANTEE that you will if you actually follow our advice (and not "take a break" or make up your own rules) you will eventually lose your virginity. Unless you are considerably overweight, you will lose your virginity this year.

I don't care how inexperienced you are, how terrible you feel about yourself, or how lousy your 2015 was, you know and I know that in EVERY city and state -

- Some guy that is uglier than you are Got Laid last night.

-- Some guy that is not as cool as you are Got Laid this morning.

--- Some guy who is shorter/has less hair/older/younger/more anxiety/has less money/smaller dick than you is getting laid today. 

You know and I know that losing your virginity in the next 365 days is possible.

This is not anything that requires superhuman smarts or athletic ability. 

Your Dad Got Laid for Christ's sake.

Your friend who you are better than at everything Got Laid before you.

Even if you are completely inexperienced, you are underachieving and you know it.

When I say "commit", I mean making Losing Your Virginity your #1 priority.

Treat it like you would any other goal that you are actually serious about.

Follow the Golden Rule of Success - virtually every waking, non-work/academic minute should be at least in-part be dedicated to following our guide and getting down to 8-10% bodyfat.

That will all but guarantee success. 

#2 Forgive Yourself For Not Losing Your Virginity Yet

There's a lot of reasons why you haven't lost your virginity yet.

Some are your fault, some are not -

The academic social establishment, a lack of confidence, lofty standards, "I'm not that old and I still have time" and a general indifferent laissez-faire attitude toward the milestone.

It doesn't really matter because the fact is -

You haven't REALLY tried. 

I mean - you haven't ACTUALLY tried and made it your #1 priority for an entire year.

I know this because it's not super hard.

Not with my game plan anyway.

It also may seem like you are so far away from the 'average' sex life.

But in terms of 'numbers', not that much divides you from the average non-virgin joe who only sleeps with a handful of girls in his entire life.

He is barely ahead you, probably lies about his sex life and he might not even have your 'serious mode' potential. 


You need to forgive yourself and decide that you are actually going to put it behind you this year.

It doesn't really matter what has happened in the past, you now have a way to lose your virginity if you actually choose to follow through this time.

#3 Limit Your Internet/Bullshit Time Until the Job Is Done

This is something that you are going to have to self-enforce.

I can't do it for you.

I know it's a problem for the majority of you guys.

I know because -

What have you been doing in the past few years instead of introducing yourself to girls?

- You've been dicking around on the Internet for entertainment. 

What have you been doing in the past few years instead of going on dates with girls?

- You've been dicking around on the Internet for "research". 

What have you been doing in the past few years instead of having sex?

- You've been dicking around on the Internet because it is comfortable.

Make 2016 the 'Year I Lost My Virginity' instead of 'The Sixth Consecutive Year That I Well Spent Over 2000 Hours on the Internet'. 

I haven't gone into detail (or even realized how important it was), but one of the reasons my entire life turned the corner in my late 20's was because I left (extremely limited) the Internet and content/sports/unproductive nonsense consumption for months at a time.

I kind of disappeared. 

Some people were concerned. 

Because of work or school, most people won't be able to abandon the Internet, in which case an anti-time waster browser app such as LeechBlock will be helpful. 

I know you don't watch the "news", but stop watching Red Pill and anti-establishment media - it's the same thing.

Related -

What About Just Getting a Hooker To Lose the V-Card?

I've never had sex with a prostitute but I'm not against this.

I don't actually know the credible online resources for how to do this.

However -

While you'll technically 'lose your virginity' to a hooker and get over the psychological block and some first-timer's sexual anxiety, you probably won't emotionally feel like you've actually lost your virginity until you are with a "real" girl. 

Let's see if we can lose it on our own.

Ultimately, that's why you came to Good Looking Loser in the first place.

Pour Conclure

There is absolutely nothing else you need to hear.

Go lose it.

If it helps (and only if it helps), start a log in the 'Lose Your Virginity' sub-forum.