Above-Average Is the New Perfect
(and it always has been)

Well it's been about a year - so that means it's time for me to 2nd part of this post.

My bad.

Anyway, in the first part, we discussed how you probably aren't super ugly (you are just more insecure) and that male celebrities aren't quite beautiful as they seem.

Besides, that hot girl that you "cant get" has already slept with a guy who is uglier than you.

Beauty, especially in pictures, especially pictures of females, is an illusion. 

People who get out of the house know this.

People who don't get out of the house say stuff like -

I've never seen a "10"!

There's no hot girls anywhere, ever!!

The girl is this photograph is perfect, I've never seen a girl her!!!

... and other blatantly socially-inexperienced things.

A good professional picture will make an average-looking person look good and an above-average looking person look great.

There is no reason to compare yourself to a professionally shot, airbrushed and photoshop-edited images of celebrities wearing a ton of makeup.

That's what Hollywood wants you to do, so you feel inferior and make commercial purchases to try and catch up.

I live in Los Angeles.

I see celebrities all the time.
(This NOT uncommon, I used to live near/next to Lady Gaga and former supermodel Rebecca Romijn when I lived at this apartment complex a couple of years ago) 

The celebrities that are known for their "hotness" are above-average looking people with low body fat and who take care of their skin.

On camera, with over 1500 camera shots, with good makeup, lighting and editing - it can look like perfection. 

If you aren't yet over the "all those movie stars and models are SO genetically superior to me" crap, then look at Part I again -

We talked male celebrities in Part I, so lets talk females in Part II.

1 Celebrities Without Makeup 25

She Doesn't Actually Look Like That.
You Are Just Insecure.

A HUGE part of building a "Sense of Entitlement" (advanced confidence) is not being intimidated by female beauty and seeing for what it is -

An illusion.

An amazing illusion. 

An amazing illusion meant to impress YOU and mask HER imperfection.

Got it?

That's not to say that I think women are "ugly" or that I'm going to argue that our gender is actually "better looking in reality" and therefore superior (sorry Manosphere friends).  

I've just woken up next to way too many girls that looked completely different than they did the night before.

Yep, it's true.

In fact, EVERY GIRL looked significantly less sexy unless they set their alarm to run to the bathroom and "freshen up" before we had sex again in the morning.

I encouraged that.

Besides, girls aren't into sex as much when they don't feel sexy.

Now, you've probably seen a thousand pictures like I'm about to show you.

You already know what I'm about to show you.

Yet, for whatever reason, you don't believe it when you leave your house.

She is a perfect princess.

You are but a lowly serf.

The fact is - 

With some exceptions, the average "pretty hot girl" is simply -

In fact, this "pretty hot girl" who knows how to doll herself up (or have others for that for her) will look sexier in-person/pictures than a better looking "plain Jane".

But without makeup (and sometimes photoshop), you wouldn't even bother to look at her.
(although it's suggested that female celebrities purposely don't do their makeup so they don't get bothered in public - that is not what I have found. They definitely do but wear low-key clothing, big sunglasses and sometimes a hat. Frankly, I don't know a hot girl that leaves the house without looking decent)

What a Difference Reality Makes (Pornstars)

Pornstars with and without makeup.

Blake, Taylor, Sara and I thought these were perfect examples.

After we fought for 90 minutes over which girls to show you, here's who we got -

Pornstars Without Makeup 1

Pornstars Without Makeup 4

Pornstars Without Makeup 3

And For the small amount of guys that are saying -

All these girls aren't even hot with makeup!!! 

These girls are so ugly!!!

I would never do these girls!!!

Just shut up.

That's almost as bad as the reverse-morons that claim they "have never seen a 10".

Of course you wouldn't "do" these girls.

You'd be scared to talk to them.

These girls look hot and you jerk off to girls just like this.

... and you know it.

Pornstars Without Makeup 5

Pornstars Without Makeup 6

These next 2 ARE WEARING makeup in their "no makeup" pictures.

They are wearing "foundation", not really considered "makeup" by women because it's just a light concealer that is applied prior to the main concealer.

I consider it makeup.

When girls post their "no makeup" pictures on Facebook or Instagram, they are almost always wearing foundation and usually a lot of it.

They have also usually taken the picture over 15 times and edited it with the 'reduce noise' feature.

Go ahead, call them out if you want. 

Better yet, STOP WRITING ON SOCIAL MEDIA PROFILES and do something productive with your time.

No makeup, except for the make up (foundation) they are wearing -
Pornstars without Makeup 7

Pornstars Without Makeup 2

It's an illusion, especially in the adult industry. 

The truly hot babes are in the movies or model.


What a Difference Reality Makes
(Victoria's Secret Models)

A handful of guys are saying -

Pornstars are ugly Chris. 

Lets see some pictures of high-quality women.

The Supermodels. 

The Untouchables.

They aren't anything less than hot. Ever.

Okay, lets do that.

Victoria's Secret models, among both genders, generally considered the best looking women on the face of the earth.

Virtually every Victoria's Secret runaway model is considered a Top .00001% model and laugh at all the "Miss USA" and "Miss Americas" of the world.

Miss USA would be lucky to sniff their sweat from a pair of $10,000 lace Victoria's Secret runway only panties.

And Granted, they are usually 'better looking' than average models and pornstars, but not necessarily -

Constance Jablonski -

Victoria Secret Models Without Makeup1

Tyra Banks -

Victoria Secret Models Without Makeup3

Heidi Klum -

Victoria Secret Models Without Makeup4

Gisele Bundchen -

Victoria Secret Models Without Makeup5

Alessandra Ambrosio -

Victoria Secret Models Without Makeup6

and of course, the untouchable Adriana Lima -

Victoria Secret Models Without Makeup2

I'll wait while you jerk off to the pictures on left.

Or not.

In a lot of these pictures - it looks like a totally different person.

You'd never even speak to most of the women on the left.

Yet, you'd cut off your toes or your trade your parents for the women on the right.

It's the same girl.

What a Difference Reality Makes 
(Hollywood Starlets)

No female is naturally anywhere close to her professional pictures with a professional styling/makeup job.

Do you understand this?

All these "genetically superior" people look just like normal girls.

Beyonce -

1 Celebrities Without Makeup 10 598x470

Kim Kardashian -

kim kardashian 

Kate Upton -
(Noooooo!!! Not Kate Upton!!!)

kate upton

Pamela Anderson -
(I don't like ruining Pam Anderson for you guys, but she is the same age in both pictures. I've met her at her annual Dog Walk in Malibu, she's certainly still attractive for her age) 

1 Celebrities Without Makeup 24 537x470

Demi Moore -

CELEBRITIES BEFORE AND AFTER PHOTOSHOP 7 demi moore hollywood actress hollywood top best famous popular model actress latest photo

Mila Kunis -

1 Celebrities Without Makeup 12 537x470

As much as professional photography and styling improves how hot an attractive female looks, the difference can be really seen on women that aren't as naturally attractive -

Comedian Kathy Griffin -

1 Celebrities Without Makeup 15 598x470

Katy Perry -

katy perry

Alicia Silverstone -
(she used to be pretty hot though)

alicia silverstone

Debra Messing -

debra messing

We all know this video too - 

I'm not into her 'Tom Boy' type attitude, but I think she's courageous for doing this video when most girls think of filing a law suit when a bad picture of them appears on social media.

It ultimately made her a millionaire. 

So What's The Point Chris?

The point isn't "all these women are ugly".

The point is -

- Half the women that you are scared to talk to probably aren't even that pretty.

- The other half that you are scared to talk to - you probably wouldn't even look at if they didn't have makeup on.

Matter of fact -

You are probably better looking than some of the most attractive women are without makeup.
(Let alone professional photography/design)

I know I am and I really believe it.

You are so used to be hit over the head with images of "people" that are 'out of your league' that you have an inferiority complex that grows worse each day.

Not just in relation to males (illustrated in Part 1), but also to untouchable females.

You haven't had the "benefit" of waking up next to 100+ no-longer-too-hot girls and are don't yet have a tolerance to beauty.

You need to EARN that tolerance to beauty. 

I just wanted to do my best to try and even the playing field a little bit.

In reality, you are probably even better looking than I am (as of 2015, I'm 32-33) and better looking than half these girls.

Yet, you feel that I'm so superior to you.

I'm not.

I'm just like you.

That's why you like me.

I know this "online blogger/expert" thing works. 

The only difference is -

You won't let go of your inferiority complex.

You tell yourself you aren't good enough, in subtle ways - every time you see a hot girl.


You stay inexperienced, let yourself get older and older, while less attractive, less "deserving" guys fuck girls that you can probably get if your timing is right.

So go get some. 

What are you waiting for?

Guys That Feel They Still Aren't Good Enough

In the off-chance that you still aren't good enough - go become above-average.

You can do that.

This post will tell you how to do everything.