LR: Anne Marie (Santa Monica Beach) (OCT. 2009) HB8

++I don’t proofread my lay reports.. I wrote them quickly at the time

After a good start at Santa Monica Beach doing my little talk to 100 chicks with  average game (3 phone numbers in 5 girls) I was walking on the ‘boardwalk’ area. I passed by an apartment and heard two girls seemingly laughing at me. I smiled at them and yelled “whats so funny??” they kept laughing so I walked over and just said “whats up,” both girls seemed like they were drunk (haha at 11 in the morning). One girl just said “you are so fucking hot, oh my God.” I said “thank you,” and hopped over the railing onto their patio.

I actually don’t have this happen that much since I’m pretty big and scary (I got a lot of chicks trying to talk to me when I was 180-190lbs… right now I’m 230lbs). The girls that hit on me these days are REALLY aggressive girls. since these girls liked me, I DROPPED ALL GAME. I introduced myself to the girls, Anne Marie and (Leslie?).. Leslie said “talk to Anny,” and made it clear that Anne was digging me. I was happy because Anne was the pretty one. She was 28, my age, but looked like she used to be WAY hotter.

Anne was loving talking to me and on normal circumstances I would be really aggressive with her physically, but I just put my hand on her thigh and kept it there. They offered me a drink. She was from West Virginia (I didn’t hit her with white trash jokes… she was digging me already). Anne Marie said “you are cute, why are you wearing those Hollywood clothes.” It was really clear to me that these girls were anti-Hollywood Beach Bum chicks… My clothes over qualified me… Normally I won’t “game down” or make fun of myself (but I had to because she ALREADY liked me), I say “I know right, I moved to LA and I just want to fit in, I’m a dork.” Anne said “you’re so sweet.” I actually hung out there for about 30 minutes and they invited me to their party later that night, but I declined because I had plans to go out that night. I took the number and said I’d show her a good time later this week.

3-4 or days later I text Annie and she texted back… I called right away and she was happy to talk to me but a little uptight because she was real drunk when she met me. I told her I was looking forward to “hanging out” with her and she was at ease. I ste up plans for that night, she was going to drive to my place.

At 10pm she arrived, about 30mins late… and I said “you’re late, did you spend a lot of time getting ready for me?? I forgive you look cute.” A little game-but a takeback. She was sorta nervous, I poured her a drink (since she seemed to like drinking haha). Normally I’d take her down the street for milkshakes/up the street for coffee… Instead I figured I’d just escalate after she calmed down… that’s what I did.. took about 15minutes, pull her into my room, turned the music on and got busy. After being with so many young, fresh Hollywood pussy, Anne Marie wasn’t that hot.. although she probably was MONEY 5 or 6 years ago. I could tell she was experienced by how aggressive she was… I used this gspot fingering technique and she cummed in about 3 minutes… nice. I had her get on her knees take off my pants (I usually just do that myself) so that she was face-to-face with my penis. Her eyes lit up and was excite with what she found. I said, “what did you find there little girl?” haha.. I had her suck me as I grew right in her face- I then put her on the bed and banged away while she screamed!! That was about it for this one!!