Do Girls Have Fetishes?
(Fetishes & Fantasies Defined and Discussed)

By: Lexy

Forward by Good Looking Loser

We'll certainly talk about fetishes and living out your fantasies in the near future. From how to present them to girls, to how be dirty enough but still keep the girls comfortable, to what to tell her afterward- we'll cover it all.

From what I've seen, I'm definitely not alone in my interest in this topic. In fact, it seems like guys that turn to the Internet for sex/dating advice tend to be into a lot of this stuff. When I used to work with guys on a lengthy one-on-basis back in 2010-2011, it also seemed that just about every-other-guy had some sort of "abnormal" sexual scenario or role play that felt they could only dream about living out, even if it was just a single time.

You can definitely live out your dirty (or oddball) dreams with random girls that are willing and happy to indulge your fantasies so long as they see you as a masculine man that has numerous options for partners.

Getting these "kinks" fulfilled and knowing that I can- has been one of the most rewarding things ever.

Some of my best orgasms and most fulfilling experiences came from "normal" girls that wanted nothing more than to feel sexy knowing that they were pleasing me. When you think about- this isn't much different than "normal" intercourse- girls love feeling super feminine and pleasing a guy that they are sexually attracted to.

cute cartoon girl

But how about "normal" girls?

Do they have fetishes and how would they feel about yours?

Although we can't stereotype every girl, I think Lexy is a GREAT example of a hot, sexually-active girl in her early 20's. She can speak from her own experience and also for a lot of her friends, who fit the same description.

The only difference between Ms. Alexis and other 18-23 girls is that she is willing to write on this blog. That's why we have her.

So enjoy, like I said- we'll talk more about this in the future.
(will even talk about BREAKING your fetishes, if they are costing you a normal sex life)

I haven't run into any LEGAL male fetish/fantasy that I think is impossible to live out.

While you might have to find 'the right girl', you might be surprised how many "normal" girls will be willing to indulge you and do so knowing that they might be off the "retention" list if they get boring on you. Most of them don't care how weird it is so long as they feel sexy when they are doing so. Verbally, they might call your fetish/fantasy, "interesting" or "funny" but when it comes to playing it out, they want to make an impression and get nominated for an Academy Award over your other sexual options.

There's probably nothing that you are into that would even surprise me.

If you have been this kingdom (this blog) long enough- you'll know that I'm a dirty little prince that is capable of making princesses the same and loving it.


Do Girls Have Fetishes?




Girls do have fetishes; however, they are often different from those of guys.

I will tell you the difference between a fantasy – fetish – kink – and turn-on. I will also share the fetishes and fantasies of my friends and I, share guy fetishes I've encountered, and more.

Are you starting to get turned on thinking about it?
(I am... haha Chris knows it too.)

Fetishes vs. Fantasies – Kinks – and Turn-Ons

A sexual fetish is a burning sexual desire about an obsessed about object or body part that is necessary for arousal. If a man has a leather fetish, sexual excitement and gratification can only occur if a woman is wearing leather, such as lingerie – shoes – pants – or gloves. Again, if you have a full-on FETISH- you can't get sexually arroused without the presence of that object/body part/etc.

A sexual fantasy involves imagination and is an erotic mental picture or daydream that is sexually arousing. When a fantasy becomes a reality that is required for a man to get an erection or a female to want an erect cock, it becomes a fetish. If you have several turn-ons, kinks, role plays, etc. but you can still have normal sex- they are merely fantasies, not fetishes, per definition.

A sexual kink is an unconventional or twisted sexual practice, such as bondage, spanking, female domination, and sadomasochism.

A sexual turn-on is something that makes a person horny, such as foreplay, sensual clothing, or porn.

fetish-cartoonMy Powerful Orgasm Fetish

This is not common among girls.

Most (yes, more than half) of my close friends have a fantasy somewhat like this.

In my case, per definition, it is closer to a fetish than a fantasy however.

My fetish is to have a BASICALLY-OUT-OF-CONTROL MIND BLOWING ORGASM that leaves me light-headed and euphoric.

I prefer to have a forceful orgasm rather than settle for a weak one. Sometimes I don't end up cumming at all due to my obsession with having an overpowering orgasm, but I'm not disappointed by a powerless peak that leaves me feeling dissatisfied.

I have never heard of other people having a FULL FETISH in this context, but perhaps they do.

I have to grasp an object tightly when I have an orgasm. It can be a sheet, a couch cushion, or my sex partners hands. I cannot cum if I don't have something to grab tightly. I feel as though I won't be able to have a strong orgasm if I don't have something to grasp. In addition, I am able to get my partner's cock deeper into my pussy when I take hold of something than when I don't, and this allows me to have a powerful orgasm.

Good Looking Loser says:
This is a fetish, especially in a female context where most girls only have fantasies. That's awesome.

When I first heard about this, I thought- damn that must interfere with "normal" sex, as sexual fetishes tend to do.

After I thought about it though- I think this a GREAT fetish to have because the climax, if met, can be so physically, psychologically and sexually rewarding. It's just a matter of figuring out how you can lead yourself there and have a partner that "gets it" and isn't intimidated.

Also, compared to most fetishes, it doesn't prevent you from enjoying (and participating in) normal intercourse. Some fetishes, for example, a foot fetish- might make it impossible to enjoy regular sex. So it's seems like a versitile fetish that you can attach to your fantasies.

Btw- call me sometime, you know I can take you there.

My Sexual Fantasies

I have a lot of sexual fantasies to be honest.

Being handcuffed is a fantasy I have. I like the idea of him being in control of my pleasure.

Another fantasy of mine is to have a ceiling mirror so I can watch as a guy and me have sex. I have had this fantasy for a long time.

Being recorded while I have sex is another fantasy I have, and I intend to act on it soon. ;)

Last but not least, I fantasize about role playing. I love the idea of dressing up in different sexy costumes and being whoever I want. My top sexual role playing fantasies include Dr/nurse – male stripper/client – evil queen/sexy subject – male model/female photographer and vice versa.

Kinks that Make Me Wink ;)

There are two things that cause me to become aroused, and increase my sexual experience that I am going to classify as kinks since they both involve temperate pain.

I love it when a man bites my lower lip while kissing me. I like my lip bitten just hard enough to cause moderate pain that is tolerable. My other kink is to have my long hair pulled during intercourse. I like my hair tugged roughly enough to cause a sensation that falls between mild and wild.


My Many Turn-Ons
(I'm not high maintenance, I swear!)

As I've mentioned before, guys with tattoos turn me on. I find it sexy as hell. ;)

I also get turned-on when my belly is massaged or pushed on in such a way it stimulates my G-spot, A-spot, or deep spot. When done correctly, I can probably have an orgasm when a man touches my belly.

Another thing that turns me on is when a guy touches my breasts or my sides (between by belly and back) during sex.

The right scents have the ability to make me crazy! Certain colognes, such as Polo Sport, turn me on. Some of my perfumes and body sprays also get me aroused, especially Incredible by Victoria's Secret.

In addition, every  person has a unique body scent. The right man's scent can turn me on and on and on! The smell of his hair and his breath will get me aroused in a matter of seconds. However, the breath of some men has repulsed me and I am not quite sure why. has an interesting article about scents that act as aphrodisiacs, including body scents.

NativeRemedies has an article on aphrodisiacs that explains the phenomenon of body scents- “Come to find out, body odor is a natural aphrodisiacthat seems to lead into sexual arousal frequently. While most of us try to avoid having body odor, depending on the scent emitted, it can be one of the major aphrodisiacs for the senses.”

Ask Christopher about the cologne he wears, it's hot.

wonder woman with superman


You might find it weird that I didn't mention a "big penis," since I mentioned in an article that how larger (thicker) penises were definitely preferable to small ones.

For me, and this varies from person-to-person, the thought of a big penis isn't actually an "on the spot" turn-on. In my experience, however, sex feels better with an endowed guy and I certainly prefer it.

For other girls, including my former roommate, she is immediately aroused by seeing a thick penis hanging between a guy's legs.

For her, she immediately connects it with her pleasure and his masculinity.

For me, I just feel it's a good attribute but it's in-addition to the rest of the experience.

A Common Guy Fetish That I Have Run Into

I had a sex partner who liked watching porn during intercourse, and it actually turned me on too.

As I watched a hot guy with a big cock fuck a sexy girl, it made me want to feel the same thing. I enjoyed watching it while laying on my belly while he fucked me from behind. This allowed both of us to watch other people fucking while we fucked.

Good Looking Loser says:
This is definitely not uncommon for guys and it's definitely not uncommon for girls "get into" it after initially not thinking watching porn during sex would add to the experience.

As Lex said- girls find themselves wanting to "feel" the same thing. Usually they watch the girl that is being fucked and think- damn she's feeling great right now, she probably feels so full, I know how that feels.

I once had a girl request that we watch porn before and while I fucked her, for her- it was foreplay. What an easy job I had- just keep her watching the TV and fill up her pussy when it got wet enough to insert.

I've also learned (from my friend Travis) that putting on porn DURING SEX was a good way to introduce different scenarios, especially 3-somes. He is married and his wife (a smoking hot exotic Asian girl with a perfect body) lets him fuck other girls while she watches. He's admittedly a "total nice guy" but has a sex life, while being married, that is hotter than 99% of people. I'll have him talk to you guys sometime.

Archie with 2 Girls

How Did This Guy Present His Fetish to Me?

He just told me he wanted to watch porn together.

Once we started watching it, he started getting physical with me, and it went from there.

There wasn't a whole lot of talking about it. He led me with actions rather than words.

Would I Engage a Guy In His Fetish/Fantasy Even If It Seemed Weird To Me?

cartoon sex in the snowI will engage a guy in his sexual fetish or fantasy if I respect him, if I am sexually satisfied by him, and love having sex with him. I will participate with a guy who pleases me in bed because I want to please him in return.

If I love a man, I will want to turn his fetish or fantasy into reality. When I love someone, I give them all of me: body – heart – soul – and mind.  I think a lot of girls feel the same way about someone they truly love.

Men's Fetishes/Fantasies I Would Love To Play Out, At Least Once ;)

I totally love the idea of being a dominatrix, and being in control. If a guy told me his fetish or fantasy was to be dominated by a female, I would jump at the chance to be that girl!

Good Looking Loser says:
You haven't done this before?

If you haven't done this by your next birthday, I'll play.
(I'll be the guy, you be the girl) :mrgreen:  

Advice to Guys Wanting To Know If a Girl Has Any Fetishes/Fantasies

I'm sure Mr. Christopher will tell you exactly how to do this, but here is my advice:

If you want to know if a girl has any fetishes or fantasies, you need to get to know her and engage in conversation. Let a girl get to know you - trust you - and feel comfortable with you - and then she will feel she can open up to you. Of course, you also want to please her in the bedroom, so she will want you to make her fetish/fantasy a reality with you.

After you have determined she likes your personality and your penis, begin by telling her your fantasies. You can tell her directly, or use an erotic story. Girls get turned on by erotic fiction, so reading a story that involves your fantasy can be beneficial. One idea is to cange the female character's name in the story to her name, and tell her you like thinking of her rather than another girl. You can tell her that you think playing out a fantasy is exciting and cool. You can also tell her that you think it would be awesome if she had a fantasy because you want to make her dream come true.

Note: The wordfantasyis more socially acceptable, and girls seem to prefer it to the word fetish.