How to Call/Text to Meet Up with Chicks and Get Laid

This stuff is pretty simple. It's productive and efficient- this is how we bang girls super quick (if we get stuck with taking a number). Super quick meaning that day or in a matter of a couple of days or so.

It works well, not a lot of flakes (less than 20% for me specifically) because [on the approach] I have thoroughly screened a girl for her sexually availability and communicated that I'm a cool guy, looking to Get Laid and I can probably give her a fun and good experience. Girls don't meet a lot of guys like that. They meet guys that run "I Hope She Likes Me Game," who try to impress them and take them on dates.

Set up your meetups on the phone. Not text. Girls are less likely to flake if you do it via phone.

There's a lot of junk out there related to text/phone game. You don't need ANY of it.

cell phone

So here's how to do it-

(text EXACTLY how I write it. don't clean up the grammar or add smiley or LOLs, LMFOs, etc.)

When you take a girl's number. Text her right then and there,"nice meeting u" and there and make sure she has your number SAVED. You can even help her save it as "Sexy Guy," "Sex God," "Chick Magnet," "Good Looking Loser," if you want to. It's not necessary but I like to do this.

Okay, so you have her number. She has your number.

Sometime later (1-2 hours later to 48 hours later)-
Text the girl something like, "hey sexy bitch" or "what up nerd" "hey sexy biatch" "i bet i know what youre doing" "im way cooler than you and you know it" "what up hooker" "crazy bitch" "naughty"

note: I encourage you to text "hey sexy bitch," or some of other sexual screening lines. You should constantly be screening. Sometimes the momentum from your interaction wears off (that's why you follow up your approach ASAP). Girls are fickle, their emotions and hormones change- if a girl is sexually available one day, it doesn't mean still be the next day (although she probably will be). Screen via text for sexual availability so you don't end up with a girl that isn't DTF.

The girl will probably respond with a text within the next 24 hours

When she responds- CALL HER right then

Don't text back. Call her immediately. She has her phone in her hand and will usually pick up your call. 2-3% of the time she won't pick and but usually she'll explain why "hey out with friends now, call u back," "with my parents right now, lets talk later." usually they explain. Like I said though, 97-98% of the time they will pick up the phone.

when you get her on the phone, have a QUICK story or something ridiculous to say- "
"i bet you've been staring at your phone all day, hoping and praying that I would call"
"i just lifted 400lbs at the gym, i bet i'm stronger than you i could probably beat you up"
"this gay guy just dropped his pants and started jerking off to me. it was weird"
"hey are you on any of the dating websites? i bet you stayed up late last night messaging guys to try and get laid"
"i was at barnes and noble (bookstore) there was this lady sitting in the selfhelp section that wouldnt leave when the place had closed, they had to call security on her and the police came... was that you/your mom"
"i saw this pornstar that reminded me of you, i forget her name though"
"i have take a survey for my advanced sociology class, you masturbated last night right? i put you down as a 'yes' but I figured id make sure."
(This ridiculous story isn't necessary because the girl ALREADY likes you since she picked up the phone. But it serves as a 'state-breaker'. Most girls live pretty boring, mundane lives- even if they try to give the impression otherwise. Snap them out of that mindset and get their attention)

I do it this way, Scotty doesn't. He calls girls and says "Hello."

After your ridiculous story/comment, make some small-talk
how was your day?
how was your weekend?
how was ____, that you were telling me about?

Cut off the small talk and set up a meetup/date like this:
*So whats on your agenda this week? I'm super busy, but I have a few days open.
(let her talk about her schedule)
from there pick a free time and offer soft plans- "cool, I have some time on Tuesday open too, what are you doing at 5pm"
she'll usually be good to go
if she's not, say- "actually yeah Tuesday at 5 isn't that great for me either, i should do another day..."
(then suggest another day) "how's Wednesday at 6pm?"
she'll usually be good to go
if she's not, say- "okay what times work better for you?
she'll usually say whatever times she has open. if they fit your schedule and you have a couple of hours to bang her- go for it.
if she's doesn't, then say you'll talk to her in a few days and hang up (this honestly happens ~1% of the time)

Repeat this phone/text blueprint ANYTIME and EVERY TIME. You don't need the ridiculous story/statement after you've banged the girl. The goal is to Get Laid. The goal of the phone/text to get them to meet up. Set up your meetups within 1 to 3 days. Maybe 4 days. Don't schedule them beyond 4 days. Ever.

Do this entire procedure over and over (it's pretty quick) until you seal the deal with the girl. Don't delete numbers out of pride.

Basically- screen for sexual availability via text, when you receive a reply, call her ASAP, use a state-breaker if you want, small talk, set up plans. When you meet up- try to bang her. If you don't- repeat this process, eventually you will.

...why does this work?
Because the girl ALREADY LIKES YOU, or is at least interested in getting together with you. How do I know? Because she picked up your phone call. Also, if you were aggressive on approach (sexually-charged dialogue + physical advances) and she gave you a legit number- she is in. She wants to meet up. She's not expecting a dinner and movie. She's expecting to be filled with a thick cock.

After you've picked up the girl, she's either in or out. She'd decided if she's sexually available or sexually unavailable (usually they get screened in or out on the approach). Since you were aggressive (sexually-charged dialogue + physical advances) she knows what you're about. There no phone "game" needed, she ALREADY likes you.

There is NO REASON to waste time. Or play "hard to get". No guy that bangs 40+ girls a year waits 2+ days to contact the girl. You need to follow up your awesome pick up momentum with a phone call. THE GIRL WANTS TO SEE YOU. You DON'T need to have a huge text thread to tell her long dumb stories, jokes or "convince her to like you". SHE ALREADY DOES. That's the result of screening. Get her on the phone and basically set up the time you are going to meet up.

a lot of PU gurus/magazine think their methods "work"... while this can be true, it only "works" because the girl ALREADY likes you. So anything will work- such as just calling them. Don't waste time. Get Laid.