This will never happen to you (or me).

Has anyone else noticed that in Hollywood movies the female character often/usually "seduces" the guy? She nearly always makes the first move. She kisses the guy. She undresses the guy. And Perhaps the most unrealistic thing- she is happy and willing to embrace the male aggressor role and is madly attracted to her passive beta lover/hookup. That's not how it works in real life.

I've seen a lot through the years, especially my first ~2 years in Los Angeles (and San Diego) when I did virtually nothing but try to bang hot chicks and work when I had to. (see more about Chris)

In a nutshell- I wasn't any 'better looking,' during those ~2 years. I realized that the only reason I wasn't consistently banging a handful of chicks at a time through the years, was because I was a pussy and wasn't very aggressive. Once I got aggressive, I was getting more pussy than I could handle.

Remember the formula? Talk to Chicks (sexually-charged conversation) + Be Aggressive (physical advances) = Get Laid.

At times, I wasn't even talking to chicks, let alone being aggressive. It's a formula for long dry spells, needy behavior and general unhappiness.

Conscious of my fear of rejection and my big ego, I was very passive and non-proactive when it came to trying to get laid during the early and middle parts of my 20s. Maybe I didn't quite know what I was doing, I'm not entirely sure actually. I do remember, however, that I really "didn't know what I was doing" in my teenage years.

This isn't uncommon, guys without brothers, cousins, friends and other role models generally are pretty awkward with chicks in their teenage years. Because of inexperience, younger guys don't know how to handle chicks in the bedroom and because they don't know how to handle chicks in the bedroom they stay inexperienced. It's a brutal cycle that repeats itself, slowly the girls that are same age tend to want to bang older guys because of stuff like this.

Without good advice from a guy that get a lot chicks, most guys are on their own to figure out how it works in the bedroom.

Conscious and subconsciously, a lot of guys, through sheer exposure, are influenced by Hollywood-produced movies to show them an example what an 'alpha male' behavior is and an example of how it works in the bedroom.

Unfortunately, Hollywood gets it completely wrong and reinforces the growing breed of beta super nice guys that hot chicks just can't stand.

Honestly, I can't remember a movie where a guy initiates foreplay with a girl, heats her up and throws her on his bed and makes her cum all over herself.

Instead, I see a reoccurring pile of unrealistic garbage where- despite the timidness of the guy, the hot chick is happy and willing to take the lead, kiss the guy, undress him and usually bang him. All the while, the guy is just standing/sitting there doing nothing- like a shy girl. Apparently that's how sex works.

It seems most guys would know that this 'isn't the way it happens,' but apparently that isn't exactly the case.

I don't remember how many times that a try-hard guy has told me that a certain girl "fucked their brains out," or "took them home [from a bar or club]," or "asked to give them a blowjob," or "grabbed their dick and put it her mouth." I must have heard that from like 5 guys in Law School in first week and like 150 other times in my life. I've heard huge dorky guys and boring generic conservatively dressed preppy college guys tell me that they fucked a strippers, hot actresses and pornstars. Not likely.

Obviously, these guys aren't getting any chicks and just want to try to look cool. At the same time, after hearing a ton of guys tell me this, it's clear to me that they actually don't understand how sex works.

Clearly, they don't understand their role in the process.

Now, even before I had good game, I had some instances where reasonably attractive girls approached me and hit on me. A few times chicks told me to "kiss them," and maybe even jammed their tongue down my throat on the dance floor or something like that. In certain instances, some chicks would 'open the door' for me to take the lead.

But never has myself OR ANY of my friends that actually bang a lot of hot girls had ANY situations where a girl takes us home, undresses us and "fucks us silly." It DOESN'T HAPPEN. If it ever did, it would happen one time in your entire life and you would need to be amazingly good-looking and the chick would have to older than you. This is about the closest it gets- and nothing happened because I was COMPLETE pussy back in 2003.

The point is, you have to get used and embrace taking the lead and creating situations with chicks. They will not do it for you. They aren't attracted to timid beta male behavior. Being with a beta male doesn't make them feel sexy.

Granted, there is a small percentage of girls that will initiate sex, but they won't do it if they think you are a total pussy. They will do it because they are horny and want to get fucked by an alpha male. When we see people asking "how to get girls to approach them" or saying that "that a girl didn't give them signs that she wanted sex," or "girls don't like having sex," we automatically know that guy is being a pussy and not embracing their role as a male. Or maybe he doesn't understand his role as the male. Either way, that's gotta change if the guy is going to reach his potential.

I'm not sure if Hollywood is blame, but apparently a lot people don't find these scenes (below) that unrealistic...

Even if you know that this isn't how it works and can realize the comical element to these scenes, I just want to reinforce that it is your job to embrace and take 100% of the lead. Not 50%. Not 80%. Not 90%. 100%. You are leading the chick through the entire experience.

If the chick gives you positive feedback then great. If she doesn't, keep doing what you're doing and don't stop unless she stops you. If she stops you, don't be reactive, don't disagree with her, change the topic try again in a couple of minutes. Persistence and courage is a huge turn-on for chicks, especially the top-shelf girls. Be a man!

The only time chicks ever embrace the aggressor role is AFTER you've been messing around. Hot chicks love to feel feminine and know they are with an alpha male. Girls HATE to feel like sluts and they HATE to be judged. That is why they do not do this stuff for guys they just met.

Don't worry
These will NEVER happen to you.

hollywood clip art

Girl you just met takes you into the bathroom and gives you a blowjob while you stands there doing nothing.

Perfect example: Hot Latina you just met leads you to the island hotel room and begins to undress in front of you despite your nervous beta behavior.

You just met Jennifer Aniston. She undresses you, takes naked pictures and shows you.

Attractive chick you just met takes you back to her dorm room and begins to undress you while you just follow along like a little puppy.

Sexy blonde you just met sits on your lap, gets your dick hard and proceeds to fuck you.

Woman you have never seen before starts fondling herself in an elevator in order to seduce you or something like that.

You just met Cameron Diaz and she is obsessed and turned-on by your beta male behavior so she throws on her bed.

Attractive chick you haven't touched yet asks permission to kiss you and proceeds to do so as you stand there awkwardly.

Attractive chick that previously kissed you starts kissing you again and starts to undress you.

Classic movie- Hot women you just met is attracted to your beta male behavior.

Sigourney Weaver takes the lead and wants to fuck you despite your inability to hold eye contact or talk about sex.

Hot chick is turned on by your dancing monkey behavior and has no problem fucking you. (obviously a joke, but hot girls don't act this way... EVER.)