Creeps Get Laid More than Nice Guys

I've been a super nice guy, I've been a creeper. The second is more empowering.

If you creep out 9 out of 10 girls and Get Laid by 1 out of girls- you are doing pretty well. Actually- really well.

Understand that you will be called a creep every so often (or more)

Accept that you will be called a creep every so often (or more).

Embrace that you will be called a creep every so often (or more).

I'm here to teach you the most productive and efficient way to Get Laid.

I'm not here to teach you how to not be a creep, that's what the other programs do.

I'm a creep.

Have you seen my naked pictures?

Have you seen me talking about how college girls nearly all want to try a big cock before they graduate?

Wouldn't it be creepy if girls knew that you viewed this website?
(fact is, a lot of girls think this site is awesome haha)

Have you seen Scotty? He's a fucking creep.

We're creeps but we Get Laid more than every nice guy in a 10-mile radius combined. (that's just a stupid guess)

We a lot of have lots of hot girls that are friends that will defend our actions and ideas to the death too.

I'm a creep and I'm teaching you how to be a creep to filter out sexually unavailable girls and girls that have weird issues with sex.


Aggressive Game Only For Cold Approach?

This discussion was partly inspired by an email I got from a guy that has made a ton of progress in the past few months. He had trouble making normal conversation with random people (guys and girls) and now he's on his way to talking to any chick(s) he wants. He knows it too. He's just seeing now- as he being more aggressive that he'll be called a "creep" every so often. Nice guys and guys that don't Get Laid aren't never called "creeps," so take it as a compliment.

This aggressive "screening game" is meant for cold approach. But it's not meant for cold approach just because there's potential to "creep" girls out. It's meant for cold approach because cold approach is the most efficient and productive way to meet women. If the Internet or strictly social circle was more time efficient and productive, I'd make a program for that. In the process, however, you'll creep the sexually unavailable or emotional undesirable girls out. That's what we want.

You can still be aggressive in social circle and it will work. Understand, accept and embrace that you can be called a "creep" and potentially develop a rep among that peer group. It's not life or death though. I suggest mainly using aggressive screening for cold approach and/or when you are able to isolate ("hey its too cold here, lets walk over here...") social circle girls.

You should do what you want though.

Do What You Want, "Don't Be Reactive v2.0"

99% of the time it will be the right decision, simply because that’s what seemed right at the time

1% of the time there will be some negative consequences

.01% of the time there will worst case scenario consequences
There’s NO point in fearing the .01%

Every girl you creep out, you’ll realize- there are no consequences.

It might take a little while to get used to it. But it's no different than a failed approach with "Mr. Funny Man" game.

In fact, it's better, you have more balls and you'll be screening the next girl and not wasting your time.

For the initial stages- be an aggressive creep, aggressive creeps Get Laid. That develops your physical game and courage.

You will develop some finesse later.

Hopefully this little discussion gives some of you guys the "permission" you need to go creep some chicks out, you might Get Laid in the process.