A Brief Introduction to Party Game and "The Scene"

I'm excited to open this new chapter to Good Looking Loser.

It'll move slowly until I get to work on it full-time but it will be enough to really help guys who want to hear about "The Scene".

For some guys - this particular discussion will be TOTALLY NEW insight to how organized nightlife works.

I highly encourage to you RESERVE JUDGMENT about whatever you know or have heard about how nightlife works.

It's probably different than you think. It is different than what I thought.

It's great and just about the most exciting period of my entire life.
(Full time: Late 2009 - Early 2011) 

This is where you land the HOTTEST GIRLS - so listen up - if that's what you signed up for.

While this is representative to the Hollywood/Los Angeles Party Scene - I feel in can to most cities in the United States of America.
(with the exception of Las Vegas where the clubs are conveniently in the hotels)

If you didn't know - the clubs close at 2 am in Los Angeles... and the after-parties begin.

This is how it works in the Los Angeles Club Scene.

night scene

What is "Party Game"?

You have probably heard of the term "Club Game". 

I will discuss that concept and it's primary problem below.

We call it "Party Game" and not Club Game.

There are two reasons for this -

  1. Trying to pick up girls via 'cold approach' at nightclubs is the LEAST efficient, logistically convenient and lowest probable way to GET LAID.
  2. Picking up (or just meeting) girls at PRE-PARTIES and AFTER-PARTIES is the MOST efficient, logistically convenient and highest probable way to GET LAID.

The "game" doesn't even happen at the club.

It happens at the party. 

The sex happens at the party too.
(or during pre/post-party hours)

Unless you are tight with a legitimate ~mid-level nightclub promoter - try to forget just about everything you thought you knew about "Club Game" and popular organized nightlife aka "The Scene".

If your source for "Club Game" doesn't discuss BEFORE AND AFTER PARTIES -- disregard everything you read - an Internet Marketer wrote it.

"A Nest In the Hills"

The Party Scene in a Nutshell 

In short, this is how it works-
(Ready Losers?)

  1. Groups of people meet at a designated house to "mingle", drink and do drugs - 1 or 2 hours before going to a nightclub. (pre-party)
  2. These groups of people take as few cars/taxis (or limousines) to go to a nightclub where they have ALREADY BEEN PUT ON A VIP/GUEST LIST by the nightclub promoter that they ALREADY KNOW. (enter club)

    * Fun Fact: Party Scene regulars and Hollywood Power Players usually arrive between 90 minutes after the club has opened or 90 minutes before the club closes.

  3. They get in for free, have a COMPLIMENTARY table and access to a significant amount of FREE alcohol that their promotor has reversed for them. (club)
  4. At some point in the night, usually just after that the alcohol runs out and/or girls dance for 90 minutes, the group will leave to a PRE-PLANNED AFTER-PARTY which is usually, but not always, at the pre-party house. (exit club)


  5. The host group arrives back at the house, prepares the refreshments, lights, parking, etc. for the after-party and awaits for the others (and whoever they met) to arrive. (pre after-party)

    Fun Fact: For more exclusive parties - security and valet parking arrives just before this time.


  6. The groups arrive to the after-party and resume being fully intoxicated.
    Certain horny pairs sneak off to different rooms, areas or separate locations altogether - to have sex. (after-party)

The entire night was ALREADY PLANNED from the start.

Most guys and girls ALREADY KNOW who they were going to have sex or try to hook up with.
(unless stupid girly drama ensues)

The actual "Clubbing" part is a sideshow, an appetizer, foreplay - to the AFTER-PARTY where all the Red Bull, Grey Goose and bodily fluids are spilled. 

That's why we don't call it "CLUB GAME".

The club has virtually nothing to do with anything.

Got it?

Hollywood Hills Afterparty

My Experience In "The Scene"

I have significantly more experience with "Party Game" than picking up girls with the traditional "cold approach" that most guys are familiar with.

The majority of girls I've slept with are from the "The Scene".

While I have picked up top-tier girls via cold approach - the vast majority of them came from the Hollywood Party Scene.

The majority of the SUPER HOT GIRLS I've slept with were specifically from the Hollywood Hills Party Scene.

In fact, the very first cold approaches we recorded in for Good Looking Loser YouTube was the first time I had done a significant amount cold approaching since Early 2010. Cold approach was only my primary stream of pussy in 2008-2009.

Since then, however, traditional cold approach has been only a small supplement to an overall lifestyle - when I am single.

There's a reason for that-

In nearly every way, what I call "Party Game" is better, more efficient, more productive and gets you MORE and HOTTER girls.

Had I known about how to get started with "Party Game" I don't think I would have done any traditional pick up whatsoever.

Admittedly, what I learned, experienced and the results (pussy) I got from my success/failures at traditional cold approach helped build my social fundamentals, got me connected and immediate MASSIVE success in The Scene.

We wouldn't have a blog if not for cold approach either.

Like most guys, the majority of guys in the Party Scene, don't approach women they don't know. They just have decent social skills and drunk guys around them 3 or 4 nights a week.

If you can build your social freedom and get connected in The Popular Scene - you'll never be without options.

Even just a little "Killer Instinct" goes a long way. A lot of the girls are ALREADY interested.
(an active hung penis will also get you attention)

If nothing else, you'll be partying with hot girls on the regular.

It's amazing for your "Sense of Entitlement".

Just for the record-

I've gone to some super exclusive parties in Los Angeles.

I've gotten into some of the hardest doors and been to some invite-only parties.

This IS NOT to suggest that the majority of my "Party Time" was spent as an insider to some private celebrity scene - it definitely wasn't.

When you get connected in the Los Angeles Party Scene, it's possible to go to hot parties. It seemed CrAzY at first - but it wasn't after a little while. After all, I live(d) the Hollywood Party Scene neighborhood.

The Scene in Los Angeles becomes a small world after 6 months of near daily partying - you see the same faces, hit the same parties and eventually find your way to the more exclusive opportunities if you can regularly bring pretty girls with you and get to know a few names.
(more on this later)

The majority of my experience comes from a Scene which I feel the normal person can access.

I will help you do so.


The Misconception of Party (Club) Game

"Club Game" Doesn't Exist
(Clubs ARE NOT Ideal Venues to 'Cold Approach' Women)

Believe it or not, nightclubs (popular scene, dance, event, etc.) are not the ideal place to pick up woman.

In fact - they are arguably THE VERY WORST.

Very few people actually know this, including the vast majority of self-proclaimed authorities on the subject.

There's several reasons for this-


club girls - 3

Unlike the bar scene - few very girls will ditch their group of friends to fuck a "club guy" they just met.

Girls don't take the "club guy" very seriously. He's probably a creeper and an outsider.

In most cases, getting laid the same night via nightclub cold approach requires an impromptu after-party where your group of friends and her group of friends decide to meet up at a convenient destination.

Certainly possible, both Scotty and I are in the double-digits with this type nightclub cold approach dynamic, but it's a lot of work and a TON of factors outside your control that can easily bring your night to an end.
(I'm pretty sure Scotty has had more sex IN THE CLUB (or outside in his old truck) than taking the girl home from a nightclub via cold approach) 

There no guarantees via cold approach - even if you have a horny, drunk, TOTALLY DTF Club girl that is telling you how hot she thinks you are. 

I've had it happen a fair amount of times and quickly learned that most DTF club girls are certainly not DTF club girls the following day.

In Los Angeles, these club bunnies are usually hungover and "detoxing" with their fruit juices and useless over the counter medications and talking about the limited amounts of the previous night that they actually remember.

And Of Course - posting photos on Facebook and Instagram in which they look hot.

I've had pretty good luck (as compared to my friends) with taking phone numbers at nightclubs but admittedly - the majority of the leads go absolutely nowhere.


The Real Scene - The In Crowd

Think about what I just explained above.

You are either part of The Scene or you are an outsider with an endlessly uphill battle.

As an outsider, there's very little reason to approach girls in clubs unless they are staring at you and you have place (e.g., after-party) to take them.

If you don't know ANYONE at the club and have no PRE/AFTER PARTY plans - you are better of in a bookstore or grocery store that is closer to your house and about to close. You are certainly better off at a bar.

Most guys go to nightclubs and indiscriminately approach unavailable girls that already have their night planned out. 

Sometimes you'll get lucky, I have, but it's really an inefficient way to get action.
(I actually learned this quite fast - I found my way into The Scene right away)

You need to become part of the 'In Crowd' or at least have acquaintances that are. 

Especially if you are interested in the most popular, highest-quality, otherwise-completely-intimidating Party Scene pussy in it's prime.

camera man

The Scene is where it's at.

As my friend Rich, who does REALLY WELL, noted -

"It's funny how I have these hot bitches chasing me, trying to hook up and stay over [at our party house], if I talked to them at Barnes & Noble (Bookstore) [like you and Scotty do], they'd probably ignore me..."
(not a direct quote) 


So the key is -


(ideally - bringing some girls with you)


Then if you approach girls - it will go much better. (status)

Don't worry, you don't have to "know everyone" or become super popular.

You just need to know a mid (or upper)-level club promotor, have a few cool guys to party with and a decent spot to host before and after parties.
(VIP status can be fun and helpful - but it's very optional - and nothing that you spend money for)

Without that - forget about nightclubs.

Just completely forget it.

And that's where I'm cutting you off...

... we'll talk about it soon.

chris - new years eve edit

I'll tell you about some of the very best nights (early mornings) of my entire life.

It was a quite an era.

Hopefully I can remember some of it...