How to Give Girls Ridiculous Orgasms (5 Non-Mainstream Tools To Get Her Off Big Time)

Blow Her Mind, Load and Pussy
(and Have Her Come Back For More)

This information won't be found elsewhere.

Like most posts on Good Looking Loser, but especially this discussion - it won't be for everyone.

For whatever reason, many otherwise open-minded "red pill" guys seem to have hardline views about what is "good" and "bad" in the bedroom. 
(as if morals counted when it comes to casual sex...)

Either way, this isn't a discussion where I convince you/explain a concept and offer applicable steps of how to achieve it. 

I'm just going to tell you 5 THINGS THAT I KNOW WORK, make most girls go nuts and almost guarantee that they will be back for more.
(provided they weren't just using you for a one-night stand and are emotionally invested in another guy)

If you want dietary supplements, super special secret sex techniques and other crap, look elsewhere. 

Many of these 'hacks' every guy can take advantage of, but very few know about them and even fewer have the courage to try them on a new girl. Most wait until they have slept with the girl several times or are in a committed relationship.

Talking about personal success (my sex life, former sex life anyway) for credibility and not coming off like an arrogant asshole is a fine line.

All I can say is -

Please just listen to me on this stuff.

"Retention (Keep Chicks in Uncommitted Relationships)" is my thing.

While there's obviously a lot of other significant factors in retention ability (boyfriend potential, lifestyle, financial status, commonalities, natural chemistry, what type of 'relationship' the girl is looking for), if nothing else - you will have the "he fucks me good/gives me good orgasms" category handled.

If you have never tried my suggestions below, you may just be as surprised as your chick.

This is the type of shit that makes Good Looking Loser one of a kind, so I encourage you to keep an open mind, some of these will make you say, "WOW."

We need to get 2 things straight first though -

Forget About the Sex Techniques For Now
(Fuck Hard Not Smart)

When I have sex with a new girl, I just fuck her hard.

Always have.

Besides sometimes using one or more of my suggestions below, I don't do anything special.

That has always worked well, particularly after I made penis size improvements. I don't know concrete numbers obviously, but I'd say 8 out of every 10 girls wanted to see me again if I reached out to them. It was rare that a girl wasn't down to see me within the next 0 to 10 days.
(the first round of sex is obviously only a part of retention)

I am NOT much of a believer in the average guy trying to become some sort of "sex guru".

In fact, I'm VERY MUCH against it.

Here are 4 reasons why.

First, the majority of guys that are looking for sex/dating advice on the Internet are inexperienced. They are 'turned on' by the idea of becoming some sort of master sex guru because they have sexual anxiety and opportunities for sex seem so few.

They read all sorts of books and Internet articles just waiting for the night it all might pay off and they can finally impress some girl.

From what I've seen, this "Future Sex Master" intellectual approach does NOTHING but add more non-applicable information to their pre-existing inexperience, sexual anxiety and "bag o' sex tricks" that they will never use.

Second, guys need to learn the most basic fundamentals of sex (fingering a girl, eating pussy, basic intercourse) by DOING THEM before studying the most advanced stuff and trying to implement it.

This isn't unlike every other skill in life.

Learn the basics first. 

Third, when the average guy is with a new girl for the first time, it can take a significant amount of "sexual comfort" to get her to try different positions/techniques. While experienced, usually older guys can often lead the way, inexperienced guys cannot reach into their 'bag o' secret sex tricks'.

My advice is: just work on taking the bra and panties off your first 5 or 10 girls and then we can talk.

Fourth, I've tried all sorts of unorthodox positions and advanced techniques and nearly all of seem to make about a 5% difference at best. Most of the time, they are absolutely no better than penetration or orgasm from normal intercourse or clitoral stimulation.

Not to stereotype all sex techniques, but I honestly haven't seen a difference in a girl's sensation/orgasm that consistently beats just having a large (sometimes pumped up) penis and slamming deep into a chick's pussy.
(and yes, I know what I'm doing) 

Leave the "super secret sex techniques" to the same geeks looking for pick up routines.

Once you have a regular fuckbuddy or girlfriend, then you can work on the advanced stuff together. 

The good news is -

You don't have to fuck 50+ girls to learn all you need to know to pleasure most girls or beat your sexual anxiety - you just need to DO EVERYTHING with ONE GIRL.

Ideally, that will be your first fuckbuddy. It is even worth making her your girlfriend just so you can gain experience. As I tell inexperienced guys, "Retention By Any Means Necessary".

With all that said, there is ONE TECHNIQUE that I've done on a semi-regular basis with new girls. Don't expect every girl to finish like that - that girl clearly does her kegels and knows her pussy 20x better than most. That is the only "advanced" move you need - and you hardly need it when you are with a new girl who is excited to sleep with you.

This is about what it sounds like (toward the end), it is VERY VERY wet if they are heavy cummers and not embarrassed to leave your bedroom a mess -

Just forget about the sex techniques, my suggestions are easier and will have a way greater impact anyway.

disney princesses

Her Orgasm Is Her Responsibility Too

Another reason I don't encourage guys to "study" sex techniques is that they can and will be rendered completely useless if the girl doesn't masturbate or know her pussy.

It doesn't matter how "good" you are in bed (and certainly how much shit you've read) if the girl is inexperienced or nervous - she won't be getting off until later in your "relationship".

In case you wondered -

It doesn't take much to impress an inexperienced girl, just tell her that her body is beautiful and that she's doing a good job [just laying there]. Ask her what feels good, be attentive, blah blah, you know the drill if you've read Good Looking Loser.

Despite the popular notion that we "just get sluts", once you start sleeping with a new girl every 1 or 2 weeks, a fair amount of girls (especially the younger ones) don't even know if they have had an orgasm before.

If they can't get themselves off, how can you?

Don't worry about it.

Despite what the Viagra commercials and the pick up artists tell you -

You aren't totally responsible for her experience.

Some girls orgasm within 5 seconds of my dick entering their vagina.

Some girls don't at all.

Same deal for your girls.

And That won't ever change.

Read this for further explanation -


So What Do You Recommend?

It was important that we covered "sex techniques" and female orgasm first.

Every single one of my suggestions will be as good or better than any sex technique and give any emotionally/sexually healthy girl an incredible orgasm.

As for the lesser inexperienced girls, don't be surprised if you give them their very first orgasm, they will feel intense sensations that they probably have never experienced. But if they don't get off, they weren't going to anyway, encourage them to touch themselves when they are alone.

Bathmate Post Pump Sex
(Big Cock In 5 or 10 Minutes)

Bathmate was the first recommendation I ever made on Good Looking Loser.

After you figure it out (5-10 minutes with a full boner, 1-4 hours prior to sex), this device can completely change your sex life and get you "big dick" status among girls and their friends.

This is my #1 suggestion for the bedroom because you have full control over it. You don't have to convince the girl to take or do anything. It's easy, fun and you can use it as much as you need to.
(you only need to use it for ~5 minutes for a sex pump, if you are big to begin with)

There is nothing that will make a girl feel more full and deliver multiple orgasms (if she has a good mind-pussy connection) than a thick penis.

You don't have even have to be big - to get big.

You can instantly (in 5-10 minutes) give yourself a thicker penis than 90% of guys by using the Bathmate with a full boner sometime prior to sex.

Yes, 90%.
(provided that your girth is at least average to start with)

You will gain at least a 1/2 inch on your girth in 5 or 10 minutes from using Bathmate with a full boner.

This device changed my size and totally changed my sex life.

My dick is above-average/big (7" x 5.5") but gets mistaken for big/huge (7.1" x ~6") after I use Bathmate.
(I started at ~5.25-5.5" x ~4.75")

Although I like to talk about my dick, I know it's not actually HUGE - still nearly every girl acknowledges the size (thickness/hang) prior to having sex with me for the first time.

The shy girls giggle about it, the cool girls want to take a picture to show their friends, the mean girls want to take a picture to text to their ex-boyfriends (happened a couple of times).

I'm not going to go over the "Physical and Psychological Effects of Being Well Hung" again, but 10-15 years ago I'd be too shy to change in front of people, now I'm on the Internet showing it off (NSFW).

Don't believe the bullshit such as -

It's not the size of the ship, it's the motion in the ocean!

Guys with big dicks are terrible in bed!

Hung guys are terrible lovers!

There's nothing that improved my confidence and ability to take up sheer space in a girl's pussy as using the Bathmate prior to sex. 

Sexually active girls remember never forget where the size is at, they'll call you when they are single or on break from their boyfriends.

The size advantage can make you stand out on sites like Adult Friend Finder too.

There's probably 10,000 other advantages too, but we'll stop there.

As one guy on the Good Looking Loser Forum put it -

Having a a big dick is the ultimate sex toy. 

It's true.

You can increase your size for a couple of hours even if you aren't that interested in using it on a regular basis for permanent growth.

It is probably true that guys care more than girls about their dick size - all the more reason to MAX IT OUT! 

Other tales of Bathmate inflated cocks stuffing pussies full -

Information About the Bathmate Hydropump -

hydromax x40

A Sex Wedge
(Liberator or Similar Generic) 

Although I've always heard about these, I only bought one after learning about them a bit more via Mike at Danger & Play's discussion on "Sex Pillows".
(I have the generic one, works great - click on "Budget Version of the Liberator Wedge" for the exact one I got)

They work better than I ever imagined, I used to think they were only for under-endowed guys.

This is going to be helpful for 2 reasons -

First, it's not hard to get a new girl to try it. Just keep it in your room.

You can even tell her that you got it after surgery to keep your knee/back elevated (if you are worried about her thinking you fuck a ton of girls on it).

No girl has ever declined my invite to try it, the vast majority have never even tried it or only tried using a pillow under their ass to elevate their pussy (therefore you can hit the deep spot without a curve).

Second, it's super intense for the chick - way more than a regular pillow.
(I still can't completely figure it out to be honest)

It's pretty dramatic how much of a difference this pillow makes for the girl. It will surprise you (and any girl who hasn't tried it before).

sex pillow

The best I can describe it is - there's significantly less of a "build up". The girl will feel your first 2 or 3 thrusts like you have already been fucking her for several minutes. Every thrust is magnified, sometimes BY A LOT.

From the pillow/angle alone, you'll give her better sex than the vast majority of guys who clumsily (and usually timidly) hit not-so-breathtaking spots.

Like I said - you'll be surprised how much of a difference it makes.

Sex wedges are quite underrated and I wish I bought it back in 2008-2011 when I was at it full-time. 

If you are interested in the Liberator, sex wedge or ramp, check out -

sex pillow text

(1500 mg 4-5 Hours Before)

This is the first suggestion that you might have to talk her into - 

Phenibut is a legal dietary supplement that kills social anxiety but also seems to really heighten the sensations in and around a girl's pussy.
(some guys think it makes sex amazing, I don't see a difference however)

You can give it to your girl under either of those pretenses or you can tell her it makes music sound awesome (which it does, but usually a 2000mg dose is necessary).

1000-1500 mg seems like enough to get most pussies excited and super sensitive.  

She'll need to take Phenibut earlier in the night, but it does hold over for morning sex if she takes it later in the evening.

Here is an old audio of me fucking a 19 year old sweetie pie who took 750mg and came all over herself -
(1000-1500 mg is a better dosage, this girl weighs 115 lbs and half of it is her breasts)

Here is my full writeup on Phenibut and sex -

If you have questions about Phenibut, drop them in our forum -

during orgasms vagina contracts causing to suck up the sperm more easily to get to the egg

(Female Cialis)

Have your girl speak to her physician about this one if she has issues with sensitivity or finishing.


Female Cialis has actually been out for a while.

It's the same thing (literally) as the male version, but it's marketed for females. 

It's more politically, socially and financially expedient to blame men for women's inability to orgasm rather than her own pussy or emotional state.
(Manosphere is right; although I'm probably the first to voice this fact)

Be that as it may, PDE-5 inhibitors (e.g. Cialis, Viagra, Levitra) works for chicks too.

The brochure won't tell you but from my experience(s) -

Ladialis primarily makes the clitoris region very, very sensitive. Even slight contact will give most girls a rush. This isn't always a good thing if their pussy works extra good to begin with, there is such a thing as "too sensitive" actually.

It's good for girls that have trouble getting wet or inexperienced girls.

It's good for girls on antidepressants/drugs that can't feel their pussy that well.

If a girl doesn't "get much" from oral sex, this is potentially a big helper.

Girls that smoke a lot benefit too.

Like for men, doing kegels will fix pussy insensitivity and should be done regularly.  

Again, have your girl discuss female Cialis with her doctor.

Do not buy it from an Internet pharmacy.  

science of relationships orgasm infographic 1Girls aren't getting off that often with a partner. If you can make a girl cum - she's yours to keep. Don't put too much pressure on yourself though - some girls can't even get themselves off.

Tramadol HCL

Last but not least, Tramadol, a uncontrolled prescription light/moderate pain medication (and is being studied for depression in the UK) is quite interesting in the bedroom.
(ask your doctor about it, do not order it from an online pharmacy)

As I've explained to several doctors, Tramadol acts as an SSRI and an opioid. Not just the latter. 

Its effects on males and females seems to be polar opposites.

For males, it desensitizes your dick and makes it hard to cum. You can literally fuck for an hour.

Keyword is "desensitizes".

If you are looking for a pre-ejaculation treatment that doesn't desensitize you or potentially cause erectile dysfunction (but only makes it harder finish) - Priligy is the one you want to look into and talk to your doctor about.

For females, Tramadol really seems to increase their pussy's sensitivity and make orgasms significantly stronger (and wetter if she is a big cummer/squirter) 

Although long in my past, I've a warm little history with Tramadol and members of the opposite sex. From 2008-2009, it was my go to for just about everything (it's a poor man drug, mind you) when I'd chill with more 'experimental' girls.

Tramadol make a girl's pussy is ultra-sensitive and she is really quick to cum. Minimal foreplay needed.

I'm prescribed Tramadol for my knee injuries, but I haven't taken it in years.

Speak to your doctor about Tramadol, do not order it from an online pharmacy. 

disneyMagical Kingdom (Disney) - I'm in Florida Though

Pour Conclure

So there you have it -

5 Non-Mainstream Tools to Give Girls Ridiculous Orgasms.

Whatever you may think about it - I just gave you 5 explosive options that WORK.

In my experience, all 5 are better than any sex technique, funky position or custom dirty talk/NLP/geek shit bookworm sequence. 

If you want stuff that WORKS try one or more of these.
(talk to a doctor about the prescription medications - do not buy them from an Internet pharmacy) 

If not, check out the natural suggestions that don't do anything on Dr. Oz's website.

The few guys that are willing to add some of these into their sex life will benefit greatly.

It's rare that a chick finds a guy that provides this kind of experience or even knows about this stuff.

Use these to your advantage, fuck them good and you'll be the guy who gets the phone call when your ex-fuckbuddies take a break from their vanilla boyfriends. That is no exaggeration at all.

note: we purposely did not cover controlled substances or hardcore drugs. there's plenty of other compounds that influence a woman's sexual experience. I've been with multiple girls who have tried every single of them (short of meth), here is a list of compounds and their usual effect on a chick's pussy (scroll to the bottom).