"Follow Me" (With Video)

If you read the most recent discussion, "Killer Instinct - The Definition of Game," you'll know how important "pulling the trigger" or being aggressive is when the moment arises. 

Brian (Scotty) and I talk about this in the latest Podcast too. (scroll to 35:30)

In the later stages, it's the difference between getting laid or going home alone.

In the earlier stages, it's the difference between getting things moving or ABSOLUTELY NOTHING HAPPENING.

I was recently asked to write up a list of the Top 5/Top 10 "Killer Instinct Moves" (techniques) that everyone should know.

That was a good suggestion.

I thought about it for a while and came up with 6.

When I looked at my list - I realized they all were basically the SAME EXACT THING, only the context/words varied. 

There's a single Killer Instinct move that can carry you anytime you want to take your interaction to the next level.

You can use it to pull a girl away from her friends for a couple minutes.

You can use it to move a girl to a more private spot to sit down.

You can use it to take a girl outside of the bar.

You can use it to walk a girl from your living room right into your bedroom.

It's simple, it's masculine and best of all - you can use it anytime you want in a comfortable way.

It's a nice way to take 'Basic Guy Game' (or even Nervous Guy Game) to the next level.

It's called "Follow Me".

cartoon cowgirl

How It Works

It's pretty easy.

Say something like - 

Grab the girls hand and start walking in the direction you want to go.

Walk ahead of her - like you are leading her through traffic.

That's it.

Video Example - "Follow Me"
(and May 2014 Update from Good Looking Loser)

Not At All Necessary Pretense

The biggest obstacle guys run into is thinking they need a reason (pretense) to grab a girl's hand and walk her to another location.

You don't.

In fact, it's pretty exciting to girls if you seem spontaneous.

Grab her hand and just tell her to follow you.
(particularly good at night)

Still, if you are nervous about trying something like this, there's a plethora of 'pretenses' you can give to justify the change in location.

The most basic is the one I reference above -

"It's too hot/cold/loud/quiet/clean/smelly/crazy/boring here, lets go over here... Follow me."

That can be used in just about every single situation - with ease.

I've also used -

"I have air conditioning/heat in my car... Follow me."

"I want to talk to you for a second... Follow me."

"Come here... Follow me."

"Come on... Follow me."

"Lets take a walk... Follow me."


The important thing is to grab her hand and start walking.

"Follow me." is not a question. 

Like the Approach Anxiety Drills, each time you do this move - it gets 50% easier. 

 cartoon guy

Never Run Out of Stuff To Say

One of the main reasons guys "run out" of stuff to say is because they are thinking of stuff to say, rather than taking the interaction on its natural course - getting more physical with the girl.

If you run out of stuff to say, Scotty suggests that you default to this move.

You'll be surprised how quickly you can use this move too.

I've been doing this type of thing for a while - but out of necessity rather than purpose.

Believe it or not, my voice is actually VERY BAD against loud music.

My voice is very deep, which is good in some situations but gets majorly drowned out by loud music, especially hip-hop and bass.

When I was doing the club/party scene thing in Hollywood back in 2009-2010, in order not to get killed by the music, I literally had to get the girl's attention and then immediately walk her to a quiet[er] nearby spot so she could simply hear what I was saying. I had been using the 'grab and drag' technique in clubs long before I even realized how effective it was.

If the girl wasn't available, her friends would come and reclaim her. If she was, I was off to a damn good start.

 cartoon hottie

Girls That Like You

I also want you to consider the girl's perspective here.

If you've made eye contact with a girl, exchanged smiles, went to talk to her and flirted back-and-forth (or she just let you touch her/hold her hand) - she likes you.

You don't need to look for more signs.

When girls "like" you (and are sexually available) - they get into "just go with it" or "lets see where this goes..." mode.

They are willing to/WANT YOU to take the lead and show them a good time. 

They are down to submissively follow - if you are down to dominantly lead them.

Sometimes they'll put on the brakes, but that's just a call for more "get to know you time" (foreplay). Or alcohol. 

The point is - girls aren't going to resist "Follow me" if they are into you.

cartoon hot blonde racing girl

Know Where You Are Going to Take Her

It never hurts to know EXACTLY where you are going to lead the girl.

I call this a "gameplan"
(sample gameplans within)

I stress the importance of this. Especially for guys that are new at this.

Scotty points out that - although a gameplan is good, a lot of guys use it as an excuse to not take the interaction as far as it could go.

So have a gameplan that involves a PRE-PLANNED place where you can potentially get laid.

Set up the "logistics" in your favor rather than using them as an excuse to bail early.

hot black girl cartoon

Get Used to It

While this is a 'pick up technique', it's also a metaphor for masculinity and gender roles.

I suggest getting used to this "Follow Me" dynamic in all situations.

When you are on dates - you should be (literally and figuratively) one step ahead of the girl, leading the way.

I can't tell you how many times I see girls leading guys around the club. Girls are used to doing this.

If the girl says, "lets get a drink" or "lets have a cigarette outside", grab her hand and walk her there like it was your idea.

When I was really making an effort to do this stuff, I was looking over my shoulder at the chicks about 80% of the time, as they followed me.

Drill into your head - FOLLOW ME.