Edgy Guys Have Sex Appeal That Normal Guys Don't
(Lexy Acquati)

I saw a great post on PUAHate.com in regards to people trying to pinpoint/analyze “what it is” about me/our “game” (and what I’m pushing ALL you guys to be) that is appealing to women and gets us laid.

This kind of stuff needs to come out of someone else’s mouth.

It’s arrogant if I say it- even though it’s what I’ve been getting at for the past 16 months.

If you were still confused about "why/how this works" at a high-level with high-quality girls, Colez will explain it to you-

Colez on GLL Click to Enlarge

So there you have it.

By the way, I am not naturally 220 lbs and my parents didn't dress me up with a bandana, accessories and ripped jeans.
(I had to try something new)

If you want this stuff to work for you- take Colez' advice.

Forward By Good Looking Loser

I’ve been the “clean cut” "pretty boy" masculine prep guy (1982-2006).

I’ve also “edgy” masculine guy.

I always tell guys to lean toward the later in their effort to “Dress Like A Somebody, Not A Nobody.”

Don't think it's not a choice. It is a choice.

"Being edgy" is the ticket to sex appeal if you aren't a naturally good looking guy. Wanna-be pretty boy offers NO advantages to an average looking guy.

And Even if you are- you are better off with some edge.

It doesn't take much to look edgier than the average guy. A pair of sunglasses, a single ring and certainly 1 tattoo will make you look edgier and cooler than 50% male humans.

An edgy style is more masculine, has greater sex appeal and communicates that you are different from the undersex norm.

It works MUCH better, especially for the purposes of GETTING LAID is quite different than just “meeting women”.

There is a video at the bottom of this post that discusses why/how we one of only sites on the Internet for GET LAID advice, while the thousands of others are simply for “meeting women”. The distinction is huge.

It also works much better to make an impression on the HOTTEST girls that have plenty of normal generic guys offering them dinner and a movie.

The hot untouchable blonde is into the edgy guy, the “girl next door” is into him too, the college girl surrounded by frat boys wants the edgy guy, even the stressed out professional girl who gets out 1 time a month wants to sleep with him.

Other than the below-average girl who knows that she has no chance with him, nearly ALL types of hot girls are into the edgy guy.

This is necessary true of the “normal” looking guy, even if he is good looking and since I don’t have a vagina, I’ll let Lexy tell you why-

Why Hot Girls Like Edgy "Bad Boys" and What We Assume About Them
(By Lexy)

It is 100 percent true that edgy guys are more appealing and attractive to both nice and edgy girls. I am drawn to edgy guys like a magnet. An edgy guy looks cool – appears to have confidence – and is more of a challenge than a nice guy with a squeaky clean appearance.

Perhaps you are thinking it is superficial of girls like me to judge a guy based on his looks. But, as I pointed out, it isn’t just about the look. It’s the overall character of a guy who is edgy that attracts me.

Besides, men (humans, in general) judge others on their appearance all the time. In fact- it’s usually an accurate assessment since we have significant control over how we look, what we wear and the impression we make.

I make an effort to look sexy when I go out and I expect a guy to do the same. If he doesn’t, he is sending me the message that he isn’t trying to find a girl or hook up. I will look elsewhere.

I have always preferred edgy guys over guys who are not.

Tattoos Turn Me On

I think tattoos are hot on a guy; however, I don’t like him to be covered in them.

A tattoo kind of says I can be a bad boy – I like to have fun – I’m not afraid of pain – I am unique and proud of it. Even one tattoo is a turn on. I’m not too picky about how big or small they are.

Guys can go overboard with tattoos, in my opinion. I like between 1-10 tattoos on a guy – depending on the size and location. I love seeing a guy with a tattoo on his muscular arms – it’s super sexy!

That’s just me.

More conservative girls might tell you otherwise.

tommy lee whiteboyTommy Lee is not naturally masculine looking (he's tiny) or intimidating. His "dirt bag" style and tattoos has extreme sex appeal and coolness to the hottest of the high-status women. There's plenty of other celebrities that Pam Anderson and Heather Locklear could have married instead.

Most Girls Want to Fuck Edgy Bad Boys

My girls and I want to fuck bad boys with an edgy appeal – and most sexually active girls feel the same way.

When most girls are out for a night of fun (and have already decide they might go home with someone, I mean- this stuff doesn’t just “happen”), they are looking for a sexy guy to show them a good time, whereas most girls picture settling down with a nice looking guy that is safe.

Girls don’t go to the club or bar to get married or find their husband, so the nice guy is not likely to get laid. Actually, the chances of him getting a girl in bed THAT NIGHT are very very low unless he is good looking and has a masculine face to compete with the edgier looking guys.

It’s probably safer to say: A good boy will not be cuming that night, unless he pleasures himself. You may or may not like hearing this, but it is simply the truth!

However, it doesn’t take much to transform from a good boy to a bad boy. Instead of complaining about the facts, do something about it. “If you can’t beat them – join them.” You’ve probably heard the saying – and it totally applies to this situation. Become the guy who girls want to fuck instead of the guy complaining that “that’s not me...”. ;)


Dave Batista Dressed Up If you are naturally masculine looking, suits will provide a nice contrast.

Perception is Reality – Probably Assumptions

Although it’s not always true, fun girls, like me, make assumptions about edgy looking guys vs. nice/clean looking guys – and perception is reality – especially in Los Angeles.

What assumptions do we make and why?

Edgy guys are probably cooler.

They look cooler, and when you first meet someone, you don’t have much else to go by. If I’m looking at one guy wearing a button up shirt (probably buttoned all the way too) tucked in his perfectly ironed khaki pants and another guy wearing a sweet T-shirt (possibly showing off a tattoo) with distressed jeans -- I can’t help but think the second guy is cooler! You probably would do the same.

Edgy guys are probably more fun.

Edgy guys remind me of the type that take me on a motorcycle ride (or something else exciting). They have a bad boy look that gives the impression that they like to have fun, and know how to make it happen.

Edgy guys probably more of a challenge.

They look more confident, and they get more female attention. They are more of a challenge because there is competition with other girls. It appears as though edgy guys can choose almost any girl they want. They don’t usually go too far out of their way to impress. Instead, they seem to do subtle things to impress without making so much of an effort that they look like desperate idiots – and they have no problem walking away. They know if they can’t land one girl, they can get another one. Again, they have a confidence about them without being cocky.

This is a girl trying to figure out a guy, so maybe Chris – Christopher – Good Looking Loser can tell me if I am anywhere close to what these guys are actually thinking or doing.

Many times, they get approached by girls, which also make them more of a challenge and more appealing.

They are more mystifying too. The fact that I had to ask Chris if I was close or not proves that edgy guys have an unknown mysterious appeal to them.

I want to use an example here from my life.

Like I said, I have always been drawn to edgy guys.

When I was 17, I went to a party at someone’s house with a girlfriend.

An edgy guy had a joint, and was passing it around in a circle. Later, I was sitting down, and he sat next to me. He looked like a sexy bad boy, and he was flirting with me (subtly). My friend called me over to her. I got up to see what she wanted. She told me that the guy was trying to flirt with me. I told her I knew that and liked it. When I tuned around to go back to where I was sitting, he was gone. I was so mad at my friend. After asking around, I was told he left to walk home (mysterious), and I got his name. I was determined (challenged) to get this guy. I did end up with him for a couple of months too. ;)

Edgy guys are more mysterious and any 'sweet' or 'nice' behavior has more impact.

Since edgy guys are more mysterious as mentioned above, when they do or say something sweet it means more because it is not expected, whereas it is expected from a nice guy.

When an edgy guy writes a poem -- buys roses – plays a special song – or looks at the stars with a girl -- he is viewed as opening up. When an edgy guy opens up and shows his sweet side, this makes a girl feel special because he doesn’t do this for just anyone.

It doesn't take much to look edgier than the average guy. It doesn't take much to look edgier than the average guy.

Edgy guys can “keep it real”.

Edgy guys are true to themselves, and they are not busy trying to be like everyone else. No girl wants a fake or an obvious follower. The fact that edgy guys keep it real adds another dimension of mystery to them as well. You cannot put them in one category or completely understand all of them just because you get one of them. This is true of all guys, of course, but it seems to be even truer of the bad boy type.

Like Chris says, while guys that rock standout trendy styles are considered “followers,” it’s not actually the case. It’s the normal guys that looks exactly the same as the other normal guys that are the followers.

Edgy guys are more confident because they like to stand out and not fit in.

It takes self-confidence to be comfortable with yourself rather than trying to be like everyone else.

Edgy guys are probably more independent.

Edgy guys come across as being tough, which gives them a self-reliant persona.

Edgy guys are probably more masculine.

They seem to take charge and be tough. Masculinity is another word for sex appeal, in my book.

Google 'Justin Bobby' if you want a good example of a good looking guy maxing out his sex appeal. Google 'Justin Bobby' if you want a good example of a good looking guy maxing out his sex appeal.

Edgy guys probably are better in bed.

They are looked at as having more experience. Girls assume they know what they are doing when it comes to sex.

Going on a “regaular” dinner date with an edgy guy is actually exciting.

I’ve gone to over 100 dinner dates with guys.

It’s still exciting to me when an edgier looking guy takes me out.
(Of course it’s because I like him but it also seems like non-stereotypical behavior.)

Other than a handful of times, a dinner date with Mr. Nice Looking Guy has always been like being in a classroom or talking to an insurance agent at Allstate. Regardless if he was good looking.

Edgy guys are intriguing, and it is thrilling to get to know them. It makes for exciting sex later too!

Dinner with Mr. Nice guy is going to make me bored to death. I can’t imagine having sex with him. If the conversations are dull, I assume the sex will be terrible too.

I would rather be seen with an edgy guy than a Mr. Generic Polo guy

I love being seen with an edgy guy. I love the attention, and it makes me feel exciting and cool. If I were to be seen with Mr. Generic Polo guy, all guys are going to think that is what attracts me, and that I’m a boring, Plane Jane.

That might seem superficial but once you get to know attractive girls, they ALL care who they are seen with.


Don't think that you have to get completely inked up or put on 50 lbs. of muscle mass.

If you've been studying this stuff for over a year and still find yourself thinking, "that's not me..." "that's not me..." and you are unable to muster up the courage to at least try new things-

Maybe it isn't you. Maybe it's time to shut it down and just accept yourself.

Somewhat a different topic (as discussed above)-

"Us vs. Them" (Getting Laid vs. Meeting Women)