Women Have a Higher
"Looks Threshold"

It is from my experience, both personal and social, that women, when sexually available will fuck most guys that even slightly exceed their 'looks threshold' so long as the guy is also cool (in dress and vibe) and speaks to them.

It is also my understanding and experience that "rejection" is usually not a matter of looks but rather- a lack of sexual availability on the vagina's behalf.


Unless you are below average, you should be able to get average girls - assuming you don't have an extreme lack of style or social freedom. I explain this here, "You aren't being rejected for your looks, she's probably banged a guy uglier than you (re: "rejection")"; it's too comprehensive to discuss in full as part of this topic.

We're going to keep this short anyway.

Even among socially retarded "conversational theorists" it is generally accepted that "Looks DO matter to women".

Other than among a handful of sexually-inexperienced scammers that write eBooks about stuff they have never done, the general consensus is -

"Looks matter to women, but looks matter more to guys."


Even I accepted this for awhile that without thinking about it too much.

It turns out to only be half true.

And In the context it's presented to people- it's actually a total lie.

Looks matter less to women then men-

when the girl is considering or looking for a relationship.

A wide-range of criteria is involved including (not certainly not limited to)- if the guy is a "safe" choice, what his career is, if their personalities are congruent, if she can introduce him to her friends/family and his overall potential as a man. His looks are not are "minimized," they are just are among several important criteria.

If a girl is horny and looking to Get Laid, the OPPOSITE is true-

looks actually matter slightly more to women than most men.

Okay, I'll explain.

Most guys will fuck average girls if they want to Get Laid,
Women will not fuck average guys if they want to Get Laid.


Most guys, even most good looking/high status guys, are willing to fuck average-looking girls if they just want to have sex.

In fact, a lot of guys actually prefer to go after less attractive girls because they know they won't get emotionally attached and these girls are simply easier to get. Most guys don't care about seen with an "average-girl" for the night and they don't care that much if their friends approve of a girl they are going to fuck and not talk to again.

This is DEFINITELY NOT TRUE for women, especially really attractive women.

Hot girls will NOT fuck average-looking guys "just to Get Laid."

If that were true- there would be no purpose to have this blog and 90% of the guys on the planet wouldn't go their entire life without tasting top-shelf pussy juice. Average guys would getting a lot of hot pussy if that were true. Women, especially the hottest ones with social status in their peer-group, are EXTREMELY selective about who they fuck and some don't even want to be in picture standing next to average guy that they aren't friends with. They care about what EVERY ONE of their friends thinks, especially on the topic of casual sex.

It's being presented as- "Women don't care as much about looks when they want to have sex." It is absolutely untrue, they care more and are way more selective about who they sleep with since they have so many options and the social ramifications are many.

Guys will fuck much less attractive girls. Women will not fuck much less attractive guys.

There might a greater number of criteria in evaluating men (looks, style, confidence, coolness, etc.), but women actually have a higher 'looks-threshold' for their short-term sexual partners as made evident by the fact most guys will fuck anything that walks whereas girls WILL NOT.


When girls say they go for "personality" they are talking about relationships.

Whenever a skeptic wants to "prove" that looks don't matter that much to women, they ask girls, "what makes you attracted to a guy?"

Most girls will say they "go for personality," or that "sense of humor,"  makes them attracted a guy.

They are talking about RELATIONSHIPS. Not Getting Laid.

They are not talking about the ~1 time a month they are going exchange bodily fluids with a stranger.

It's cliche- but true that girls fantasize about a random encounter with a "tall, dark, stranger," who makes love to them for a single night. When women masturbate in-lieu of getting laid, they are fantasizing about some passionate, emotional journey with a handsome guy. The guy is always good looking (or at least looks good).

How do I know?

At least 6 girls have told me when I've asked them who or what they masturbate to. They describe their fantasy guy, in detail by how he looks and then by what he's wearing. Sometimes, after, they describe the personality traits- but usually not.

If I asked these same girls "what they are attracted to" in relationships, they would give very different answers.

Any time one of my attractive roommates fucks (or even meets) a new guy and her friends ask, "what is he like?"

She will describe what he looks like.

Very very very little emphasis is put on anything other than overall sex appeal (looks, style, confidence) of the guys for their one-night stands or short-term relationships.

It's AFTER sex (generally way after) that personality comes into play.

Getting Laid Has a Different Criteria

holly_madison_photo2If you see or hear some clown saying that "personality" or "game" is the main thing you need to get girls, you can safely assume one thing- HE DOESN'T GET LAID TOO OFTEN.

At best, he is talking about relationships. Usually committed relationships.

The reason that humans are attracted to each other in the first place is by appearance.

Literally, there isn't a chance to evaluate someone's personality.

This is never more true than at a high-energy, loud nightclub where the sexually available guys and girls are seeking to meet the attractive person they possibly can because it's assumed that person will give them the best orgasm and the most validation.

Arguably, but not always, looks are more important to women than men if they are looking to have sex.

This is particularly true among younger girls who want to the fuck the hottest guys. Slightly older girls want to fuck coolest and hottest guys.

Since GoodLookingLoser.com is the Get Laid website and not the "meet women" site, I figured I'd point this out.

If you aren't good looking, you can at least make a relentless attempt to LOOK GOOD.

It starts with low body fat for enhanced facial features, a decent amount of muscle, cool/current clothing, accessories with edge and good grooming. A general disgust of being average helps too. Obviously, there are other factors in play- style, social freedom, general coolness (swag factor), but any attempt to minimize how important looks, especially for getting laid, are is almost never justified.

If your main goal to be liked for your personality and not be superficial - you might want to find a new hobby. If you goal is to find hot girls that "don't care" how their guys look- you might want to move to another planet. Just because a guy doesn't put an emphasis on his sex appeal doesn't mean society will look the other way too.

As of 2013, horny girls want to get fucked by the most masculine, good looking guys. When the day comes when women are automatically attracted to the "smartest" guy, the "least-superficial" guy or the guy who has "spent the most time reading dating advice on the Internet," I'll have a different approach for you.

Until then- look your best.